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  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Ahhh….but there is a flaw in your formula.
    Just because YOU say (b)=hatespeech, I say (b)=/=hatespeech.

    And as you yourself are saying about 0’B0z0, 0=0. You said it.

    • canuck49

      Who says Breitbart hates peeches?!

  • Chris Muir

    I got a 32 on my math SAT.Cut me some slack.:)

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      I find nothing wrong with your analysis, your Muirness. Looks spot on.

      Now as for the Woodman’s assertion, since the term “hatespeech” cannot be rigorously defined (similar to “obscenity”) it comes down to the old “I know it when I hear/see it.” principle (also similar to obscenity). Hatespeech is whatever the people in power (as Mao said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”) SAY it is. By means of the “hatespeech” ploy the ruling party can quash (or at least attempt to) dissident political speech (which, after all, is what the 1stA was crafted to protect) while paying lip service to the 1stA.

      • Polly Cy

        If (fs) is not equal to (b), then couldn’t (fs) also be < (b), where (fs) is defined by her Hillness?

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    I got some math for her. Rule .308……..

    • KenH

      Or F(x) 00 — to her braincase….

    • Similar to the old British Rule 303.

  • That formula she’ll be applying is a whole new math…0 + 0 + 0 = the most negative sum the world has ever seen.

      • -googolplex?

        • I know, right? How can there not be a name for that? Maybe we need another nine-year-old to come up with something.

          We could call it Infinity Zero, but everybody would always think you were talking about Barry. And when pondering the most sum-negative thing on the planet you would have to include Hillary.

          How about this? Beast. Applies perfectly to the bitch, but also pretty universally descriptive for anything with unlimited negativity…like ol’ Beelzebub, the Original Beast hisself.

      • Swansonic

        Dunno. I’m still wondering what the hell a ‘gigawatt’ is…..

        Swansonic – Call me Marty

  • Pamela

    She must be using California Math to get the answers she wants.
    Has to be getting lessons from Jerry

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Jerry=Governator Moonbeam=0

      • Pamela

        I’ve had to live through his idiocy twice in my lifetime

        • Deplorable Old Codger

          You can’t complain. Nobody forced you to live in Kali. I’ve been there exactly 4 times and never because I chose to go – all were work related. That was 10 times too many.

          • Pamela

            It’s kind of an ice age family thing. On my Mom’s side.
            Back when everything was out to get you, and the only government was Mother Nature. The only Law was Survive.

          • Aboriginal* Kali girl!

            “Indigenous people, aboriginal people, or native people, are groups protected in international or national legislation as having a set of specific rights based on their linguistic and historical ties to a particular territory, their cultural and historical distinctiveness from other populations.”

            Think that’ll work for y’all out there? Form your own gov (or let it revert to Mother Nature), tribal lands, huntin’ and fishin’ and shootin’ and and and…it’ll be great, I’ll come and visit.

            *Does Pamatar have any of those dead sexy (heh) little animal skin outfits to wear around the cave, you know, kinda like Raquel Welch?

          • Dang, girl. This might be a thang.

            You are surely “culturally and historically distinct from the other population”…if you can scrounge up some provenance you might have you a tribe there. Those cadets will give you land, money, they might even worship you, they love them some mysticism.

            “The Tribal Republic of Kali”. Think that’s already taken?

          • Pamela


            No I do not have any RW style BC outfits to wear hiding in a drawer. My Mom’s Grandmother was half, only we never knew her tribal lineage. It was never talked about. Based on the crap the various Gov’t agencies have done over the years to make things better, I say no thank you and the hybrid you rode in on.

          • Sorry to hear no cave-girl outfits hide-ing in your drawers. 😉

            But as I say below I think maybe Cry for Dawn IS Raquel and would tear them wolf skins UP!

            Whole idea of sovereignty done right is no gov agencies involved once they hand over your land and reparations. Then you can begin again to make things better for yourself, as God, the Framers, Trump, and threepers everywhere intended.

  • eon

    0=0. 0= unperson. Unperson= non-person.

    Over/under on the contracts for the “showers”?

    clear ether


  • Gunner

    There is something to be said for the idea of trotting her and about 5 million of her closest followers to the “showers” ala Auschwitz circa 1944. It would settle the Liberal Question once and for all.

    • PaulS

      No matter how much we oppose Hitlary, It’s better not to act like her and her followers. I realize it may have been a joke, but Nazi slaughter of innocents is a tough satire.
      Besides, these people are not innocent, frankly they are the ones approaching 0 on the humanity scale.
      They always accuse others of what they are.

      • Deplorable Old Codger

        Why do you assume Gunner is being ironic? I’m sure he is well aware that what he suggests is not practical. His method WOULD reduce the numbers of leftists – somewhat. To truly be effective his numbers would have to be adjusted by AT LEAST an order of magnitude and the purge would have to include Europe as well. I do agree that we cannot defend ourselves by becoming what we despise.

        I think that the problem of leftism will be somewhat solved – at least temporarily – by the coming collapse of our current world-girdling civilization. I expect leftists to die in much greater numbers than conservatives or (true) libertarians. I expect Islam to be especially hard hit if only because NO MUSLIM NATION feeds itself. Being trapped, as they are, in the 7th century means that they CANNOT feed themselves and thus wil starve in the famine resulting from the collapse of the planetary transportation grid. Somehow I cannot find it in myself to be sorry for such an eventuality.

  • anonymitty

    Isn’t this forum curated? Talk, however elliptical, about bullets is morally reprehensible and practically counterproductive. Metaphorically speaking, it provides high caliber ammo to the other side.

    • Swansonic

      This forum is moderated. However, the ‘scope’ of discussion in the comments can range far and wide. The caliber of the commentary can vary widely is rarely bore-ing…..


    • Bill G

      By the rules of the left, any speech that does not praise them is hate speech and an incitement to violence.
      And some here take it farther than I would, but I’m not going ballistic over it.
      Just consider them as bullet points to emphasize our dislike.

    • The 300

      Irrelevant whether we give them ammo or not. If we don’t they just make stuff up about us anyway.

    • Chris Muir

      Everything and anything is ammo to that other side, and if not; they’ll twist your words to what they want anyway.The point of the toon is if we let them define everything, we have nothing.

      • Alan

        OTOH – we need to have the confidence, and smarts, to do our own redefining. E.g. – Alinski-ism = hatespeedch = 0 in the near term, = sqrt(-1) in the long term.

      • John D. Egbert

        So true it hurts. Progs take what you have said, twist it into something you didn’t say, then attack you for what you didn’t say. Thus has it been for the right at least as far back as President Coolidge (one of our best and certainly the most underrated).

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      anonymitty, what is “morally reprehensible” about wishing for an end to the suffering caused by the leftists? Are you saying that it is “morally reprehensible” to discuss rebellion? It is certainly “illegal” (no government willingly relinquishes power) to actively PLAN a rebellion, but I remind you of Jefferson’s sage words,
      “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is [the people’s] right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security “

      • Hmm, I do recognize that quote from somewhere. Now, where was that he pondered…OH YES! The very beginning of this place. It may well be called for again indeed.

        • Bill G

          As it was in the beginning, it is now,and everafter…

  • “Talk…about bullets is morally reprehensible and practically cunterproductive”

    Tell it to the Brits. And the Japanese. And the Germans. And to God.

    Soon, with His guidance and our moral practical productivity, some of those bullets might be needed for the most reprehensible of them all, the Islamists.

    • To the bone.

    • Heh! I wrote “cunterproductive” Unintentional, but that’s funny right there.

  • Bill G

    Exactly what they think and want.
    Just one quibble. Do those two actually, ever, occupy the same room at the same time outside of political functions?

  • AlexJ

    I’m waiting for my #CAMP shirt & gear.

    Clinton Ain’t My President

    With apologies to Notincampyet…

  • WayneDeplorable

    Freedom of speech… so long as you only say what Glorious Leader allows…

  • Dread

    Point well taken. Free speach and the remainder of the Bill of RIghts will totally disappear under a Klinton monichary, and their Supreme Court appointments will completely back her up, along with the snivling, bought and paid for, RINOS in congress. If this demon possessed witch gets in office the USA is finished. She makes Jezebel look like Snow White. VOTE! Everyone, please vote! It probably won’t count in the rigged system, but we have to try.

  • Pamela

    Sell your soul for powers at play
    Plot strategies unending
    Stab them in the back
    Gain the upper hand
    Lies whispered behind doors
    Lies screamed at six and nine
    Forces gather against God given rights
    Subversion of Liberty and the gambling with our lives
    None will claim the damaging actions
    Strewn down perditions path
    For those who crave the crown

    • Evocative prose. But the last lines say it all starkly and succinctly.

      And shouldn’t it be “By those who crave the crown”?

      If you’re quoting yourself there btw, bravo…so historically versed yet so contemporary.

      • Pamela


        A portion of a piece I wrote a few years back.
        Are all politicians whores of Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah?
        Or merely a selection of the whole?

        • The question is, do all politicians “crave the crown”. And the answer is no. Many do…maybe most to varying degrees.

          And there is no doubt that those that do are the agents of their own demise and eternal damnation as they feed that craving at any and all cost. Nice work.

        • Ozymandias

          To quote someone who would well have known.. “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river” Nikita Kruschev

    • Rocky

      Very well said! Do you ave a blog or site where you publish your pontifications? You mention below that this is part of a longer piece.

  • Nom Deplume

    canuck49 got me thinking
    Who hates peaches? Olaf did but only because Dad’s customers would pay their bill at the lumberyard during the depression with lugs of them and guess who had to can them?
    On the other hand you could say that I hate speeches.

  • Deplorable Old Codger

    Remember, folks, the ratio of indians to chiefs always favors the indians.

  • NotYetInACamp

    TODAY, through November 8, 2016, the weapon at hand is the ballot.
    THE BALLOT. So vote.

    We must try to overcome the fraud and corruption that Democrats and RINOs have engaged in for decades, and engage in now.
    That The Weathermen and other leftists have discussed exterminating at least 25% of us for our failure to conform to their reeducation camps is not at issue. They have engaged in the replacing the population strategy and the school brainwashing methods.

    Now is the time for a vote to overcome the fraud.

    Please vote. Please help.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The actions Hillary is planning are similar to that depicted above. Do your part to oppose all of them. So many have woken up recently. Whatever she plans will not be easy if Hillary steals it.

  • canuck49

    Watched an interesting interview with P.J. O’Rourke last night. He remembers ,from when he was a raving socialist, traveling in Europe with other raving socialist writers who publicly praised the Soviet Union as being better than America but who brought their own toilet paper. Sinos?

  • Interventor

    The closer a commie lived to Moscow, the less splinters in the TP.

  • Interventor

    Treat ammo like dead protected critters. Shut up and shovel.

  • Interventor

    Read that 1.5 million Germans entered Hungary. Not in Leopard tanks, but in BMWs and Mercedes, fleeing their government importation of Muslims.

    • Quite believable.

    • How long before that’s Americans fleeing from TPWUSAUTB to ?

      • NotYetInACamp

        I maybe should have already gotten that Hungarian citizenship. I am eligible. A sibling already checked at the city hall.

        • NotYetInACamp

          But, we shall win.

        • Look beyond the literal DT. Nobody’s running. Just considering a little “redistricting”. That’s the ? up there.

          This is my country. I love it but it left me. It can and will come back, in one form or another.

          Grok it now?

        • It never left you.

          It’s the noisy poo-flinging howlers that are getting the most attention, not the quiet peeps in the corners. They’re watching the circus of howling clowndogs. If you haven’t noticed, when the lights go out and the TV cameras are turned off and packed away, the noise and chaos evaporate.

          Give it another chance. It’s still here. Personally, I think the Old Bat’s expiration date is drawing close.

  • Power feeds an addiction. Those who crave it are no better than crack addicts. It’s the same thing, using a different kind of ‘chemistry’. This current crop of politicals is as base and animalistic as were Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot.

    It isn’t even the alpha male lion thing, it’s something much more primal. Lions have rules, the pride follows them for survival but they do not turn on each other.

    Just remember this: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These people seek absolute power and it will destroy them absolutely when they get it, with little to no help from us.

    Voicing your fears is fine, but if you really believe that Americans would go willingly to their own extermination by these slimeballs, you know nothing about us.

  • Interventor

    During much of my career, I worked overseas — an expatriate, not an ex-patriot. For a couple of years, I’ve felt like an expatriate in my own nation.

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