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  • Pamela

    Maybe you meant What a “TURD”
    They are so bad, you can’t even use the excrement they are flinging for fertilizer. It’s considered Hazardous to Human Life.

    • noncom

      I’d pay a dollar to see Trump kick Biden’s ass….please, let it be….

    • Brasspounder

      It won’t happen. He’d be expected to work, and Obi-Wan Kenya-Obi is far too lazy for that.

    • Hank R

      But being on the Supreme Court would entail actual work. He’d have to work harder to pretend to do that job than he has ever worked in his life. I think even himself is smart enough to not go there.

      • That bitch would call it in like he did the potus job. Those guys have a whole team of clerks, analysts, and writers. And they are given unlimited freedom and control. Show up in robes and perfesser glasses for some photo ops and read somebody else’s words when you want to put your socialist twist on the Constitution.

        Only limitation, and the thing that I think keeps him off the court, is it would be a lot harder to steal billions and keep membership in the Lolipop Club…and he knows scandalizing the bitch’s tenure while on the bench would come with a death penalty.

  • KenH

    SHUT UP, Skype
    I think we’ve ALL heard enough out of you and your ilk for the rest of our lives, bitch

  • I am in despair for this nation.
    Even if she loses, the fact that she made it this far, and so many people will vote for her, means that the USA is dying.
    Death may be delayed, but not prevented.

    • Grape

      Death is the ultimate/final distination.

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      Petercat, the republic would have to get better to qualify as FUBAR.

  • eon

    From that last, I assume that Slo Joe and his invisible hamster are no longer speaking to each other.

    Oh well, he still has the coatrack to talk to.

    clear ether


  • Time for Trump to put his media savvy to work…3-minute infomercials with excerpts of this shit, media collusion, voter fraud.

    Show that bitch and her sycophants damning themselves with their own words and actions in a dozen different spots all titled “RIGGED” with just real video, audio, and quotes.

    Nothing you can say about this person and the conspiracy tactics of this election is as bad as the actual truth, she is her own worst enemy so show her in the raw. Well that just made me a little nauseous but you know what I mean.

  • Joe’s little high-school wish to get DT behind the gym sounds kinda like when we used to want to get a girl under the bleachers. He doesn’t want to beat him up, he just wants to beat him.

    • Pamela

      That explains a few things. Joe gets off on pain

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Dear Krazy Drunken Uncle Joe,
    Wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which fills up fastest firstest.

    Yours, an educated conservative voter, your worst nightmare.

    • Pete in NC

      My saintly Grandmother used to say that – but with”spit” and my mom remembers being shocked because a lady didn’t say “spit”. Wonder if mom knew…

  • tjm

    Fightin’ weirds
    (Only the vowel was changed to identify the guilty)

  • NotYetInACamp

    Little Joey, You may be Uncle Joe now, but Donald still grew up in Brooklyn. That may be why, Little Joey, that you have an army of your criminals acting to try to beat him up on this election thing. People don’t like your kind of bully at all when they see them in action.
    Bill and Hillary also have their army of criminals do their fighting for them.
    It’s now the Democrat way. Some of them have been doing it that way since before I was born.

    • eon

      It’s the Chicago way, and the Cleveland way, and always has been. See the non-fiction book Four Against The Mob by Oscar Fraley with Elizabeth Ness;

      After his exploits breaking up the Capone mob in Chicago, for four years (1935-39) Eliot Ness was Safety Service Director of Cleveland, Ohio, a post that was basically Police Commissioner plus Fire Marshal. He was brought in to break “the Cleveland boys”, the organized crime gang that ran Cuyahoga County and most of northern Ohio, plus parts of Michigan and New York.

      As the book shows, his biggest obstacle was local government, which then as now was (a) almost 100% Democrat and (b) as crooked as a grasshopper’s hind leg.

      He stated that Cleveland was twice as bad as Chicago, simply because the local politicians not only made no secret of their corruption, they thought anyone who objected was crazy.

      The modern-day progressive/Democrat attitude is nothing new, certainly not here in OH. There’s a reason we Buckeyes refer to Cleveland and Cuyahoga Co. as “The Mistake on the Lake”.

      clear ether


      • MJ Larkins

        Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron, Canton, Erie, Buffalo.

        All utterly corrupt, all utterly on their deathbeds.

        A couple of strategically placed nukes would solve that particular problem…

        • eon

          The old joke here in southern OH is that we’d be willing to live with the New Madrid fault going off again like it did two centuries ago if it meant everything north of I-70 would break loose and be moved north.

          Then the Ohio cities you mentioned would be Canada‘s problem.

          Or at least Michigan’s.

          clear ether


      • But…but all these Buckeye Q-Tips that flood down here for the winter are salt-of-the-earth, good-as-gold, and honest-as-the-day-is-long, WTF?

        I think it must be as it is everywhere. The cities are hives of crime and corruption in vast praries of pride and production.

        Miami is not FL. NYC is not NY. Houston is not TX. Chitown is not IL. Seattle is not WA. Cleveland is not OH. And even LA SF are not CA.

        Yet those cesspools will be deciding our future. Again:

    • Norm


  • Pete231

    If Biden had two brains, the other one would be lonely…

    • Grunt GI

      HEH, best comment on Joe so far.

  • Bill G

    And this is the popular democrat who would have been the likely switch-in if the Hildabeast had actually been cut out of things by the party.
    This is where a totally biased media has taken us; the sneering criminal Hildabeast as the actual candidate and bat-shit crazy Joe as stand-in.

    • GWB

      Biden worked for 0bama in that capacity. If it’s winning………

      • eon

        The One didn’t want a potential challenger for power any more than Hillary does. Both chose VP running mates whose main distinguishing characteristics are fealty to leftist dogmas and utter vacancy otherwise.

        In each case, the VP candidate is “health insurance”. The One and Hillary saying, “You’d better hope I stay healthy; how long do you think you’d last with this yutz in charge?”

        It may not work as well in her case. I think a lot of hardcore Dems will hold their noses, vote for her, and hope for a William Henry Harrison /John Tyler replay;

        clear ether


  • Big Jim

    Skye. What a waste of life.

    • John Greer

      She needs to make a whole body donation to someone more worthy.

  • Boobie the Deplorable Rocket Dog

    Wish I could find again the response to Biden’s comment which pointed out that Trump was a star athlete in his younger days and that Biden was a wimp. Biden would likely get his ass handed to him.

    • RooftopVoter

      Actually it would be great fun watching Trump give plugs a New York Kneecapping.

      I would even subscribe to a pay for view of that one and I haven’t ever watched one my whole life.

      You would almost feel sorry for Biden…… almost.

  • JW

    I wish he were in high school again, too. He might actually learn something the second time around. Although……..

    • Pamela

      If Joe were in high school now, the girl gangs would have him as a play toy. He’s not pretty enough for the boy gangs even if you put lipstick on him.

    • RooftopVoter

      JW, haven’t seen the school system now that the Department of Education has been around for 40 year, have you?

      Sadly, Plugs got a better education than kids today get.

      Explains quite a bit about America today as well.

  • WayneDeplorable

    Sam’s sad face almost distracted me from underboob… almost…

    The more I read and see of how the media and the DMC are enmeshed, the more I wonder what it will take to bring truth back to reporting.

    • John Greer

      A wholesale re-institution of critical thinking in the public schools.
      It will never happen though.
      The politicians, the news media and the advertisers who support them, and the legal profession in general want to make the electorate as gullible as possible.
      And they are succeeding.

  • OpenTheDoor

    One thing the fall of the USSR taught us was ‘paranoid” Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy was more correct about Hollywood than Edward R. Murrow.
    Good night and good luck MSM, kiss my big ol’ white ass.
    Kill a Commie for Mommie.

  • PaulS

    Skye still rolling shirt up for more
    Subtle Chris, subtle.

    • Grunt GI

      Actually, my question is how long it takes Skye to sell her shirt to the highest bidder…now that she’s, you know, a capitalist.

      Sort of…

      Hmm, I mean if Hillary can sell herself…OUCH, don’t want to go there.
      At least Skye is nice to look at…as long as she is quiet and just serves beer and DDQ.

    • Good catch PaulS, and pretty slick CM.

      If she keeps her shirt up and her mouth shut no doubt she’ll be raking in the tips for nips in a beautiful and capitalistic quid pro quo.

      Kinda kills the bid value of the shirt though. Those shorts, however…

      • Pamela

        *looks at JT over glasses*

        Sweetie~ Are you sure about her shorts?

  • You know, I’m starting to like Biden’s suggestion.

    Forget high school, let’s go back to when men settled conflict with a duel.

    Even if they let him use his double-barrel 12-Ga he’ll lose, because he will fire two warning shots. This is stunning.

    • Pamela

      00 buck. Messy but oh so practical.

      • Fired into the ground or the air, it’s just noisy.

        And an invitation to a too-quick death if he follows his own advice and does that twice with his nice old Fudd double. I’m thinking DT would have perforated him pretty good with his EBR by the time Unca reloads (if he knows how; somebody prob’ly does that for him at the skeet range).

        Moot though, Joe would have his second, no doubt paid by us, do his duty.

  • JIMV

    sadly the ladies are still overdressed…stupid question. How do I add my avatar to my posts??

  • I’ve got both of the Project Veritas videos up over at mine. Good shit, that.

  • Peregrine John

    I see nothing at all wrong with Sam’s profile.

    Just saying.

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