Day By Day


  • Mike-SMO

    Girding for Battle? I have seen that drill before… The only thing is that it makes it harder to hide an IWB holster. She still won.

  • JTC

    Low rent tenants, but sure as hell not low rent cost, that is inestimable.

    Low riders? Man that sweet little tummy.

    • James/G

      Dude! They’re like 15! Better Zed gets to you before Sam… 😆

      • JTC

        Zed? I thought she said her Daddy’s name was Jed! Where I come from 15’s gettin’ a little past her prime…

  • Kyle Kiernan

    What are the “Holy Tera” references in the contribution level graphics? Is this some DxD related project? Can’t find a reference or link to it here or elsewhere.

  • Pamela

    The tenants are lowrents? Might want to check the inventory before they leave.

  • Chiang Rai Jay

    Excited to see what Chris has in mind for the girls here once they do turn 18 ^_^

  • Gundo

    They are 13, nearing 14 based on them being babies in 2008.

    Some of y’all are borderline creeping on little girls.

    • Chris Muir

      In Cartoonland, they’re just shy of 18.

    • JTC

      As to your first statement, you obviously ain’t been around this alternate Cartoonland universe for long.

      As to your second, key word phrase being “Cartoonland universe”.

  • steveb919

    It says pick a level below on my email but noting comes up or says where I should go to donate. Help

    • Chris Muir

      If that is your subscription to the toon-and it sounds like it is-you need to go to and scroll down to the active fundraiser. 🙂

  • Mike-SMO

    Cartoonland years….. Is that like dog years? And has it ever worked in a court of law.

    Although in reality, Sam seems a bit on the young side. My physician did go all technical on me when I asked for a script for a therapeutic redhead to treat my last comorbidity. Something about “take more zinc”, and, “get the Hell out of my office”. I couldn’t tell if that was a real laugh. Maybe that would fly in cartoonland.

    • Henry

      Time in cartoonland is unpredictable. In some strips (e.g., For Better or Worse), characters actually get younger!

  • TBeholder

    Carlyle’s prayer was that all shams may cease. Now the shams fall apart and die while you point and laugh, just like this. An interesting time, isn’t it?


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