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  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    ROFLOLMFAO!!! BRAVO!! WELL PLAYED R214! Well played!

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Wild animals to the south of us, coming through a porous border.
    Wild animals to the east of us, unrestrained.
    With all these wild animals all around us, when does hunting season start? And what’s the bag limit (if any)?

    • Bren

      Bag limit? I’m waiting on the $2 a head bounty to cover the cost of ammunition. Like when we used to get a quarter per for ground hogs back in the day.

      • steveb919

        Probably no bag limit. I’ll pay for my own ammo. Just legalize the taking of the targets..

        • Steven


  • John+M.

    Should be like any other destructive predator – no tag, no limit, no season, especially for the ones NNE of me. (I’m in Western NC)

    • cb

      Where would ‘bounties’ be published?
      Askin’ for a friend…

  • JTC

    Might come to having to kill a lot of them. If so it won’t be hunting it will be war. Not fun but it may become necessary.

    But as I discussed with another commenter yesterday, all these pods are just a crop, purpose-grown and imported to do exactly what they are doing, ie sucking up what remains of our treasure, and diverting all of our attention to them, rather than finding and killing what the commenter called the evil root source, whoever/whatever that may be.

    Don’t let these swarming pods or the homegrown ones who prove the theory of devolution make us believe they are in decline; while many may be expended many more will take their place and the root source is untouched.

    And their plans for destruction and control continue apace.

  • Halley

    In 2022 let’s keep count of how many “elected Republicans” in DC have the cojones to protest, question or even mention the stolen 2020 election. It’s already Day 2 of 2022 and so far their number is lower than low can get. Can Everything-Is-Bad-Theater-World last this year out? I can’t see how.

  • Unca+Walt

    Open season on the Texas border took place once already with gummint approval. It was called “proyecto” <- A bounty on Indian scalps.

  • “Operation Wet Back” comes to mind. Three million illegals caught and deported in around six months.

    Time to wash, rinse, repeat.

    • Shooter 2.0

      And if they were caught, they were sent to the southern border of Mexico and not just across the Mexican-U.S. border. I heard some were even sent to the southern tip of South America.

  • Paladin

    The only solution that will work is jailing the people hiring them. Jail the manager who hired, and the owner of the business. No bail. Got to stay in the hoosegow, eating green baloney smachies until the trial. The jobs will dry up quicker than an Texas arroyo in July.

    • JTC

      Dump on the businessman again? Hell no!

      Just another ineffective self-punishing distraction while the “evil root” continues to wax fat and sleek. Well, fat anyway.

      Stop doing their work for them and being distracted by their pods foreign and domestic. Kill the root!

      CRA Now!

    • JTC

      “If only there was an opposition party in America to confront this madness.”

      Maybe an opposition Republic. CRA Now!

    • Piz

      Damn. I just tried texting that article to myself (from my T-Mobile number to that number and to my Google Voice number) and it went out but never arrived. Then I tried texting from Google Voice to T-Mobile and guess what – it went out but never arrived. Google to Google worked, though, so it looks like T-Mobile is blocking Gateway Pundit links both outgoing and incoming, or maybe just incoming.

      This test isn’t enough to prove anything but it’s damn suspicious.

  • Spin Drift

    Chris and all you other degenrate.. um.. loyal commentators, may you have a very Happy 2022 and not 2020 2.0. Me personally, I aim to misbehave.


    P.S. Be ungovernable

  • Pamela

    Looks like Javier has updated R214’s programming with a Humor routine.
    So what’s he reading? Android Quarterly? Or the Daily Mail?

    • Too+Tall

      The Babylon Bee.

    • Pamela

      Well, you can always get off..and I don’t mean THAT WAY..
      the Twit show. Can’t make any $$$ if No One is buying.
      SHUN The Twit

      • JTC

        Problem is, as shown with Trump, that is where the target audience is, it was like gagging the dude…tragic but true.

  • cb

    In 55 years you can know the rest of the story:

  • JTC

    Inventor of the possibly only effective vaccine and anti-mandate Dr. Malone has been scrubbed from the internet for daring utter that we are seeing an induced psychosis…and the link posts here blank…worth looking it up.

  • DogByte6RER

    Looks like Mark’s gonna have a pair of rabbot ears in the photo!

    Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous 2022.


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