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  • Pamela

    Castrate them All. Rusty Dry Wall knife. Raging Bull Tap Dance.

    • Too Tall

      Is it too early to order a pre-print copy of your forthcoming book, Pamela on Life, Love, the Universe, and Everything: A Modern Survival Guide for Proper Young Ladies?

      The Chapters on

      Male Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology

      Everyday Carry Knives: Tactics and Techniques, and

      Concealed and Open Carry Firearms to Perfectly Accessorize Any Outfit

      would be more than worth the hardcover price.

      • Pamela

        Too Tall~ I would also add

        How to Recognize the Smell of a Rat and Pervert

        The Correct Temperature for Cauterizing Wounds, etc.

        Wild Crafting for a Healthy Diet

        Dealing with Fat Gandalf and Slimy Creatures in a Social Setting

  • Pamela

    Castrate them All. Rusty Dry Wall knife. Raging Bull Tap Dance.

  • Damn Pam! The email IS the most dangerous of the species, I guess. I’d just turn em into fertilizer, ASAP…

    • Pamela

      Would you want anyone you love eating anything that grew in that hazardous waste?

  • jdow

    Perhaps more significantly, “That’s a Muhammadan, yeah?”

  • Bill G

    Why are they desperate? Some people are waking up. Their control of the news is slipping. Previously solid voting blocs are breaking up, and away.
    If they don’t take it all, now, they fear that all will be lost.

  • Halley

    “Plandemic” – EXACTLY. Imagine if a whistleblower ever comes forth and explains how they did it…

  • interventor

    Their oldest propaganda arm, CNN, suffered a 70 percent loss in viewers. Not counting the canceled airport contract.


    Total Babes!

  • Precision270

    The democrats need to see a therapist.

    the rapist … oh wait perhaps not.

    Might just be a case of the cat burgular speaking with the B&E specialist

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      Rapists just need the application of Rule 303…

  • Halley

    “Hide the fraud” is the new “Hide the decline” as Fox News sides with the fraudsters against the American people. What’s going on with the disintegrating number of trustworthy media on the Right?? Horse heads in beds? midnight visits by the Feds?

    • DCE

      You can’t forget that Rupert Murdoch’s sons are now running the show and they are not conservative like Dear Old Dad. So Fox News shifting to the left is not unexpected.

      Will it end up as Progressive as CNN and MSLSD? Only time will tell.

    • John

      After hearing Dinesh Joseph D’Souza’s speculation on what Barack Hussein Obama’s life ambitions are, I think we can safely assume the Second Black President is directing the decline and the descent of Fox News is a high priority.

    • cb

      “trustworthy media on the Right” ~ One America News Network, available free online is worthwhile. Also Citizen Free Press is very good.

      • steveb919

        cb, I watch OANN all he time. The same TV list is on USTVGO.TV which has 94 channels where as USTV247.TV has 75 channels. Looks like almost he same outfit?

  • WayneM

    The news out of Arizona looks encouraging…

  • JTC

    Chris, WTF with “moderation”? Another site snafu or is it me?

    • JTC

      Sorry my fault as admitted upthread.

  • Brent Dotson

    As to why they are being impatient now; Their TDS caused them to overplay their hand and when their bluff was called they went all in with a last attempt to steal the pot. Hopefully, America will call them on it.

  • Mort

    What we once knew as Democrats. (I was one)

    They are now grasping at anything, that they think will save them.
    It`s like the Communist witch hunts of the 1950s`, except that now
    it`s more of a threat.

    • John

      Thank you for my Guffaw of the the Day.

  • My own theory as to why they are making their play now is simple: They no longer have a future.

    To oversimplify this, “The Roe Effect” has been thinning their ranks since the 1970s. We reproduce, they don’t. So their numbers have been in relative decline and getting worse by the year. They’ve used conversion and illegal immigration to shore up their numbers but that has reached it’s limit of usefulness as well. So for them there is no tomorrow and this is their now or never moment.

    That’s my final answer! ^_~

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