Day By Day


  • JTC

    Wow that face on the trained killer. Nothing will be on top of her for long.

  • John M.

    ‘Toly seems to do all right…

    • JTC

      Yeah I should have said nothing unwanted…that same face could portend some very hot times.

      What a metaphor for both wanted and unwanted. That should be on a Gadsden-esque flag.

      • Kafiroon

        Ever see the eyes of a lioness or tigress as they have selected the target and are ready to charge?
        Me neither, but videos or film is very much the same look.

    • Posting as a screensaver. Call from H-R in 3…2…1…

      Zar Belk!

    • JTC

      And those nymphs are redheads…make of that what you will.

  • PCChaos

    We are led by the absolute craziest and corrupt people than ever before. Thank God and 1A and 2A for DBD. Felt mighty fine giving to the fund as this is a beacon of light and hope and fine, fine women in art. Hold fast.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Blue helmets make great targets……jus’ sayin’.

      • interventor

        The USA usually equips the Blue Helmets from third world countries. Most are miserable troops.

  • Kafiroon

    So maybe a big United Nitwits report on how terrible the USA is, will cause all the illegals from coming here.
    Does anyone care what the Useless Nobodies have to say?
    From what I have seen of them, they stand out real nice in a crowd.
    Just sayin.

    • John

      The UN was a creation of the Democratic Party via Eleanor Roosevelt.
      Now they are being “progressively” bought up by Red China and it won’t be long before they are a wholly owned subsidiary.
      They should have been taken off life support long ago, but like the Democratic Party itself, it runs on propaganda not results.

      • Henry

        “The UN was a creation of the Democratic Party via Eleanor Roosevelt.”

        To replace the failed League of Nations, a creation of the Democratic Party via Wilson.

        All the pieces fit together so nicely, just like a “fully-constructed” kit of Legos.

  • JTC

    Get the Clinton Foundation behind them; they have done great things with the UN.

    • Pamela

      More like Bill has done some of the UN


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