Day By Day


  • Too Tall

    Rigid, enduring, campaign support, indeed!

  • Pete231

    Is it a bolt action or semi-auto capable of rapid fire ?

    • Oldarmourer

      and they’re usually bigger bore too,
      never send a glorified .22 to do a .44’s job 😉

  • Pete231

    Now that’s a campaign I could get behind with complete support….

  • Daniel Schwartz

    I am REALLY looking forward to this year’s fundraising campaign.

    • JimV

      I still think we need a total cast skinny dipping theme for the event

    • James/G

      Yep, Sara Hoyt is officially over their shit. Agree with about 99.988% of what she wrote, especially what she saays about their openly using fraud in the election, what I refer to as VEFT(Voter/Election Fraud/Tampering).

      On a sidenote;

      You guys may want to check out a Blue Lives Matter outfit, called A percentage of their sales goes to Supporting Police and First Responders.

    • AngryWhiteMaleChauvanistNeanderthalRightwingExtremist PaulS

      A takeaway from Hoyts piece is that she felt ALONE in her view, which obviously she was not, but it was part of the evil genius being exercised against us to create isolation even among those using their brains. I am fortunate to have a group that meets weekly (save those first two weeks where the directives were so dire and we used the time to think about it) and discuss what we all think about many current topics. This served very well to keep us from feeling alone in our views.
      Also, Thank God for the gift of Rush Limbaugh (RIP) and the legacy of hosts he enabled and inspired, as those voices also connected millions of people of similar minds, which also reduced the feeling of isolation.

      Enough! I think the point is clear.

      • Halley

        In my neck of the woods, anyone who suspected Covid1984 was a malicious political operation by the Left (the market implosion was the point I went from suspicion to certainty) was VERY alone, and still is. I miss Rush, too, but am thankful for the reduced feeling of isolation DBD has provided.

        • PaulS

          Escape! If you can… If not, lock and load!

        • Henry

          If you like DBD, you’ll like It’s a meetingplace of the awakened, not the woke.

          • JTC

            Great place Henry, happy to say there are actually quite a few around. But I’m not sure of Chris’ attitude on it, typically *very* laid back, but, for reasons, that’s a lot like poaching to me.

            YM and Chris’s MV.

          • Henry

            Well, no reason a person can’t do both! I do!

  • DogByte6RER

    I can see some locking and loading followed by a big loud BANG in the very near future …

  • WayneM

    I have a feeling Zed is getting himself an eyeful & has plans for Sam that do not involve a billboard…

    Given how the twins are busting out & the efforts to teach them constraint, a billboard of Sam going full frontal would seem contrary to their messaging…

  • Pamela

    Chris. it’s not fair. I can’t laugh right now and you go and do this…

    • Too Tall

      Pamela, hopefully unable to laugh due to time / location issues, and not for medical reasons?

    • Halley

      As a card-carrying member of the “Unable To Laugh Since Nov.4” brigade, I feel your pain…

  • JTC

    “Long gun…”

    Fine, but there is something to be said for a shorty shotty at upcloseandpersonal type ranges.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The truth is what it is no matter the perception deception and censorship engaged in by the opposition.
    Truth is often forced to stand alone.
    We carry the truth with us.

    • The truth is what it is and there is only one truth, impervious to spin.

      Reality OTOH, which is unfortunately where and what we live, is another story. Totally, completely a product of perception deception and censorship…spin. A fabricated reality, but reality nonetheless.

      Yes we know the truth; yes we carry the truth with us. The question is, will we carry it gripped tightly in our palms like an amulet while we take our last breaths?