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  • JTC

    Not just poor whites but any and all whites including theirownselves.

    And not just whites but any and all who refuse to join the movement.

    Hitler, yeah.

    • kadaka

      Bah. Those with wealth and influence want to retain it for themselves and normally for their families too. The dominant skin tone of those most possessing them is easy to see, no matter what exact ethnicity is claimed, and they certainly aren’t self-loathing enough to just give those up.

      This is just the old game of keeping an opposition from unifying against them. By stoking the liberal racism of mistrust of whites, nowadays with more-blatant anti-Antisemitism, those with enough wealth and influence to be a problem are locked out which weakens the others otherwise seeking unity. If the locked-out ones unify, they’re obviously racists and Nazis so shut them down.

      Meanwhile Republicans are now so tolerant we’re like “I don’t care if you’re purple and consensually mate with a sentient tree fungus, I just need you to do the job and not do anything freaky around the kids. Okay?”

      • kadaka

        Whoops, sorry, “anti-Antisemitism” has an extra “anti”, dang spellcheck.

      • JTC

        See expanded version below. Their “wealth and influence” is transient, and it is their own self-loathing and ultimate self-servience that makes it so.

        “Follow the money/power” is always the way to track those who would be king…but the track doesn’t end with these elites, and they themselves don’t even know it.

  • Indeed. To unite ONE race/color/belief system, well… But to unite ALL citizens to love their country, ALL citizens regardless, something else entirely.

  • American? Screw hyphenation. American? That’s the qualifier.

    • MasterDiver

      “There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

      Zar Belk!

  • John Block


  • WayneM

    To quote Sen. Lindsay Graham,

    ““Boy, you (Democrats) all want power. God, I hope you never get it.”

  • Too Tall

    Skye for President? Is she going to dig up Pat Paulsen as a running mate?

  • Halley

    Skye could run as a Dim and lure in the trending ”more skinny dips at DBD” vote…?

  • GWB

    “Unite”? I thought she said “untie” and I was getting hopeful.

  • Kafiroon

    Except for the self loathing “whites” that scream racism and privilege without end at the rest of us, I believe the rest of us are at peace with who and what we are. People I know do not even consider our skin color. We gather for events all together, in colors black through to white. Just like many self hating Jews are the worst anti Semites.
    I guess I am privileged with the groups of people I associate with.
    Love the fence rail and sitters.

    • JTC

      True, never has being “on the fence” been so beautiful…but we know how deep that alone is.

      And true of the rest, that what “unites” is not so cut and dried…or should we say black and white…blacks are just an unwitting and useful tool.

      For one thing and this is so sad, “poor whites” have always been dems and most still are because y’know, free shit…same currency as what keeps blacks in bondage. It’s not they that have changed, but their party, to the degree that like Jews and others of their erstwhile constituency, they no longer suit the current narrative and are sacrificed, no longer the useful idiots, and have been sacrificed and made useful again and made the enemy of their own elites… and under attack.

      The greatest irony as I said at the top, is that these elites consciously or not absolutely hate themselves and their “privilege” such that while they serve the cause they willingly bow to whatever their godhead is, and are on the fast track of self-loathing and fast approaching self-destruction. Some may have wealth and power now, but in their rush to prove their allegiance they will soon join the rank and file of those they now malign.

      To be replaced by what? Remains to be seen, and up to us to identify and destroy beforehand. Sure as hell the faithful like Skye will not save them. Hitler (literally) proved this exact flaw in the divide and conquer methodology…but remember their insanity, they’ll get it right this time or die trying…again.

      • Brad

        Your statement ‘ “…poor whites” have always been dems and most still are because y’know, free shit…same currency as what keeps blacks in bondage.’ also now also applies entirely to blacks as a demographic. The Democraps have sacrificed blacks on the altar of globalism and replaced them with illegal invaders. Race or ethnicity is irrelevant except when used as a propaganda weapon.

      • Kafiroon

        Oh Yeah. Right On.
        I figure anyone that endlessly professes hate against what they themselves represent, is self hating/loathing.

    • interventor

      I’m unsure if they are self hating. But, rather, like the Bible says, “whored after other gods.”

  • Pamela

    What happened to just being a Human.

    • Halley

      That died the day the Soviets figured out how to improve the species, bless their hearts.

      • interventor

        Believing that humans are perfectible is the great fallacy and ultimate vanity. Not perfectible, but infinitely improvable.

  • JTC

    Unrelated -or maybe not in the discussion of leftist and therefore untouchable elites- Epstein’s pilots have been subpoenaed to testify and corroborate the tales of the Lolita’s.

    No doubt the thought is that it will ensnare DJT, but this here petard might hoist their own. Verrry interesting, and you know this has Slick Willy quaking.

    Hope those pilots get some witness protection before committing some arkancide.

    • interventor

      Its my understanding he only booked one flight from Tampa to NYC on Epstein’s plane.

  • Jim Smith

    This is why American socialist pigs go batshit crazy at any HINT of whites organizing like every other minority has. That is, act as a bloc to benefit whites, and vote accordingly. Everyone else does it: Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians, etc. Why not whites?

    • John

      I would hope the real reason for the Intersectional Fascist ire is the realization that their long game is now public knowledge.
      Ultimately this results in either perpetual power group warfare and the end of the Republic, or a return to the Founder’s Enlightenment creed of Individual Rights and the responsibilities thereof.
      I can only pray we have enough intelligence and wisdom remaining that it will be the latter.

  • kadaka

    Heh. Trump says Rep. Elijah Cummings’ West Baltimore district under his watch has become “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.” So a CNN flak is advancing that “infested” is code for black and brown people. ABC World News just helpfully mentioned when Trump once said “crime infested”. Oh, and Pelosi condemned the comments as racist of course.

    Meanwhile this helpful Twitchy article gathers the video posts of a nice black Republican woman in Baltimore who documented West Baltimore being a garbage-filled roach and rodent-infested crumbling mess. Eight blocks of row homes getting water from hydrants, sheesh.

    And they don’t like the illegals, as city contractors pay them cash and take away the only jobs for residents. Cummings’ constituents like Trump’s policies better than their own Dem Rep’s.

    “Racist” now means “doesn’t pander enough to the minorities we claim to care about”.

  • R Daneel

    The Left’s plan for all whites is plain, if you care to see. Demonize, discriminate, ostracize, eliminate. The play book has not changed in centuries.

    Make a certain group the ‘hated other’ then you can justify any depredation at all up to and including genocide.


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