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  • kadaka

    Skye’s up to three kids now? Thought it was just the twins. Did she pick up one of those strays wandering about the border and take it home?

    • You’re right,it’s only 2

      • kadaka

        But she can borrow another for photo ops, and her sister will ask for only a nominal rental rate. I’m surprised more candidates don’t do that, “Well to protect my children and their identities we use these stand-ins, but I assure you they’re very similar to and fully representative of my real ones.”

  • Too Tall

    So much truth.

    The slightest bit of normal separates an individual from all of the Progtard DildoCrats.

  • JTC

    “That bit of normal…”

    What an accurate, hilarious, and tragic indictment of the clowns…

    Could Skye possibly be a worse choice than any of them?

  • interventor

    Still, in the crazy years. Damned, I love women who look good going and coming.

    • Too Tall

      interventor, your “flight testing”obviously defined ALL the edges of the Hot – Crazy matrix envelope.

      Rumor Control holds that you are the only man who dated a red headed hairdresser/pole dancer named Tiffany, and lived.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Love Sam……………’s twisted sense of humor.
    (had’ja going there for a second, did’n’I?)

  • Bill G

    It looks as if the contest for the democrat candidacy is going to be a crazy-off.

  • GWB

    Other than Skye not being old enough to run.
    But when has the Constitution ever stopped a Dem?

    • Browncoat

      Sam’s in her 40’s s0 Skye could easily be in her 30’s. 35 is all it takes by 01-20-2021.

  • AlexJ

    What do Presidential CAN’T-idates spend all that money on? I wish there same way to track their expenditures.

    • cb

      Dunno what they spend it on. Going to check Ebay, maybe folks are putting their ‘votes’ there now.

      • JTC

        No PayPal, OPM only.

    • MJ Larkins

      Graft, bribery, vote stealing.

      You know, the usual…

  • DogByte6RER

    Aim high for the skies … Skye.

    (Before the inevitable crash and burn.)

    I dedicate to you and your campaign the following song … appropriate it as your campaign theme song …

  • WayneM

    Given how the DNC works (if you can call it such), I wonder why they bother going through the farcical exercise of selecting a candidate?

    Why not just anoint The Chosen One with the Royal Jelly publicly? Too honest?

  • Spin Drift

    Big Mike will be drafted at the convention and elected nominee on the 6th round. Boottygig will be VP support. They cover Black, Female, and Gay in one fell swoop. Hispanics can go suck eggs.

    “Politics is downstream from culture” Andrew Breitbart

    • JTC

      Mike on the ballot and Zero as vice and she’s in in the first b/c all the (other) clowns will fold. The various other boxes will go unchecked because that is their royalty.

      • JTC

        As to quotes,

        “All politics anymore is just dress rehearsal for the next Civil War.”
        -Billy Beck

  • Halley

    If the Enemies of the People decide they can’t win in 2020, even with their planned tsunami of Massive Cheating, then they’ll run one of the current Dim Clowns. If they calculate that they have a chance, my bet is they bring out Ms. Obama, now obviously waiting in the wings. In which case we’ll need Skye running as an Independent to help split the dim bulb vote.

  • James F Gemind

    Something you guys should look at, concerning the left doing the dirty to Authors and other artist they despise. It’s over in Baen’s Bar:

    Chris, it would not surprise me in the slightest if your pages are getting the same treatment.

    The discussion has devolved a bit to actions folk should take and why. Namely, the fact that Antifa is becoming even more violent, and is looking to toss acid on people they hate…

    • Yeah,they’ve been doing that for years on my Wikipedia entry, it makes me laugh.Unfortunately for them, I don’t care.

  • Pamela

    Full HazMat Suits should the screwing of campaigns commence.
    You don’t know where many of them have been…though Jo might.

  • Spin Drift

    BTW, Chris, nice curves!


  • NotYetInACamp

    Circus Gone Crazy

    See it twice this week on sell out lame stream media everywhere.
    Check your local time zone LSM for viewing hours.
    No content guaranteed.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “Wait. You just wanna screw their campaigns with Portago’s millions”
    You mean, just like George Soros has done with the Republicans/conservatives?
    Sauce, goose, gander.


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