Day By Day


  • WayneM

    Rah, rah-ah-ah-ah
    Roma, roma-ma
    Gaga, ooh-la-la
    Frost Naomi

  • Yeah, the later models from Ahnold did rather blend in, unless they were doing the thing…

  • Halley

    Where can I buy one? or two?

  • eon

    Yes, T1000 probably has the processing power of about three or four Cray mainframes. To pull a full Gaga like that, she’s need the processing power of the main computers of a couple of Sovereign-class starships.

    clear ether


  • Pamela

    Really cool clothes and no credit card bills

  • JTC

    Let’s just stick with the flesh tones;
    I prefer our new Empress have no clothes.
    Can I get a Hell Yeah?

    • JTC

      And the mere mention of Gaga makes me GagGag

    • Halley

      Hell Yeah

  • epilitimus

    If I recall correctly the R(T)1000 could only form stabbing/slashing type weapons and so preferred to get in close. So naked silver woman versus well armed mexican smugglers (I think to highly of coyotes (the canine version) to insult them) sounds like a tactical advantage to me. I would think Naomi would appreciate that.

  • Henry

    Except “she” looks like ‘Toly now, and ‘Toly would look pretty fey in a lot of that stuff.

    • eon

      Let her touch Naomi with one forefinger and Sam with the other one simultaneously, and I think everyone will approve of the result.



  • Tagg

    Yeah, what Pamela said.

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