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  • JTC

    So NYC now says vaccine required for indoor restaurants, theaters, etc.

    We will see how far they will push their new non-compliance…or rather how far their gov will push their enforcement.

    Be funny/ironic if the first big physical test of the Reset (aka Marxism) is right in their own backyard.

    • Chris Muir

      So far, even New Yorkers are saying GFY. And NY’s are the original Tories.

      • Fox2!

        Since 1776

      • JTC

        Knew that about the mask-up, but proof of taking the needle to walk into any indoor venue?

        I’m rooting for tough N’Yawkas to stay tough. But if there’s no enforcement there, won’t be none anywhere, it’s up to you Noo Yawk Noo Yawk!

        So then the whole premise of poison passports is dead. Will they let that happen or set an example?

  • Kafiroon

    Yes! NYC vs. Obiden.
    But which side will the New York Slimes take?

    • John M.

      Do you really have to ask?

      • Chris Muir

        NY will fold, like they did in by abstaining in signing the Declaration. But who needs ’em?

        • JTC

          So what then, fines for trespassing? Arrests? Blood in the streets? Nothing at all?

          Will DeBlasio just fold? Is Biteme throwing him under the bus?

          • John

            One thing for sure.
            The evacuation of the Big Apple by those who had businesses there once upon a time will continue.
            And the upcoming Republican House of Representatives will sneer at any request to bail it out, doubly so if the Biden “economy” crashes in the meantime.

        • Brent Dotson

          From the Ithaca Journal; And after wrestling with a series of amendments, convention delegates approved a resolution for independence on July 2, 1776, and passed the Declaration of Independence two days later on July 4, 1776. … New York’s delegation was the last colony to accept and sign the Declaration

    • Halley

      The Junta, including their WMDs (Weapons of Media Destruction), has no choice but to become more repressive or risk exposure. They’ll absolutely go with repressive.

    • JTC

      Uncle Ben sold out to Uncle Tom. Nothing but brown rice -I mean rice of color- from here on out.

      • James/G

        Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup, not sure what else has been taken from me because someone wanted to whine about it…

        Look, I trusted Aunt Jemima. Same for Uncle Ben.

        Thsnks to the Woke, I no longer have pancakes or rice…

        • Shield Wall

          Don’t forget the indian maiden on the land O lakes butter box, which provided jr high boys with endless laughs and entertainment.

        • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

          I’m using Hinode Calrose medium grain rice & Kodiak Cake pancake mixes.

    • Wood

      I was raised in Uncle Ben’s rice. Always had a hell of a time getting it to my mouth on a fork. It’s claim on the package was it never stuck together. It wasn’t til I started cooking for myself that I made other rice- that clumped together and you could actually eat it! Why wouldn’t you want it to stick together?!? Jasmine rice was a revelation!!

      • Alan Roberts

        Never used Uncle Ben’s. With the greatest respect (and no intention to start either rice or pasta wars):

        > Why wouldn’t you want it to stick together?!?

        Because if the rice is fairly loose and fluffy it is easier to get every grain coated with the “binding substance” … AKA my grandmother’s fried chicken gravy back in my youth, the sour-creamy goodness of the beef stroganoff sauce, all the buttery-garlic nirvana of the shrimp scampi!

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Tom Paul

    Better the rice guy than the ice cream guy.

    • James/G

      You didn’t hear about Texas boycotting Ben and Jerry’s over their policy towards Israel, did you?

      • Browncoat57

        Easy for them, and the rest of the South. They/we have ‘Blue Bell’.

        • I’ve had both. Blue Bell is WAY better. Marx and Engles tastes like the prime ingredient is sugar!

          Zar Belk!

        • Eh, Wot?

          Agreed! *First time tasted? Outta a waist high, fogged-over minifreezer inna Mom ‘n’ Pops stop-n-rob in the AZ desert in August. Lawdy – Ah loves me some Blue Bunny!*

          • DCE

            B&J’s was created in the neighboring state to our west. I never really developed a taste for it.

            One of the local creameries has much better ice cream – more flavorable and not nearly as sweet as B&J’s, though it’s only available seasonally – and Blue Bunny has been making inroads here in northern New England, courtesy of Walmart. I prefer it over B&J’s any day.

          • Arkay

            Blue Bunny? What’s that? Here in Texas, we have Blue BELL, and it’s not only an outstanding ice cream, but it still comes in actual half gallons.

  • Mike-SMO

    Just another demonstration that cities are a relic of 19th Century transportation (RRs) and early 20th Century communications (telegraph and telephone).

    I’ll go with a local “carry-out”, a DVD and some dim lighting. That will be enjoyable and less annoying that scoping the shadows for “Team Ghetto”.

    It is time!. The airport is in the surround. The Interstate avoids the city. Entertainment is where the people are, not in the dark and dirty. I did NYC a lifetime ago. Still nothing there.

    Locals who want to prosper should not play the same game. I have a pretty short “essential” list.

  • Lifeofthe Mind

    “With great reset comes great responsibility.”

    Mr. Gruffydd (Walter Pidgeon): “But remember, with strength goes responsibility – to others and to yourselves. For you cannot conquer injustice with more injustice – only with justice and the help of God.”
    – “How Green Was My Valley”

    • eon

      Except that they don’t want to “conquer injustice”. They just want to use it as an excuse for power they can use to hurt people they don’t like.

      As for God, they don’t believe in Him. As far as they’re concerned, the only “gods” are themselves.

      “You evil is my good.”

      – Sutekh, “Pyramids of Mars”, Doctor Who 1975.

      clear ether


        • Dread



          Is there anyone remaing standing that diesnt cmearly see that the whole of the democrat party leadership, including Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi and the remaining lot, have all sold WE THE PEOPLE out to the Chinese Communist Party?

        • John D. Egbert

          I do so miss the great Iron Lady. And bet the UK does, too.

          One of her more trenchant observations: “The problem with Socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other peoples’ money.”

          • John

            We look back to the likes of Maggie and Ronnie with a yearning for the past, but “we hold the nettles of the present”.
            What we need is the talent and incentive to promote that talent into leadership positions who are willing to break up the UniParty and reconstitute Rule of Law.
            Sadly we are far from that, especially since the corruption of Government has been fueled by the bloated Military Industrial Congressional Complex. Witness the fact that our “representatives” become millionaires _after_ getting elected.
            The prescience and wisdom of Eisenhower has been made manifest and our own national corruption is the result.

          • DogByte6RER

            BoJo, despite being from the conservative Tory Party and his history of antics and mop-top hair, appears to be yet just another proverbial tax-collector for the welfare state …

        • DogByte6RER

          Thanks for the link to the John Hawkins write-up.

          That’s a terrific and quite prescient column from 2018.

        • steveb919

          I would rather be in hell with my back broke than be a liberal.

    • Kafiroon

      Ahh Yes. We need more coal powered cars.
      Califrutopia has brownouts now. I love seeing a gas powered car, towing a trailer, with a diesel generator in it, charging an “electric car”

  • Pamela

    I was thinking. One of the various issues with the Jab is that the little beasties settle in the Ovaries and Testes. The scenario for this is Sterility for many or all the recipients. Should this happen, Planned Parenthood won’t need to be funded anymore. Same with all schools. All those Union Jobs gone.

    • cb

      Long, informative… IMO. Conclusion mentions importance of future studies of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19”:

      • JTC


      • Pamela

        The Spawns of Satan had it all planned prior to Trump getting elected. Operation Warp Speed was idling in Neutral, waiting for the green light.

  • Mike-SMO

    Remember that the Chamber (Pot) of Corruption signed on for cheap labor at home and cheap manufacturing in China. President Trump wouldn’t take the ticket, so they just “hired” the Corruptocrats and their dim followers for chump change. They should read-up on history to see how that kind of “deal” worked out with the Socialists in Europe, nationalist (Nazi) and internationalist (Bolshevik). Against “power” there is no “deal”.

    Don’t just focus on the Dimocrats. They are just the “middle men” in the sale of the Republic.


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