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  • Too Tall

    Chris, love the reference to Grace Slick, Jefferson Airplane, and White Rabbit.

    • Browncoat57

      I have a liberal friend who’s a musician in New Orleans. She’s very talented. The ‘tall and attractive’ doesn’t hurt either. But she’s done a good cover of ‘White Rabbit’ and now she’s working on ‘Somebody To Love’. The fact that her lead guitarist was in a band when he was 16 or so and opened for the Airplane at The Warehouse in the late 60s doesn’t hurt. Or so he’s said.

  • ExNuke

    What did Mars do to you that you would wish them upon it?

    • MasterDiver

      Who ever said they’d LAND?

      Zar Belk!

    • My Way Or -->

      I agree. Having read “Red Planet” when I was 10, sitting on the floor of the stacks in the library downtown, (and many times since then) I can say without much contradiction from the real Martians that Gekko and the Old Ones don’t want them either.
      Better idea is to send them to Saturn’s moon Titan: perfectly balanced methane/carbon cycle-based atmosphere, Titan has seasonal changes that allow the methane lakes to thaw. Those twits could go swimming… or something… party on the beaches, as it were.
      Germany’s wind turbines for electricity are being dismantled; Germany is buying energy from France’s nuke plants, and using natural gas piped in from Russia (with love).
      You do know what happens when buffalo stampede, right? If they’re panicked enough, they can run right off a cliff’s edge. Herd mentality is in evidence everywhere right now, to the detriment of those who subscribe to it.
      Just smile, nod, and get out of their way.

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      Accidents do happen, it would be a shame if something happened to their ship just past the point where they could get back to earth.

  • interventor

    Rather, send them to Jupiter. What? Jupiter is a gas giant, with no real surface! Well, Democrats have a surface but, no innards. Sounds like a great match.

  • Pamela

    Seriously? But the Carbon Emissions would go through the roof if that melange of monoxide hot air creating yo-yo parasites got there in one piece!

  • Kafiroon

    If The Ho and/or nasa, gives Elon any trouble, he could offer to make another country a space power the equal and future greater than China or Russia. The USA would not be a space power without Space X.

    • JTC

      Another country like the CRA. Musk is a charter citizen and his various incredible enterprises for a solid part of its economic and entrepreneurial base.

  • Slick

    You’ve got it backwards. All the marxists will be left on earth. They’re the dead end. Mars is the future and will not be made by marxists.

    • MasterDiver

      The meek will inherit the Earth. The rest of us will go to the STARS!

      Zar Belk!

  • Tom Paul

    Their entitled, useless, parasitic corpses would be a source of biological hydrocarbons if nothing else. The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots. The crops of free men might as well be fertilized with the bullsh1+ of progressives.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have noticed in grocery stores that I feel huge these days. I noticed that the new packaging makes me look big. I feel it more when picking up and holding the new packages, boxes and cans.

    • Ol' county boy

      Very astute!

  • Halley

    Marxists on Mars Project
    Update: 2121

    After depleting the planet’s natural resources creating an oppressed Martian underclass they could save with their compassion (and dictatorship), the Marxists on Mars ended up wiping themselves out in a feud over who got the slave girls in the annual Dejah Thoris Beauty Pageant.

  • Peregrine

    Shut up and take my money.

    • OH Bridge Guy

      Right? If Elon can’t afford to ship them there by himself, I’d be happy to help out with a few bucks… Maybe he could set up a gofundme page that accepts dogecoin.

  • Pete231

    Screw Mars… I want all the green cheese on the moon. Think of the pizza chains one could open there. No masks necessary and no reservations required.. Come as you are . Be one with the curd………..

    • NotYetInACamp

      Send the Marxists and it will all become green government cheese. Then there will be none. No cheese at all.

  • Mike-SMO

    Maybe just a bus ride to Venezuela, one-way with a box lunch. They’d deserve one another. Or a ride on one of the rusting cruise ships…….

  • Bill G

    Ayuh; the opening comments were Graceful, and Slick. Meanwhile, the left is constantly attempting to make themselves seem bigger than they are. In their intellectual standing as well as in the percentage of the population they have convinced. But if they were truly convinced of the superiority of their ideas they would be willing to debate them; instead they fight like Hell to insure no opposing voices can be heard.

    • My Way Or -->

      I don’t want them here either, but a cycle has to run its course. Might be better to wall up the cities they inhabit, forbid them to leave without a license – very expensive license – and a time limit (24 hours?) on how long they can stay “outside”. And make “outside” very unpleasant for them, because it’s real-world stuff and should scare them… and send them stuff made of soybeans and lentils…. oh, wait.

      All those dystopia stories, from Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and Heinlein’s ‘Coventry’ on up through the dystopia movies (Escape From Whatever City, Logan’s Run, Blade Runner, etc.) aren’t something new. They go back as far as the story of Gilgamesh (the destruction of Ur), and even further, before the Bronze Age started.

      Something’s going on. The THEY won’t come out on top. Haste makes waste… lots of it.

  • JTC

    Send them to Disney; it’s a small world after all…

    Not really though, don’t want that fucking rodent right here in our midst at all or any of its woke animatronic characters. Tactical nuke could send that 30,000 acres back to the swamp from whence it came. Srsly though don’t go there or watch their “family” movies or support them with your money in any way, and maybe they will shrivel up and die on their own. Meeses do love cheeses to pieces though, so yeah maybe the moon idea would work; I mean the Cape is right there by them…

    • The entire premise of Disney -and all of “woke” culture- is encapsulated thusly:

      “Disney tells American employees to reject “equal opportunity” and embrace “equality of outcome.”

      Chew on that for a bit.

      And the stupid SOB’s don’t even realize that spells the end of their company and of the American Way that they embodied for so long.

  • Elon Musk is a clever guy. He became the second richest man on earth, not by selling cars, but by selling carbon credits to the other manufacturers.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Classic. A prelude to Idiocracy. Other related plot ideas.
      Are we there, yet?

    • JC Collins

      Or perhaps the B Ark?

  • Pamela

    Looks like ice balls to me. Wonder if that’s where the Republican Males in Congress sent theirs for a VayCay

  • Pamela

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that Elon was listening in to Sam’s conversation?
    And stole her idea? Javier…front and center…You have some work to do on stopping that issue and to find out who else has their ears on and I don’t mean a Cat’s Dinner.

    • Kafiroon

      Just consider the thing as an always on microphone, video camera and open book.

    • You are forgetting about Javelon Enterprises…Javier designed the listening device, controls it’s on and off button and blocks all other unauthorized eavedropping. And Elon asked if the idea was trademarked, if not he and Javie would pay her market value of course.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

    Start the CRA as a parallel free and just place using the Constitution. It eventually would consume the D2020 Coup, in my opinion.

    • JTC

      Yes sir to the last part, parallel or not.

      And of course “mass psychosis” which I might call other things mostly, has always controlled society, in both offensive and defensive ways. Never quite so intentionally destructive though I think.

      The one is the antidote for the other.

      I scream CRA Now! so much because I do not believe there is going to be any other way.

  • Pamela

    I need to watch Firefly and Serenity again. Brown Coats Unite!
    Wonder when the Reavers will start showing up due to the DNA warping.

    • NotYetInACamp

      +It should show up in the blm, progressive zealots, tds sufferers, and antifa first. All in the vax specially formulated for them for the greater good and to bring about peace.

    • cb

      “The existence of Reavers is officially denied by the Alliance, the ruling government of humanity.” – – – “Biden defended far-left anarchist movement Antifa as an idea, not an organization.”

      • NotYetInACamp

        mentaweapon. mental virus

  • NotYetInACamp

    Take the Leap.


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