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  • Spin Drift

    “Hump, what hump” answered Bill when asked about Monica.

    “What did you get from the Monster?” Asked America, the boning of a lifetime came the answer.

  • formwiz

    A lot of people would stand in line to throw that switch.

    • RooftopVoter

      Most of us would fight for the right to be first to throw that switch.

      Or Second, third, etc…….. You want to make sure that witch is gone.

      She will need to be screwed 12 feet deep to make sure she doesn’t come out.

      • Old Codger

        And entombed in stressed, steel reinforced concrete just to be sure. But are you sure 12 ft. is deep enough? I’m thinking shred the body, compress it, drop it down an abandoned oil well shaft and fill it in with concrete. But I’d still put video surveillance on the site, 8 different angles with a motion detector on the video. With something like Hildabeast you never can be too sure.

        • John Greer

          Just shoot the ashes into the sun.

          • Merle

            Why wait – send her now!

  • Doc Epador


  • KenH

    Or pull the lever

    DIE in agony, Beast

  • WayneM

    The Hildebeast’s collapse into the van really looked like the battery running the exoskeleton went flat. Lithium polymer batteries hold their voltage until they’re nearly spent then drop off precipitously. Luckily a quick recharge and she was back in action. Unfortunately, being completely discharged like that tends to affect the battery’s useful lifespan.

    • Kafiroon

      I like that! Maybe the “batteries” will catch on fire. I don’t think they can be put out.
      Kafiroon – as called by a libtard that lost a “discussion” – Despicable

      • WayneM

        Name-calling is the libtard equivalent of debate. It’s how they roll.

  • JTC

    Kaine can throw the switch, pull the plug, or cast the stone but he ain’t even on the list of succession. He will never gain the favor of his gods because he just ain’t Abel.

    • Bill G

      Everything I’ve read says that the candidacy does not automatically shift to the chosen VP in the event of the top of the ticket cannot/will not continue.
      I don’t recall if he even stays, with a new top candidate.

      • JTC

        As speculated in the dead bluebird ‘toon, it goes blackbird, dodo bird, cowbird, woodpecker (zippy, uncajoe, moo, bubba). In no particular order; you can predict what those evil progs will do but no so much how they do it.

        We do know that whatever they choose including going ahead with zombie hillz, it will be amazingly incredibly inspired, brilliant, and the only path to salvation (theirs). And in that they might be right.

      • markm

        First, you don’t vote for the presidential candidate, you vote for a slate of electors who are sworn to vote for that candidate. If Hillary drops dead after the polls close but before the electors meet, in each blue state the electors are still sworn to Kaine for _VP_, but released from their oaths for President. If they want to vote for Kaine for President, they’d have to break their oath with regard to the VP, but under the circumstances I’m sure no Democratic state AG would prosecute. However, I just don’t see any enthusiasm for Kaine within the Democratic establishment… They can vote for Bernie, or Warren, or a favorite son of their state, or themselves.

        So the issue (assuming a Trump win didn’t render the whole argument moot) is whether the Democratic party can pull together and get most of their electors to vote for the same person. If they splinter, and given the short time and the state of the party I expect they would, then there is no majority winner. When the new Congress meets, it gets to pick one of the three front-runners. The voting procedure is odd, and the last time it was used was to select from rival slates of electors for Tilden and Hayes… Unless a lot of Republicans lost the election, there will still be a Republican majority, and I the odd way of counting the votes favors small states and will further tilt it Republican. So the only real question is whether the Dems could find a candidate that establishment Republicans would favor over Trump, and get enough electors on board to put that candidate in the top 3.

        If she kicks off before the election but after ballots are printed, same thing: The election will go ahead with Clinton and Trump at the top, and Clinton votes are actually for Democratic slates of electors.

        Suppose she wins and dies after the electors meet? Then the next step is still for Congress to meet and certify the election results. That’s been a mere formality ever since Tilden-Hayes. If she dies one minute after midnight on Jan 20, she was the President for that minute and Kaine inherits. If she dies before Jan 20, but after Congress certified that she was elected, we might be in a legal gray area, but I think politically Congress will allow Kaine to inherit. However, if she dies between the electoral college sending in their results and Congress meeting, then all the blue state results become invalid as to the Presidency. Kaine is VP, but Trump is the only person with valid e-college votes. Even a Democratic Congress would have no choice but Trump – if they followed the Constitution. (Like that would happen!)

        • markm

          A second thought about “If she dies before Jan 20, but after Congress certified that she was elected”: On Jan 20, Obama and Biden are out. Kaine is VP and there is no President. Therefore, Kaine would be elevated to the Presidency, and would get to select a new VP.

      • JTC

        markm, that’s a lot of carefully researched words there, but the only ones that are relevant are these:

        “…if they followed the Constitution. (Like that would happen!)”

        The Constitution, rules, and fairness don’t apply to the elite demigods, even the Bern and Lizbo don’t breathe their air…I would refer you again to the slate I mentioned above; if the bitch is out, one of those birds is in.

        • Kafiroon

          ‘Constitution? We donn need no stinkin Constitution!’
          Statement of faith by leftists (thugs, political parties, crooks, etc.) everywhere.

          • JTC

            Kafiroon, that’s hilarious, I damn near used that quote, but with “steenkin'”…how sad is it that we’d both have the same impulse about the lack of respect for the big C by the little d’s.

  • Pamela

    We would not be having this discussion regarding throwing switches or pulling batteries from the cyborg unit if Hugh had pulled out of Dorothy.

    • B Woodman

      Someone invent a time machine so we can give that man a condom. I can think of several other instances where a stitch in latex would have saved nine.
      Adolf, Woodrow, Karl.

      • Pamela

        Or if she would have swallowed instead. Gross but true.

        • Can’t get pregnant by swallowing, true enough.

      • Tom

        This was discussed in the latter Heinlein books. They had a group that would make small changes in time and have worse outcomes.

        • Heinlein is/was one of the absolute greatest of them all. Genius incomparable.

          • MasterDiver

            The Circle of Ouroboros. A Stitch in Time can save Millions (or kill a World)

            Zar Belk!


          The Cat that Walked through Walls
          Just finished re-reading it.

          • MasterDiver

            Love your Avatar.
            FREE LUNA!

            Zar Belk!

        • Brasspounder

          Jack Finney had the same thoughts. The small correction his time traveling protagonist made to the Titanic’s course set her on a collision course with the iceberg rather than preventing it. Imagine Bill married to an attractive charmer of a socialist rather than Her Heinous.

    • JTC

      She’s a big fan of late-term abortion. Is 69 too late?

      Or, in Pamela’s swallow suggestion, “69” would be just right. Gross indeed.

      • RegT

        The Beast is more likely to go for hot tuna. Ask Huma.

      • JTC

        This would have been the B’s parents, avoiding her existence altogether. And I’m not at all sure what the Humma has down there, don’t really want to know.

      • Pamela

        I think the current terminology is retroactive abortion.

        There are some people properly done fellatio is wasted on.
        They can Kish mine tuches.

  • B Woodman

    That punch line about had me rolling on the floor. Thanks for the laugh, we need it.

  • As I said in a prior comment, Greed does strange things to people.

    But I have seldom seen Greed run such a rampage.

  • eon

    Keep in mind this isn’t The Creature we’re talking about- it’s basically a Mafia Don(a).

    They don’t just step aside for any up-and-coming Young Turks. Even John Gotti didn’t screw with Raymond Effing Patriarcha.

    Anyone gets ideas about replacing Her, they’re most likely going to have an unexpected “suicide”, “accident”, or even “airplane crash”.

    Arranged by somebody with an Arkansas accent who (as Woody Allen would say) is the type who doesn’t stop eating just because the guy sitting next to him at the lunch counter suddenly got hit in the head by a falling anvil.

    The Dems think of themselves as “dangerous, romantic revolutionaries”. And as progressives, when frustrated or thwarted, their first impulse is to kill.

    They are up against a woman for whom that is the first, second, third, 111th, 341st, and 2.638 x 10\47 instinct. In fact, it’s the only instinct she has.

    The best they can hope for is a replay of the Castellamarese War. And they get to play the Moustache Petes who sided with Joe the Boss Masseria.

    And lost.

    clear ether


    • It won’t help her if she drops dead in her tracks, or has a massive stroke. That was my point.

      Al Capone died of syphilis in prison. If you look into the Well of Souls, the winds are shrieking while they wait.

      • Unca Walt

        He died of syphilis in South Floriduh. Just sayin’…

    • JTC

      True what Delilah says; if God answers the prayers of so many of His children and strikes the monster dead, they can screw it to that post with lag bolts and that dead bird still won’t fly. Lotsa other birds to choose from though, some better and -dare I even think it- some worse.

    • Kafiroon

      With her, that “Reset” button launches every single Nuclear missile.

  • Hitlery will rot in Hell. You know that saying about “Some crimes are so heinous, only God can judge. It’s our job to allow that”, or something to that effect.

    • Arrange. Sorry.

  • Iconoclast

    I want the bitch to hold in there until she sees the extent of the landslide rejecting her, then to die in mental as well as physical pain. Of course, that’s the nice side of me speaking. The nasty side wants her to live thru Trump’s inauguration, her trials for corruption / national security violations & civil trials by the survivors of her Benghazi victims, only to croak after a month or so in prison in utter despondency. Preferably from some especially vile & painful disease – say a cross between shingles & leprosy ….


      Remind me not to get on your bad side

      • PaulS

        I’m not sure I’d want on their “nice” side either. Though I do like the line of thought regarding Hillbillary.

    • Bill G

      And let’s not forget to have her able to see lots of news coverage of her Devoted Husband surrounded by young things all around him.

    • Old Codger

      Won’t happen. Dhimms control the polls in too many areas. In several districts they already have more registered voters than there are people of voting age. Hildabeast is going to be tje one benefiting from the “landslide”.

      However, if she dies or is permanently incapacitated we will be in Constitutional terra incognita. If it is before the election then Soros (excuse me, the Dems) can put up different candidate to take advantage of what would have been Hildabeast’s landslide. Or BHO could postpone the election. If something happens to her between November and January, the Constitution offers no help at all. Obozo could choose to remain in office until 2020 – IF NOT LONGER! If either scenario occurs, expect to hear “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” while Dear Leader is deciding what to do – and after.

      • cb

        That proverbial ‘ground game’ aka ‘walkin’ around money’ will be the deciding factor. Regressives own it.

  • Steve_1066

    The list of signatures for Obama on Jan 19th, 2017 is getting longer!

  • Bill G

    At this point I’m ready to buy barrels for the DMC so they can keep carrying enough water to cover her up til the election.
    I don’t believe any replacement would be easier for Donny Boy to beat.

  • It’s that scene in ‘Ghost’, when the dark things come out of the shadows. You hear the Winds of Hell shrieking while they drag you away… except that those aren’t Winds of Hell. They’re the voices of The Damned.

    • Unca Walt

      I’d give up winning the fargin lottery to see those icky-creepy, groany, growling black shadows grab a screaming Hillary… and BlowJob, too.

  • somejoe

    Tim Kaine is in the veep slot because:

    one of Hilliary’s staffers misheard someone say “what she needs is a cane”.

    • Grunt GI

      HAHAHA, well done.

  • Spin Drift

    Going with the Biblical theme, would that be Caine and Unable?

    War Damn Screaming Eagle
    Molon Labe

    • Unca Walt

      Nah, ‘eden know nuffin.

    • Kafiroon

      Definitely Unable and Unstable.

    • Pamela

      Well it’s not a hurry caine situation.

  • Old Codger

    I have two bumper stickers coming in the mail. One says:
    #Never Hillary
    For President

    The other:
    #Hillary for Prison

    I live in a pretty much Dhimmicrat neighborhood. Hoping those two bumper stickers will piss the neighbors off even more than my little travel trailer parked beside my driveway does.

  • Pamela

    “It’s alive!” I don’t see Hilly in a top hat and tails, let alone dancing.
    Caterwauling. Yes.
    Tripping the light fantastic. No.
    It will be a cold day in hell before she does that.

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