Day By Day


  • formwiz

    I take it Willie will never see the inside of the DDQ.

  • rickn8or

    Remember why W.C. Fields wouldn’t drink water…

  • Swansonic

    Perhaps because he was inside the house screaming ‘A LITTLE MORE TO THE LEFT! LEFT!’

    ‘That’s the spot……’

  • KenH

    Slick needs some vivisection, for the experience, just because….

  • Grunt GI

    You know, those poor girls look like they are working hard…maybe Jan could come help!? Maybe!?

  • Pamela

    Is Hillary hiding striped stockings underneath?
    We know she wants the Ruby Reds just so she can pop into anywhere to catch Bill or anyone else.
    Watch out if she does the “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too.”

  • Spin Drift

    “and I’ll make a flying monkey out of your little dog too.” As to the e-mails, you do know that www stands for wicked witch of the west. Just saying that Occum’s Razor of Coincidence is strong in that one.

    “Toto I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.”

    • Pamela

      She gives witches a bad name. Bill really must have wanted a a fairy princess when he kissed that toad and it turned into Hillary.

  • WayneM

    Perhaps it’s just me… I can’t help but wonder what kind of mischief is keeping Javier so occupied?

    Oh and if Jan is too busy with childcare, perhaps Naomi could help at the DDQ?

  • Ozymandias

    “Mandrake, have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?”

    • West_rhino

      How about a nice grain alcohol and rain water

      • Merle

        Naw, for her make it wood alcohol…..and swamp water


    • Andy

      Nice “Dr. Strangelove” reference.


    Anyone remember the original ‘Westworld’ movie with Yul Brenner? There was a barmaid wounded in a gunfight. One of the guests gave her a drink of water. She resisted, he didn’t know she was a robot and forced it on her.
    Needless to say he let the smoke out.
    All that to say OF COURSE Hillary won’t drink water!

  • JTC

    “Pulling back the curtain” to find Bubba pulling the levers?

    He ain’t that smart, or that industrious. I do think he would take the chair if offered, and I do think the Wizard whoever he may be, could invoke the Arkancide option to oust the interloper beast to make it happen. And do you doubt for a minute that the electorate -popular or collegiate- would vote him in?

    And of all the birds who could take the place of the blue, peckerwood would be my choice too. Being not smart or industrious and preoccupied with extracurricular activity might be our best chance to survive to a ’20 reset.

    • CB

      Back in the 90’s I was at a rodeo where one of the clowns told the following joke;

      Bill and Hillary pull into a gas station.
      The guy pumping gas is Hillary’s former boyfriend.
      Bill makes fun of the guy.
      Hillary tells him; “If I’d married him he’s be president now and you’d be pumping gas!”

      • JTC

        I’ve heard that one, but Slick does have a talent. That disingenuous empathy and piousness that Chris invoked in the ‘toon…”Ah feeeel yer pain!” along with his blow-dried ‘do and faux Southern twang would make him a perfect televangelist, claiming a direct line to the Almighty, crying and hustling the pensions of poor old housebound widowed believers, and banging the secretaries and wives and daughters of his flock.

        He’d have been better off without her. He’d be just as perverted, just as rich, and just as doomed to hell in the hereafter as he is now, all without ever having had to wake up to that horrid witch of the east (Wellesley woman dontcha know). Well, until they wake up together in the inferno of ol’ Beelzebub.

      • Bill G

        I’ll claim that same location for this old saw:
        A traveler stopped for the night, had a meal and steps into the bar for a drink. The Hildabeast is on the TV news, and he looks up at her image and says “That old witch is a horse’s ass!”
        BAM! He’s on the floor, as the guy to his right socked him one.
        He gets up, and Slick is now on th etube, so he says “And he’s a horse’s ass, too!”
        POW! The guy on the left has flattened him.
        He slowly gets up, backs away, and says “Sorry, but I couldn’t believe this was Clinton country.”
        Everyone looks at him, all of them angry, and the bartender says “Mister, this is horse country.”

    • TheOriginalMexicanBob

      It’s George Soros pulling the levers. The kind of “walking money” he hands out to leftists everywhere is like a flame drawing in the Clintons like it does moths.

      • JTC

        No doubt GS is up in that booth but he’s got a lot of help in there now…zillionaires galore are throwing multi-millions into the pot; Soros, Buffet, Gates, the facebook fuckfaces, and there’s always Bloomie too. They are mostly trying to buy Trump out of office rather than buying the beast in though, so they’d be good with any of those bought and paid souls, all of whom would gladly dance on their strings.

  • eon

    I think that translates to “schizophreniform disorder”. Or in plain non-technical English, she’s losing it.

    Dementia is a late-term symptom of several disorders, including ALS. Couple that with her essentially psychopathic personality, and you basically have a ticking time bomb.

    clear ether


  • epilitimus

    Hmmmm….Skye is questioning the party line?….Could it be possible a doubt has managed to squirm its way into her atrophied brain?

    • Stranger things have happened. And it’s a helluva sprout when it pops.

  • Death, soon, would be very good.

    • Not until after she loses in November.
      Please, God, keep her alive for a few more weeks…

      • Bill G

        Yes, I cannot believe any possible replacement candidate would be as easy to beat as she is becoming.
        I also think there’d be a sympathy vote, especially if Fauxcahontas came to be the new candidate.

        • JTC

          So a sympathy vote would make her hard to beat? Don’t think so. There’s no sympathy or empathy or soul or any other genuine humanity in that crowd. The redbird (‘specially when they prove the red rubs off) ain’t got a chance of making the cut.

          OTOH, either the blackbird or the woodpecker would be a lock for the nom. Question is, which is better for us? If you subscribe to the notion that as DT says the whole thing is rigged and the dims have it, gimmee Billy over Bobo any day.

          Slick will lay back and coast on his awesome legacy of the 90’s (you know, the one RR handed him) and do minimal further harm, while Zip desperately wants to create one before he goes, a very dangerous possibility.

  • epilitimus

    As for Bill feeling her pain. that was just psychological as he knew she had his testicles in her purse.

    • PaulS

      I doubt his testicles ever got anywhere near her purse, that’s not how Willy rolls.

      • epilitimus

        I maintain that Bill’s balls were the price for Hillary’s Tammy Wynette.

  • West_rhino

    There should be flying monkeys

  • B Woodman

    “What did you FEEEL when you pulled the trigger and shot that terrorist?”
    “A slight recoil.”

  • Bill G

    I can’t say that I go along with the idea that merely not being of use to the Clinton Crime Cartel is hazardous.
    Then again, I don’t think the left has Enemies Lists.
    I think they have Friends lists. And if you’re on that list and the think you’re turning, or not on the list and come to their attention, then watch your six.

  • Corvette


    No one has mentioned that the souette at the bar looks a lot like Zed’s dad who died in a mysterious way. Plot foreshadowing are we?


    • Corvette

      Sorry autocorrect got me. Silouette.

      • JTC

        Or silhouette. 🙂

        No mystery about Wade’s passing; he died in Zed’s arms.

        Much as I imagine Mr. Muir the senior simultaneously did. Painful to all concerned, but there’s no better way to go than embraced in the arms and the love of family.

        • Pamela

          There are some who, no matter where they are, continue to watch over and protect those they love.

    • Henry

      Lately, ZED looks a lot like Zed’s dad. Occam’s Razor…?

  • NanGee

    Re: Hillary’s health — .In literature, this would be called “deux ex machina” — Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) …an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel. Also known as “the hand of God”. I think maybe God is tired of being pushed around by Allah.

  • James/G

    For those who don’t hang out at Baen’s Bar, we had a challenge;

    Do parody song lyrics about Hildabeast, to the song ‘Betty Davis Eyes’.

    The first Draft by a fellow, handle of Richvh:

    Her hands are full of gold
    Her lips, full of lies
    Her hands are always cold
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies
    She’ll turn the fibbies on you
    Before you can think twice
    She’s come from Chicago
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies

    And she’ll tease you
    She’ll unease you
    All the better just trap you
    She’s atrocious, and she knows just
    What it takes to make a blow crush
    She’s got Bubba Clinton’s standard lies
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies

    She’ll let you sell your home
    It whets her appetite
    She’ll climb up on her throne
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies
    She’ll make you tumble for her
    Roll you like you were dice
    Until you’re black and blue
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies

    She’ll expose you, when she snows you
    Off your feet with the crumbs she throws you
    She’s ferocious, and she know just
    What it takes to make a pro blush
    All the Dems think she’s alright
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies

    She’ll tease you
    She’ll unease you
    Just to please her
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies
    She’ll expose you
    When she snows you
    She knows you
    She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies

    How many want sam to sing it at a karaoke night? 🙂

    • JTC

      Only if she can work in the rhyming word “demise” at the end.

      And the DDQ crowd goes wild!

    • Pamela

      Thanks for the great parody from Richvh

      I have a stitch in my side from laughing

      Here is a possible stanza with demise

      She’ll tease you
      She’ll unease you
      She’ll expose you
      When you surmise
      The extent of Hill’ry Clinton lies
      She laughs, then will tase you
      when she orders your demise
      She’s got Hill’ry Clinton lies

  • NotYetInACamp

    I still think that Deus Ex Machina or not, there is still the need to expect anything and everything from the Hillary camp and all that desire her to “win” this election. There are many others considering themselves a deus that wish to void any events that make Hillary a loser.
    Election theft still is in front of us. Voter fraud also exists. The exit poll planned sounds a reasonable way to offset the massive fraud possible that may steal the election. Admissible evidence into court that can sway a dispute must be collected. Otherwise the opposition may make a maximum effort f they see no opposition in any area.

    Right now is time for a practice mobilization of people with their groups desiring to defend the Republic. Practice working together to get more people registered that would viote for Trump in the nex two weeks. Many states have a cut off date to register that is one month before the election. Find out. These are practice in working together in case all goes wrong.

    The weapons placed infroont of you is the ballot. registering people to use that ballot if of extreme importance. If just those gun owners and bible owners who have, paraphrasing Obama’s intended insult, clung to them, would just register and vote, then the evil that is Hillary or her replacement, or Mr. Kaine, a hater of the 2nd Amendment and more, will be prevented from the power that will have the legal basis to remove guns when the Supreme Court is packed with gun haters. Look at all of the Christians murdered as a result of the actions of Hillary, Bill, and Obama. North Africa, Syria and Iraq has been a killing field for those not Muslim which includes hundreds of thousands to possibly millions of Christians murdered.
    I have registered people to vote across decades. i rather enjoy it. Start with family, friends, gun clubs, Veterans groups, churches, neighborhood, etc. You can limit who you ask if you know that they are brainwashed. Do not pester people. Offer. have fun. It is the nation at stake this time.
    remember they will not feel your pain when they impose more on us.

    • NotYetInACamp

      If anybody wonders where I was, I jokingly reference and paraphrase the situation and comment in Serenity as the source and with the comment:
      We were in her bunk.

      All in fun.

      • Pamela

        “Can’t do somethin’ smart, do somethin’ right’.” Shepard Book

        Whoa. Wait a minute. “We were in her bunk. ”
        Who’s the her? Please tell me you didn’t tap Skye?

        • NotYetInACamp

          No. Though I have had many Leftist and Democrat girls and women chase me. Skye could never be a pilot. She has no proper direction. I still have not been properly caught. Lot’s of improper, but no downright right catch. That it is not Skye. Skye is not sufficient. That person could never be tolerated, nor ever be what is needed and wanted. Those women are also way to easy to manipulate, which I do not value. That she is constantly manipulated seem her main story line so far.
          I have done a few smart things and a few right things lately. Including some very right things. I am at an impasse for now. Time will tell. There is still so much to do.

          • Pamela

            You avoided the any port in a storm scenario.
            Wise Man.

            “I still have not been properly caught”
            Watch your six. One will pursue until you catch her.

  • B Woodman

    Doesn’t drink water, eh? Hydrophobia? Hence, rabies? Who wants to form a “Guess Hillery’s Disease” pool? All proceeds go to Chris. I’m in for a tenner.

    • B Woodman

      Winner gets bragging rights as “Doctor to the DNC”. And maybe (permission granted) doctor to the DDQ – and Sam. . . .. .

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