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  • JTC

    Morals? MORALS? Ahh Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Yer killin’ me man.

    • Delilah T.

      Isn’t that supposed to be “moral turpitude”??

  • Kafiroon

    Mao said something about power…
    That sometimes also results in Justice.

    • Cliff

      One of the best. These guys claim to be for the “little guy”. Nonsense, if they were a beer it would be called “Maduro Lite”. Before it became “Maduro Dark”.

    • MasterDiver

      “Out here, Due Process is a BULLET!”
      -John Wayne(as Col. Mike Kirby)

      Zar Belk!

  • James Gemind

    The Senate had a vote…

    It was on the New Green Deal…

    It did not just fail. It was abandoned by 43 DNC Senators who voted ‘Present,’ and three DNC voting ‘Nay.’

    The final count was 57 to 0.

    I imagine that the Certain members of the House feel betrayed by the Senate, and will… Seek redress…

    • WayneM

      “Red” Cortez ain’t happy. I’m okay with that.

    • kadaka

      The House simply introduced a Dem leadership-sponsored version Wed.

      “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the Climate Action Now Act as one of many steps toward Democratic efforts to confront global warming.”

      GND, Nyet.
      CANA, DA!

      • JTC

        Climate Action Now? CAN it Nan.

  • “Green Deal”. DILLIGAF? Probably not.

  • WayneM

    If the cost of those “Just-Us” rules is becoming part of the Empire of amoral irrational monsters like the swamp dwellers, hard pass…

    There’s room here for a pun about Jussie but you can’t rope me into going there, bleaches…

    • Punta Gorda

      And the CORRUPT FBI us now investigating the Kim Foxx axing of the case.

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • Bren

    The Mao half-quote irritates me no end. Everybody quotes the first half as though it were untrue or evil or some sort of commie trick. Meanwhile, they all ignore the operating clause where the true evil lies. The part where he said, “therefore we must be sure that we hold all the guns.” That last part is gun control encapsulated. Any time some nitwit starts blathering about gun control, the WHOLE Mao quote needs to be trotted out, with emphasis on the latter part.

    As for Smollet. I am unsurprised. I grew up in Chicago, back in the days when a new Caddy was $6K. There were parking places that may as well have been labeled “No parking, vehicles under $4000.” You could park a 2 or 3 year old Lincoln or Cadillac there for days on end and no worries. Park a 10 year old Dodge there, you’d be towed away within the hour.

  • Delilah T.

    The correct quote from Mao Tse-Tung is this: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. — August 1927 and November 1938

    Why else do you think that The They want to take those dreadful instruments of power out of your hands?

    • T Wolf

      ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a woman… so we must be sure we control all the women’
      Mao updated for the modern identity pandering vote harvesting soon to be utopian socialist equality state.

  • Bill G

    “Are we missing anything?” Yes; morality, honesty, decency, … are you overlooking anything? Yes, you’re overlooking the fact that some of the dirt people are listening to the New Media ask “What did Obama know, and when did he know it?” They’re asking it now with regards to the Mueller fluster cluck, but it can also be asked about Hillary’s private email server. The one wide open to all, that Obama is said to have messaged to and denied knowledge of.
    You’re overlooking the fact that the peasants no longer accept all your words as gospel.

    • JTC

      The complete question is “What did Zero know…and what did he do with that knowledge?”

      Even apparently, down to his homegirl Jus’ Smellit.

      There is no corruption that is below him.

  • Bill

    Neutered the police in Chicago also Now the judiciary supports censorship for political purposes. Pretty chilling.

    • WayneM

      I wonder if this is why Rahm Emanual is pretending to be outraged?

    • Too Tall

      Thanks to Mayor Ballerina, the corrupt City Council, the crooked courts, and a feckless Attorney General for the State of Illinois, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is in the fetal position.

      It is going to be a long, hot summer, with lots of lead flying in the usual ‘hoods.

      But, given that it is the CPD, it would not surprise me if somehow Jussie does get his just desserts. It’s the Chicago way….

    • JSStryker

      No but if Jussie does sue the CPD the discovery phase of that case will have the possibility to be hilarious and enlightening.

  • Kafiroon

    “If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government.”

    ― Emiliano Zapata

    Again this part of Mao’s statement is the part that applies.
    Justice ignored or misapplied will sooner or later rise up in some form that TPTB will Not like. In our world that is usually a bullet.

  • billrla

    Chicago is an outlaw regime. Time to call-in the Russians.

    • CactoBlaster

      for an Air Strike ? Just put it in the Grid Square….

  • Punta Gorda

    MABA!!# Make Alexandria Bartend Again!

    • “And the waitress is practicing politics,

      While the businessman slowly gets stoned…”


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