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  • Too Tall

    Surprised Kiko and Mari didn’t take a shot at it with a 12 gauge.

    NASA uses 10, … 4, 3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF!

    Kiko and Mari use PULL!

  • NotYetInACamp

    A rare capture of a hot engineer cooking.

    America’s Wild Kingdom Will Continue.

    • John M.

      So now we know where Sam’s impact zone is…u

      I tried to smoke a turkey one year, it was hard to roll, and I couldn’t keep it lit! ;-))

      • Browncoat57

        Where’d you find papers big enough to even try?

        • Too Tall

          From the Cheech and Chong Big Bambu album?

        • Bob in Houston

          You’d need a couple of Cheech and Chong’s Big Bambu albums from 1972, they came with one that was 24″x12″ when it was folded out.

  • Halley

    Ballistic turkeys and hot females… what else could be more enjoyable to watch?
    “I caught them all. Watch what happens” – PDT

    • GWB

      I think Chris should do a “worlds collide” next Thanksgiving, with Sam’s turkey launch and WKRP’s turkey drop.

      I wanna see Chris draw Bailey……..

  • Eh, Wot?

    “Love my Life….
    Love this site!”

  • Dread

    Yes Zed, she does indeed.

  • Halley

    Off topic, but has Qanon said anything since Nov. 4? Just wondering.

    • JTC

      Not on Gab but they sent me an email about an upcoming hit piece on them, don’t know if connected.

  • DogByte6RER


  • Pamela

    Where did the turkey land and on what?

    • JTC

      Funny but not.
      Talented writer too.
      Thanks for that link Pamela.

    • Halley

      Oh yes, the ChiComs have learned they can:
      – take down the US economy with low-level viruses
      – buy the obedience of American politicians and business leaders
      – and via their own software, decide the outcome of US elections

      Democrats are totally OK with it and slobbering over things getting 1000% worse from Jan. 20 onward…

    • JTC

      The writer errs in blaming a “third-party“. It is part and parcel of the Democrat Party just like their muzzie contingent, next their ChiCom reps will be in Congress. But he is right about the war and that separation is looming larger every day. Late in yesterday’s ‘toon I wrote in response to a few here saying to not seek separation and to not cede them territory…

      “Well shit Henry, where were you along about 1861?

      Peaceful establishment of a sovereign nation did not work then for just the reason you suggest (that the other side will never leave us in peace). But we learned a lot for next time.

      The red/blue map then looked a LOT like it does now with the then territories now added to the sea of red. Pretty good synopsis and red/blue 1860’s map on wiki here:

      A new separation would now as then leave the population hives of the northeast, upper Midwest, and coastal west on the hands of the deep blue elites, and the engines of agriculture and resources in the hands that will make the best use of them.

      Might have to happen. Won’t be easy, but this time with superior tools, a better understanding of the leftists’ “by any and all means“ methods and agenda and deadly resolve we will successfully defend our borders from incursion this time.

      They want a New World Order Reset. We should let them have it and leave us the fuck out of it here in the CRA (Confederated Republic of America).

  • Buck

    During the Clinton years the Chinese Air Force ran one of their interceptors (Mig 19 if memory serves) into one of our electronic surveillance acft forcing it down. There was enough time for Bill hisself to talk to the crew and tell them NOT to destroy anything. Still on his watch, the US sent our latest anti-aircraft and anti-missile
    track and launch systems to Israel. Who promptly sent half of them to China. So the Soros/Bloomberg and Chicom association has been going for a long time.

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