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  • Too Tall

    WKRP comes to the Double D.

    “Pollo Labe. That is a t-shirt/sleepshirt Chris needs to add when he rolls out the DBD clothing line for ladies

    • Henry

      Brings to mind one of my favorite cards from Virtue Signal: The Chicken Sandwich.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      I was just watching that episode today. My boss didn’t know about the WKRP Thanksgiving episode, so I had to explain (and show) to him, “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”
      Still cracks me up.

      • Paladin

        I liked “they hit the the ground like a bag of wet cement.” Gave me the mental image of no bounce…at all.

  • DogByte6RER

    Better a Turkey than a Turducken … a fresh large Turducken goes for about $150.00.

    • Henry

      This year, we’re having Ducken for Thanksgiving. Wifey went down to the very bottom of the Freezer of Plenty without encountering the usual turkey (first time for everything). She did, however, find a duck, which was a surprise to almost all of us. She’s never done a duck, so the redundant oven will be engaged to prepare a backup chicken. Excitement guaranteed!

      • Unca Walt

        Roast duck is one of my favorite fruits.

  • Too Tall

    Sam’s not a graduate of Purdue University, is she?

    Seems like that turkey would need to be filled with liquid oxygen to get that kind of range and ballistic impact. Sort of the way Purdue’s School of Engineering perfected lighting a charcoal grill.

    • JSStryker

      Oh god someone besides me has seen those videos, those are hilarious!

  • JTC

    Not sure what she used for propellant, but that turkey was raw and frozen when launched.

  • Pamela

    Did Sam include the crudité platter while flipping the bird?

    • Too Tall

      Pamela thinks of all the appropriate finishing touches.

      • Pamela

        Sam could have filled it with other holiday items. That green bean casserole… candied yams with covered in melted marshmallows… whipped cream (though some would consider that a sexual party favor triggering all sorts of angst and unfulfilled sexual tension. Queue Rocky Horror) hockey puck rolls.

        • Bill G

          Don’t forget the Lime Jello, canned pear halves, and Miracle Whip Salad … on second thought, please do forget it.

    • Henry

      Or at least a skunk cabbage salad.

  • Too Tall

    Pollo Labe: Take the turkey and leave the cannoli (or is it baklava)?

    • ExNuke

      I wish I could find a GOOD baklava in east central Mississippi. (I’ve lived in Baku with a real bakery around the corner.)

      • Polly Cy

        I’m the only one my grandmother would give her baklava recipe to, and that was only after I spent three consecutive Saturdays with her learning to make it and was deserving of it. I get so infuriated by what some bakeries call baklava these days. It does NOT have chocolate or pistachios or any of those other “innovations.” It is soaked in a syrup which contains honey, not in pure honey. It is not a stack of phyllo then a layer of filling then another stack of phyllo; it’s six to eight thin layers of filling each separated by five sheets of phyllo with each sheet buttered individually. I make about 10 batches every holiday, and the irony is that I can’t the stuff! Unless you make it yourself or find a bunch of Greek “church ladies” you’ll probably never find real baklava anywhere. It’s just too time consuming to make.

        • Pamela

          I got my Mom-in-Law’s strudel and perogie recipes.

      • interventor

        Our local Taziki carries pretty good baklava.

  • JTC

    Kafiroon, responded to you on yesterday’s toon.

    • Kafiroon

      OK. We will have to connect. I just recently sent Chis a letter asking if he could send you my email. I hate imposing on him though.

  • interventor

    Deliver the Arab variant — camel stuffed with large lamb, stuffed with chicken. Then, the smaller ingredients.

    • ExNuke

      Please stop talking about foods you can’t find here, At least you can’t find them where I live and since I’ve retired I can’t fly thousands of miles to find them ( maybe in New York City but I’m not going there.) Real bread, hot from the oven spread with sharp sheep milk cheese, grape leaf dolma with kefir sauce, a Doner with home made ketchup, shaslik cooked over an open fire and too many more to list without crying. Go back to politics, even “Orange Man Bad”, at least that doesn’t make me drown in saliva and wishful thinking

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Pollo labe”. I’m giggling like a little schoolgirl here.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Apparently Sam is getting better in her aim, launch, reentry, and impact.
    She DID aim that on purpose, didn’t she?

    • JSStryker

      Sam has no idea what you are talking about…wink, wink.

  • Mike-SMO

    Zed misses the point. The deep fryer was on the flag. The projectile was always distributed freely. The Claymore sammiches (with hot sauce) were invented later.

  • LowKey

    Fire for effect.

  • cz93x62

    Pollo = chicken (hen), gallo = chicken (rooster), pavo =domestic turkey, guajalote = wild turkey.

  • Halley

    This most special Thanksgiving we can be thankful
    – that the Enemy’s assassination attempts have failed
    – that their Great Election Heist of 2020 is going to be exposed
    – that Providence will not allow the disenfranchizement of the MAGA Majority
    – that fascist lockdown “laws” will be gloriously flaunted at dinner tables
    – that an oasis like DBD can continue to spread sunlight on a shadowbanned internet

    Cheers, everyone.
    As I heard someone say, the best is yet to come

  • My Way or -->

    έλα και πάρε την γαλοπούλα μου

    Turkeys used to be able to fly, but only up into trees. The wild toms mostly use their wings for drumming on logs.
    Oh! Now there’s a thought: that would scare those self-appointed busybodies. And the toms can be really nasty when they’re hunting the hens….. 🙂

    • Pamela

      They do have some rather nasty spurs…

      • My Way or -->

        Truly nasty spurs…. and beaks…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • interventor

      I’ve seen wild turkeys, both hens and gobblers fly out of trees. Assume they flew up there, first

  • Brett

    Pollo Labe. Well done, Chris! You win the internet for Thanksgiving. Appropriate as you are one of the people I’m thankful for.

  • Flight-ER-Doc

    Guajalote labe!

  • Oldarmourer

    Now I have this image in my head of Sam wearing just a frilly apron…
    holding a turkey over a deep pot of oil Zed is carefully sighting
    then turning her head as he says “hang…DROP !!!”
    It is a good image…

  • RichieC

    PAVO labe.

  • PCChaos

    There’s nothing like going into the woods an hour before sunrise. Cold. Quiet. A red head lamp guides one’s path. Using quiet and stealth to get to your sitting spot… when you spook the flock of turkeys roosting above you and the sky explodes above your head. Feathers and protests shatter the morning quiet and the woods are confused in darkness. Situational awareness allows you to realize you just spooked turkeys and you hold fire. And after you’ve composed yourself and check for discharges, you go on your way for the morning hunt (no dogs). Pavo labe, pollo labe. Best to all this Thanksgiving Day and thanks for Chris and his wit and work. Lord knows we can use the humor and beauty of great art work and satire.

  • James McEnanly

    Is that ‘Pollo’ or ‘Apollo’. She seems to be trying for a space launch every Thanksgiving.

  • JTC

    Could it be?

    Secret Sam of the Space Command…

    The Turkraken is released!

    • Chris Muir

      Great reference!


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