Day By Day


  • War Pig

    Is she pregnant again?

    • JTC

      I always figured Stuart would be feelin’ up the little boys.

      And he prob’ly did…I’m sure he’s an equal opportunity pervert.

      Turns out though, doggone it, people don’t like him that much.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    Jan sportin’ a baby bump there?

    • JackDeth 72

      So, Javier, Alpha and Beta are going to have a baby brother or sister?

      Or both?

  • Oh dear, what now?

  • John T. Block

    Well, Jan’s bare-foot a lot… Why not preggers, too? ☺️

    What I’ve always been curious about… Who in Hell ever thought Franken-stein was funny? I mean, LOOK At him… He’s as humorless as Lie-awatha Warren….

    • MasterDiver

      Early SNL would sometimes feature a sketch of “The Franken and Davis Show”. It was the most unfunny thing since the Bangladesh famine. It always ended up with them yelling how much they hated each other and storming off the set.

      Zar Belk!

      • JTC

        Oh I dunno…local sports bar had a letter board out front that was always topical and usually pretty funny. One of them was:

        “Sign up now. Shark fishing trip to Bangladesh. Free chum!”

        That’s funny right there, I don’t care who…well, on second thought it does depend on who you are. 🙂

  • Bill G

    I wonder how sales of Al’s books are doing.

  • eon

    “…obey me if they know what’s good for them.”

    Ultimately, there is nothing funny about the left. Not even their court jesters.

    clear ether


  • JTC

    “Al Franken? That you?”

    “No, it’s me, Matt!”

    Eating their own. Love it.

      • JTC

        Reflecting a bit on what I wrote above about the Lauer/Clinton “gotcha” and after reading this:

        “More recently, Lauer came in for justified criticism after a presidential forum he hosted in 2016 saw him repeatedly interrupt candidate Hillary Clinton and pointedly question her judgment and fitness and lob softballs to candidate Donald Trump…“Lauer had turned what should have been a serious discussion into a pointless ambush. What a waste of time,” Clinton wrote in her recent memoir What Happened.”

        I have to wonder…did NBC throw their “franchise” under the bus willingly or to appease someone/something else…could it be that Arkancide has just claimed another “victim”?


        • NotYetInACamp

          And back to a previous days comment.

          … “Anyone who claims your life, your body, your mind, your work, or your property without your consent is a predator. The predators among us must be brought to justice. “Because we can” must become an inviolate: “No, you cannot.” No one is a “less than.” Only when that becomes the consistent reality will humanity staunch the evil from which all others flow.”

          There are very many human predators.
          Our wotrld society has been fashioned on it.
          Our laws have cemented it in stone and steel using laws and regulations and personal power.
          The nation has passed laws that has concentrated the vast majority of wealth in the top 20% of people, and stripped all others of wealth
          The ‘nobles” of old often used raw power to abuse those people / serfs / slaves under their control. So do so many today with power also consider themselves entitles to engage in all pursuits of pleasure that they come to desire. *
          Cross them and these power filled will engage in some form of “Arkanside.”

          • JTC

            Brother NotYet, complete agreement with what you wrote under the quote. But.

            The quote itself and the entire premise of that piece are pure BS, a transparent ruse to paint America, as the evil muzzie forces of the world always do, as the Great Satan.

            We are responsible and to blame for all the wars, the suffering, the avarice, and the greed in the world? Bull fucking shit. What a stupid, disconnected, agenda-driven pile of steaming excrement, so sick of it.

          • NotYetInACamp

            Not America. Evil people only concerned for themselves. K-Street writes so many laws and regulations and control for their masters.
            In individual interactions we are becoming as the world has been for most of human history.
            That we have been returning to the old ways is evident, I believe.
            The potential to pass by the economic destruction that has been planned for us is growing as time passes. the stregnth of the American Way is growing again. There are always bad actors, but they must be controlled.
            i have seen much of my life as staying out of the way of evil behemoths that would have destroyed me. the ones closer at hand destroyed much that I had. Why? Because they could. Traps are laid everywhere. Most people are so not self aware that they do not see them. Many were set by my own family, who could not see the big picture and were afraid that what little had been accumulated would be lost, and because they could do what they did. The individual examples given are not just American power used. The USA power had been totally in globalist control. The plan of junkers and Soros (his minion in many ways) and the globalists controlling NATO, Saudi Arabia, and the EU and other powers have done incredible evil. The mass invasion of Europe by Muslims after the north Africa and Middle East planned and staged fiascos is an example deserving of the Soviet Communists, the Nazis, and mao and his Communists. Tghe old Great game updated cares not for the individual and their interests. The Golden Horde and others actually slaughtered millions of Muslims and others throughout Europe and Asia before they burned out. The Muslims bursting out of Arabia and conquering the third (?) largest empire within 80 years, causing Europe’s Dark Ages to begin by cutting off and destroying its food supply in Egypt and its intellectual and spiritual centers is an example of reasonable people having no chance. Europe almost fell then. that scourge continues to this day, even using tactics it has used successfully since the 600’s.
            Anecdotal instances reflect on a larger reality. That Hillary, Junkers, Soros, European Socialism, and Obama/Sortero and many more fill the ranks of the most evil result producing people in the world is the subject that many books will be written about in the future if evil does not win.

            America is not evil. Our soldiers, NGO’s, government workers, and more were all given good orders to do good things in the individual instances that in a larger view deserve public trials about Crimes Against Humanity.
            The difference in the top of the government is so drastic now that we do have hope of regaining the good direction and of saving our nation and Western Civilization. There is much work and blood ahead. The desire of many is to minimize the blood.
            I will grant your premise that America is not evil. America did have evil people with a facade of good that enough believe, for a while, in control for decades.

          • NotYetInACamp

            We are not responsible for the devil.
            We are responsible for removing the devil. As we have done for the first part. We have the evil on the run. the war continues.

      • Delilah T.

        Yeah, Lauer’s done quite a number on himself, from what I’ve read. Seems that a lot of similar stuff is hitting the fan, shredding things, etc.

        I said a while ago that timing is everything. This seems to be visibly true. Cascades start slowly, gather volume and speed, then overwhelm things in front of them. I’m sincerely hoping that this cascade will go from being a trickle to a long-term bout of clearing out the trash*.

        *No offense meant to trash collectors.

  • Pamela

    Damon if you weren’t good enough, you would not have the two kids and possibly a third on the way.

  • Alex J

    With all the attention upon who did what to whom, I’m a little surprised that there is not more acknowledgement of the cost savings to be gained from terminating high cost contracts of “personalities”.

    NBC/Univision has been suffering along with most legacy media with dropping revenues and rising payrolls and other costs. It is to the clear advantage of NBC and NPR to clear payroll.