Day By Day


  • Epador

    Oh, Jan…

  • Henry

    Woops. It’s: “You can fool ALL of the people some of the time…”

  • But all you need to do is foll 51% of the people on the first Tuesday of November and ignore them the rest of the time.

    • But all you need to do is fool 51% of the people on the first Tuesday of November and ignore them the rest of the time.

      • Alex J

        Actually only 50% + 1 lonely vote, but who’s counting (please excuse the poor joke).

        • gruundehn

          But you have to do it 51 times – 50 States and D.C.

    • And that is precisely how it works.

  • markm

    It’s only necessary to fool 26% of the people. 50% are either too lazy to vote, are aren’t fooled by either side…

    • Kafiroon

      And at least 50%of that 26% owe their livelihood and/or handouts to the give away government.

      • JackDeth 72

        Or those “Who demand the Eastern portion of that Western Sandwich!”

        *Apologies to Vaughn Meader and his ‘The First Family’ comedy album*

        • S'aaruuk

          *Snerk* Yep, Kruschev’s response to Konrad Adenauer’s order of a ‘western sandwich’. LOVE that album. Glad to see another “Olde Farte” here. 😀

  • JackDeth 72

    I’ll opt for a quote from Mark Twain. Which political insider thriller novelist, Ross Thomas hijacked for one of his first tomes:

    “Hain’t All The Fools In Town On Our Side. And Ain’t That All We Need?”

  • Pamela

    A Fool and his money is soon parted. Hmm. Though the Fools were garbed in
    full Motley, the observer in the shadows knew which were truly foolish and which were truly wise by the throw of the dice.

  • I tend to think that with The Donald we’ve reached that point where enough of those not fools finally stood up. And, as hard as the left cheated, they were overwhelmed by those who had had their bellies full.

    • JackDeth 72

      Or in the immortal words of Popeye The Sailor:

      “I’ve had all I can stand. Because I can’t stands no more!”

      Eight Years of Obama screwing White Middle Class, Family Values America has a nasty way of doing just that.

  • Old Codger

    Lincoln got it wrong. You never have to fool all of the people any of the time. Neither do you ever have to fool any of the people all of the time. You really only have to fool enough of the people enough of the time.

    Of course there are some (Skye, Jigglypuff?) that you can pretty much fool all of the time. But in cases such as that I suspect that the ones being fooled are willing participants. They will swallow pretty much anything so long as it comes from the right sources.

    • John

      “You really only have to fool enough of the people enough of the time.”
      As a professional politician Lincoln knew this to be true and was just blowing smoke for the rubes with his witticism.

  • PaulS

    I think MaoBama finally made it clear that “We want all your money and will vote ourselves endless raises at your expense, so shut up and take it! YES, you pay all the freight, and we want more, more, more.”
    Just wait until the freight payers, who probably do believe in “fairness “ , realize they are being fleeced quite unfairly in more significant numbers.
    It could get really ugly when the makers tell the takers to get off their lazy butts and earn their own way! Most of the makers do exactly that, so I’m at a loss as to how it’s taken anywhere near this long.

    • JTC

      First Rino Lincoln’s last part, left off here, that you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time, is in fact an admission, a lesson he learned by virtue of those he couldn’t fool waging war for their freedom. Some would say in a lost cause as the assets at his disposal meant he could commit mass genocide against people he insisted remain united under his reign. But in fact they kept their honor and righteousness as they gave their blood and possessions. And they were still not fooled; Lincoln’s admission came soon after.

      Abe’s RINO heirs seem determined to re-learn that lesson all over again. I daresay the outcome will be different.

  • Adlai Stevenson responded to someone who told him “All the intelligent people are on your side” with “Yes, but we need a majority of voters to win”.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Speaking of deep state Swamp people trying to keep the Democrats personal slush fund for radicals, the Swamp people just got shut down. Sometimes you can’t fool all of the people.
    They took fines levied and distributed them to radical groups (Those opposite the ones the IRS refused status to). This scam delivered fines to all of the leftist organization you would never support.

    “he CFPB was essentially created to work as a legal money laundering operation for progressive causes by fining financial institutions for conduct the CFPB finds in violation of their unilateral and arbitrary rules and regulations. The CFPB then use the proceeds from the fines to fund progressive organizations and causes. That’s the underlying reason why the Democrats are fraught with anxiety right now.”
    It was placed under the spending authority of the Federal Reserve, not Congress.

    Trump and the citizens win again. Another swamp about to be drained.

    This CFPB Swamp Creature delivered the cash to the followers of the Swamp.

    • Doggo

      The press has been looking for a reason that President Trump called out “Fauxcahontas” at the Code Talkers recognition. Here it is. She’s back in the public eye and about to be exposed.

  • NotYetInACamp
    … “Anyone who claims your life, your body, your mind, your work, or your property without your consent is a predator. The predators among us must be brought to justice. “Because we can” must become an inviolate: “No, you cannot.” No one is a “less than.” Only when that becomes the consistent reality will humanity staunch the evil from which all others flow.”