Day By Day


  • JTC

    I think she means “project into more”.

    He’s into it alright, but she wants more, the sweet slut.

    • JTC

      BTW that is some great sexy art CM, love the hint of red.

    • Mister Fixit

      She meant: “Injection of projection into the midsection with affection to increase the population of the younger generation.”

  • One must admit, this is an excellent opportunity for deep conversation.

  • epilitimus

    They keep that up and they’re gonna have more kids to homeschool.

    • Doggo

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  • Pete231

    Put the saddle on the stove , Ma, I’m ridin’ the range tonight !

    • WayneM

      Home, home on the range, On the Double D ranch in the night
      Where the illegals skulk and the liberals sulk
      As the robot dogs give them a fright…

      Home, home on the range, as Zed and Red play in the loft
      They have things to discuss as they sweat and they muss
      The DBD readers like the clothes off!

      • MasterDiver

        1000 upclicks, Wayne!
        GREAT art, Chris!

        Zar Belk!

  • Browncoat

    Something looks a tad too much… askew… in the middle panel. But who am I to judge?

    • They’re just out of sync, Brownie, bouncing asymetrically, as it were. (Or would that be “ass-ymetrically,” as it were, so to speak….)

  • Ryk E Lee

    Tantric Sex? I thought Sting finally admitted that was BS. Well at least in his case it was.

  • Every story, and every scene in every story, has a climax. I hope it takes a while to reach this one’s.


    Seriously? Who pulls out their iPhone after sex and has a conversation about kids and illegals?

    Especially hay loft sex with Sam…after bouncing that gorgeous red-head around I’m not sure any of my brain cells would be working due to blood transfer…you know….from the big head to the little head.

    • JTC

      I dunno GG, her concern for privacy might make her hold back.

      Hah! Yeah right. Still, Zed’s proof of it might make her (more) wild!

      Hope the old boy can handle it.

  • idahobob

    That there is the best project!


  • bill3542

    as a young fellow in the late 70s growing up on a farm i remember visiting the hay loft with different young ladies… damn, to be young again.

  • Pamela

    While I love the position Sam is in, my knees can’t handle it. Dayum

    Zed, put the frickin’ phone away and pay close attention to what is way more important. Being with your wife and lover.

  • Old Codger

    I can think of a whole lot of worse things to get into than Sam. Any wonder that Willy Jeff goes for nubiles?

    Never been up in a hayloft. Wouldn’t the hay be scratchy on one’s back? Or knees? I heard stories about dancing the horizontal mambo on the “greens” (astroturfed) of the golf course @ at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS. By all accounts, astroturf is hell on knees. 😉 Supposedly, the rule in the women’s dorm was “Lights out by 10:00; candles out by 11:00.”

  • Delilah T.

    Speakin’ off topic, Mr. Scumbagger’s clever plot to shut off money was foiled by other politicians on both sides of the fence.
    And that ‘secret society’ in the FBI?
    Someone is an informant who snitched, so I guess it’s real. But what was its purpose? Do the rats seem to be getting the ‘hunted down’ treatment…? The Feebies aren’t exactly the Praetorian Guard.

    • JTC

      Yeah I think it’s real but the dirty FIBers are just cogs in it…as to its purpose and who/what it actually is? That is the multi-trillion dollar question. Finding the answer probably determines whether the Republic continues as a going concern…and DT is on it.

  • Interventor

    Sometimes, the Praetorians were sturdy, reliable warriors and sometimes fat, lazy and corrupt.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Heck! If they got ’em all tracked, they will increase their opportunities of that steadily decreasing opportunity. Be thankful for that which you can and do get, especially appreciating good projects that one has the opportunity to enjoy.

  • Halley

    When it hits the fan, it may all boil down to the quality of PDT’s bodyguards and the steely determination of his Deplorable support base. Once the Deep State’s “media” realizes its cover is being blown, they will not go softly into that good night and some serious violence could be unleashed..