Day By Day


  • Epador

    Time for an omelette

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      With scrambles brains.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Wait………didn’t we go through this several years ago, with an FBI / SWAT/ whatever sniper peeper team?
    This time, instead of just taking the equipment and denuding/embarassing the Stroke, this time just make him and everything disappear. Poof! Magic smoke! In 40+ acres, lots of territory to dig deep holes and hide stuff. And feral hogs, vultures, coyotes, and other vermin got to eat, too.
    “No officer, we didn’t see anyone out here.”

    • NotYetInACamp

      You can’t keep their equipment that way. Some of it may be almost state of the art and maybe a bit cool. Ah for the past days of consulate status.

    • MasterDiver

      Tragic, truly tragic. He should have known better than to enter unfamiliar desert after dark. Especially in feral hog country…

      Zar Belk!

      …And be sure it looks like an accident…–Al Capone

    • tom ploszaj

      Depending on level of ops not only equipment, with RFDI and micro GPS a Good Friend may be needed for a convoluted road trip BBQ. Ah, the old timers must miss the good ol’ days of SSS

    • Precisely. Caring for nature and all its creatures.

  • NotYetInACamp

    It not nice to go outside your authority, or to exceed your authority. Especially to commit a crime or violate a person’s rights.

    I suppose that the monitoring system is not supplying information to that tablet they have handy, yet,or now. Or they have been pleasantly distracted. It is good that their private terminator type is conscientious and aware and doing the duty when normal people are not.

  • Calvin

    The FBI still up to their old tricks even with a new Sheriff in town?

    • JAK

      The new Sherf kept too many old deputies

  • Pete231

    The feral hogs, vultures, and other vermin won’t bother with Mr. Strzok due to professional courtesy. I’ll bet all those feds are making their mothers proud right now……………

    • MasterDiver

      You mean the ones who run the brothels, er, Gentlemen’s Clubs in SE DC?

      Zar Belk!

  • John T. Block

    You would have thought Badh would have learned the _
    LAST_ time the DD handed his head to him, but NOOOO, now the ‘bots gonna unscrew his head and crap data in his chest cavity…..

  • Delilah T.

    Now, THAT was funny!

    Does that terminator bot have an Austrian accent?

    • Pamela

      Be funnier with a Croc accent

  • Crotalus

    I told you Zed and Wade killed the wrong rattlers!

  • Bill G

    What could Strzok be doing there? Finding blackmail material to coerce an outside talent to do some shooting for him? Find out what he wants and who knows about his actions. Then snap his neck to avoid bloodstains and feed that pig to the hogs.
    (Sharks might give professional courtesy, but not hogs.)

    • Paladin

      What’s that line from the movie “Snatch”?
      “Never piss off a man who has a hog farm.”

  • Tagg


  • I do quite like this new bot. Dawgs on trickle charge?

  • Pamela

    That looks like it will leave a mark. Yeah, I think a clean pair of undergarments is in order. Maybe some recording equipment and Shiny there can do some downloads. Might find some, eh hem, romantic pictures.

  • KenH

    Dig Six Holes….

  • GruntGI

    So the question is…in the first panel is Zed outside inside, or inside outside?

    • JTC

      outside inside outside inside outside inside outside inside outside inside…it’s a process. Donchaknow those nails hurt so good?

      • GRUNT GI

        Heh, yea should seen that coming…

        Hmm did I spell that last word right?


    • Halley

      “Your inside is out when your outside is in. Your outside is in when your inside is out, so come on”
      – Beatles: “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Barack And Hillary”

  • WayneM

    The swamp was angry that day, my friends… like Killery after losing an election…

  • armedandsafe

    Keep in mind that hogs will not eat the skull. There is still some clean up required afterwards.

    • pyrodice

      they will if you crack it open for them

    • Merle

      Nor the pelvic bone….