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  • Too Tall

    This cartoon is really important, however, I am stuck on how fetching Sam looks.

    • WayneM

      Still, it’s fun when they’re fetching
      And agree to see an etching
      That you keep at your lily pad

      There is no solution, it’s part of evolution…

  • JTC

    Not that bad Skye, and good advice from Sis…your balance is more than all the other L’s except maybe Kokesh, and he’s been fundraising for six years.

  • Punta Gorda

    Libertarian or Libertine

    • eon

      Around here, the definition of a Libertarian candidate for any office is “Whoever came in second in the Democratic primary for that office”.

      Our last “Libertarian” candidates for Mayor, County Commissioner, and City Council were exactly that. And each one of them refused to state what they would do if elected.

      As with ObamaCare, we were supposed to “pass it to find out what’s in it”.

      They were very surprised that between themselves and the “official” Democratic candidate in each race, they lost to the Republican candidates by an average 5 to 1 margin. Meaning, even if the Libertarian wasn’t there to “steal” votes from the Democrat, the Democrat wouldn’t have had a hope in Hell of winning.

      (In a county not noted for liking Republicans very much for the last half-century.)

      With the influx of Millennial and retirement-age Dems from the state capital in recent years, I expect this to change, and not for the better.

      Like it or not, Libertarianism has pretty much had its run. Generally Libertarians today, at least here in Ohio, are willing to “trade” the Second Amendment for drug legalization, and they’re for “open borders” and abortion on demand, in the name of “individual choice”- as long as they like the choices being made. (Sound familiar?)

      Their one quibble? They don’t want taxpayers footing the bill for the abortions.

      In plain English, they agree with progressive Democrats, even when they are not in fact progressive Democrats sailing under a false flag.

      Libertarianism in the United States is pretty much dead, and as with the Know-Nothings, it wasn’t murder, it was suicide.

      clear ether


      • Greg D.

        Thank you, eon!!!!

        Years ago, I was finishing up my lunch @ a former Chinese buffet restaurant just outside of Harrisburg, PA (in Mechanicsburg I think it was), and was 1/2 listening to 3 or 4 guys sitting @ table next to me having a discussion about a political meeting they would be attending later in the afternoon. Wish my ancient brain could remember just what it was they were talking about, but something sounded off to me. I mean, @ 1st they sounded like Conservatives (I myself am a Constitutional Conservative, tho registered Rep to vote in the Primaries here), but something 1 said and the others agreed with, sounded odd to me. Perhaps it was something about freedom to be a drug user if they wanted to be? Who knows!? Anyway, I said to them, pardon me, but what are you guys talking about?

        Whoa, I opened a can of worms with that!! They stated that they were Libertarians, and then they started all @ once yapping about 9-11 conspiracy theories, etc etc etc. That was enough for me, I tellya!!! I didn’t care if the fella they were going to here speak later on was a Rep candidate or not, I wanted to put miles of space between these nut jobs and myself. And proceeded to do just that, excusing myself and zipping out the door.

        • eon

          Sometimes your most useful debating tool is the nearest exit. As Ben Franklin said, never try to debate with an idiot; onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.



  • War Pig

    A man’s shirt on an otherwise naked woman, is like planting a flag on a conquered castle.

  • Halley

    Most young Libertarians I’ve argued with have had an odd tendency to quickly distance themselves from what they call the “totalitarian” Right, while purposefully ignoring the actual totalitarianism of the Left. Surely, this is not what Bernardo de la Paz, Manny, Wyoming and Simon Jester had in mind…

    • Halley

      … yet by the time Richard and Gwen made their escape much had already devolved, in typical human fashion, into chaos, hucksterism, and illegitimate control. Perhaps Skye can do better. The Constitution is libertarian, after all.

      • MasterDiver

        We need to bring in Ed, Lucy, Win, Oolongo, and Capt Greenblum to keep them straight.

        Zar Belk!

      • eon

        No, it’s federalist. And no, the Founders didn’t mean the same thing by that that The One did- or even Lincoln did.

        clear ether


  • WayneM

    For the most part, when someone here in Canada says they’re libertarian, they get looked at funny… with good reason… The official party can’t seem to present libertarian policies in a positive light and they focus on meaningless examples.

    For example, the head of the Libertarian Party refused to wear a seatbelt in his car because it was legislated that he must do so. As someone who dug into libertarianism a bit due to dissatisfaction with all three major parties, I recognize his point but can you think of a less poignant example, more petty example? Me neither.

    Certainly I wasn’t taught libertarian concepts in my school career. Socialist indoctrination was well engaged back in the 60s and 70s here in Canada. The solution to all problems are more government, right?

  • GWB

    Go with “USAian”.
    In love with the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the ideals of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of naked women at the swimming hole. Errr, happiness.

    Thank you, Sarah Hoyt, for that neologism.

  • GWB

    Oh, and Chris? Hate where that last white conversation bubble is. :p

    • PaulS

      Yeah! We want the half-top, not a 1/4-top, oh wait, what? 😉

      Here kitty kitty….. [8oD

  • JTC

    So the leading L fundraiser I mentioned up there has in platform just one plank…”orderly dissolution of government”. Talk about oxymoronic.

    • kadaka

      Too bad ”orderly dissolution of government” sounds like peaceful anarchism. Who all in Canada will be volunteering the use of their privately-owned tanks when the militant Greenlanders attack?

  • Yeah it’s hard to raise campaign funds when your ideology prevents you from offering any graft.

    • JTC

      Or when you don’t actually, you know, have an ideology. Or at least one that like eon says you (probably wisely) don’t want to talk about.

      Worth mentioning again as I have here several times before, that the wackjobs attracted to and populating (barely) the Libertarian Party bear virtually no likeness to the libertarian principles that the Constitution embraces and enumerates.

      • John

        I think the Libertarian Party’s Rasion D’etre has been hijacked by the Republican Party, leaving the more loony Libertarians holding the Crazy Bag.
        This is actually a return to the Republican’s roots after a detour through Corporatism Land.
        Now that the Democrats have embraced Corporatism with open arms while abandoning their worker base, Republicans can reassert themselves as the party of the Constitution without the compromise position of needing to corrupt their principles to defend their property no matter the thickness of their wallets.
        Things may look bleak for the time being, but I think the insanity of the Left is just what was needed to jack the Republic back onto the tracks.

        • MAJ Arkay

          There’s very little left in that Crazy Bag that the Democrats haven’t already appropriated.

  • kadaka

    Stunning admissions that the world’s poor getting healthier is bad for the planet, and living meatless is less healthy. The tweet from The Economist:
    More poor people are eating meat around the world. That means they will live longer, healthier lives, but it is bad news for the environment

    And from the article, musings that women with jobs could be less knowledgeable.
    Between 1982 and 2007 a 1% increase in the female employment rate was associated with a 0.6% drop in demand for beef and a similar rise in demand for chicken. Perhaps working women think beef is more trouble to cook.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I remember an old comment:

      “DROP THAT MEAT! You’re not working.”

      In the household where only those contributing by hard work obtained the strength provided by meat.

      And chicken is easier to not screw up in most cooking methods likely common in 1982, so I postulate. Time and effort factors also.

      • kadaka

        As a pragmatic person who appreciates modern luxuries like central heating and car insurance, I was thinking earning their own money made them aware of how much more beef costs than chicken. And these days when sometimes I can get chicken for under a buck a pound while “cheap” cuts of beef are $5/lb and up, I notice it a lot!

  • Try to imagine Chris keeping his mind wrapped around campaign stuff for Skye. Yeah.

  • Punta Gorda

    Skyler’s got legs!

    (BC comics reference)

    • JTC

      Lost me PG, can you flesh out that reference for an ignernt old guy?

      I love me some Johnny Hart (BC), for obvious reasons Caveman Pawnbroker may be my all-time fave…but I thought Skyler was on MacNelly’s Shoe? What am I missing?

      (Many greats are gone, RIP Hart and MacNelly…don’t ever die CM!)

  • Pete231

    Skye could always go “Roxanne” and sell her body to the night. With her assets, that should swell her funding in no time. Put that red dress on !

  • Drew458

    Punta Gorda – Clam’s got legs!!!

    See, you are not alone. Just old.

    GRONK !!!

  • LowKey

    I think the Libertarian Party was long ago infiltrated and taken over by Dems in sheep’s clothing, those that I suspect were the more “hippy” element and who refused to transform into corporate Dems. That and left leaning anarchists…or as Lenin called them, “useful idiots”.
    “Libertarianism” as a philosophy is alive and well.
    The Libertarian Party today is the corpse of an honorable man possessed after death by the most evil of spirits.
    Seriously, they can’t even wrap their heads around strategy. If they were playing chess they’d resign rather than loose a single piece in pursuit of a win, and yet claim it a victory.

    • Halley

      Their strategy seems mostly to siphon votes away from the GOP, much like NeverTrump.

  • Pamela

    I remember reading about a candidate years ago, not sure the party or location, who promised to clean up the town if elected. He won and cleaned up the town.
    Every surface was scrubbed, fixed and polished inside and out.


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