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  • JTC

    It’s the etc. we need to deal with.

  • Too Tall

    Nice dress Skye almost isn’t wearing, but not as nice as the dress where Sam had literally nothing to wear to the opera with Zed. Although Sam’s burgundy frock is quite fetching.

    Still, Zed has the finest in accessories. To quote Frank Sinatra: “Nice Cufflinks.”

    • Fox2!

      Skye’s dress only has to contain/control certain natural … assets. Sam’s dress also has to conceal her other assets,

      • Too Tall


        Your observation on the requirements for Sam’s dress (vis a vis what she wore to the opera a few short years ago) says so much regarding the precipitous decline in civilization due to the Progtard thugs.

  • Crotalus

    Lookin’ forward to Zed using those “cuff links”.

  • Kafiroon

    “Sound and fury, etc.”
    “You know, the thing.”

    • caved1ver01

      All Biden voters.

    • Punta Gorda


  • JTC

    They demanded that Trump root out and destroy Institutional Racism.
    So he did.

    And he is shutting down federal dollars for cities who are allowing and encouraging the destruction of the property and personal safety of their citizens like our heroes at the opera…they want to defund the police but got their own asses defunded.

    POTUS dude is a machine.

    Next up: into the pit of the major source of Systemic Prejudice and Institutional Racism…the openly anti-American indoctrination centers of “academia”. Some major defunding will hit them where it hurts…always follow the money.

        • John

          “It’s also the latest extraordinary example of Trump seeking to use the power of the federal government to punish citizens who reside in areas that oppose him politically.”
          I find this a textbook example of disingenuously framing an argument to flip the narrative. Trump is simply withdrawing federal support from wrongdoers who use federal funds to do wrong. He didn’t start the riots and is forbidden to interfere with State and Local affairs without their permission as per our federal constitution.
          The fact that the riots continue with their _support_ is the real problem here. Had they had the welfare of their citizenry as their priority rather than “the revolution” the blood and treasure of those citizens would have been spared.

        • WayneM

          My inner libertarian is curious why the federal government is providing funding to cities outside of what is necessary to fulfill the legitimate constitutional role of a federal government?

  • Tom Paul

    It is difficult to fear an enemy if you don’t respect him.

  • Calvin

    It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    • tom ploszaj

      Thank you Calvin, I was awaiting someone to connect Chris’ Shakespeare…

  • cz93x62

    Ah, The Bard himself. Macbeth–Act 5, Scene 5. Perhaps his best play. Shakespeare’s works are timeless and universal.

    • MasterDiver

      Ah, yes. The Scottish Play.

      Zar Belk!

  • DogByteRER

    The Sound and the Fury … Skye definitely ranks up there with the intellect of Benjy Compson.

    Unlike the Compson family men, Zed is an alpha male about to unleash his own sound and fury from the business end of his concealed weapon, not to mention with Sam along with her hidden assets.

    This opera will end in a fitting tragedy … for the Blantifa pukes …

  • Punta Gorda

    I think they screwed their name up pretty badly. It should be “BLAM….BLAM, BLAM!”

  • eon

    Am I the only one thinking of the Central Park concert in Under A Graveyard Sky by John Ringo?

    clear ether


    • John

      Anyone who bothers to examine the actual history of Marxism would be insane to advocate it now with all the human bodies stacked up as evidence, and I believe that’s just the problem.
      We are cursed with a cadre of avowed Marxists who fit in one of two categories; Those who are so ill educated they simply don’t know what it is they are working for, and their nihilist leaders who _do_ and just want to see the world burn.
      One could forgive the first for just being led down the primrose path by those they trust, but the second are evil incarnate.

      • Pamela

        Every single member of my Mom-in-Laws Dad’s Family was murdered when Russia stole all the harvests and sent them to the camps.

        • interventor

          Planned famine, used by Stalin, Mao and the North Vietnamese, as least.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    If they’re at the gates, you have to work harder to “repel boarders!”
    The barbarians need to be stopped at least 500 yards out.

    • Too Tall

      It is, uh, more “dignified” to stop them at 500 yards out, but can be more “entertaining” to use claymores and direct-fire weapons at zero range.

      Especially if the Barbarians are storming the gates of an L-shaped ambush.

  • Bob in Houston

    Heh, looks like Chris borrowed the AOS-HQ time machine for this toon.

    • Chris Muir


    • Tunadavis

      Bob in Houston- Time machine? I noticed the 9/10/20 date as well.

    • Steveb919

      Enjoyed that video.

    • JTC

      Due to the incredible naivete/stupidity of the electorate, it took another four years but Trump and we did fire his smarmy, effete, evil ass by slamming the door on his heir apparent in furthering his assigned agenda…whatever that was -and is-.

      But make no mistake, that agenda not only is actively pursued but they are furiously tripling down with the weaponization of the ChiCom virus, the loosing, encouraging, and funding of the street people and their riots, the no holds barred constant attempts to destroy Trump, and most ominously the prospect that the “electorate” is still at least as naive/stupid as they were in 2012. If they are that stupid, this time they are not likely to get another chance. And in that scenario we have absolutely not seen the last of Obama, him, her, or most probably both. Yes, they could effectively re-hire him. And they will proceed to secure and complete their victory.

      And in THAT scenario I see no alternative to armed conflict and/or secession of at least half of the states. War.

  • kadaka

    Didn’t know Chris was going on vacation and got the one for the 10th up early. See you Friday!

    • JTC

      And setting up an ominous day after 9/10?

      It would be appropriate. Those thugs at the gate are no different than the muzbro scum, and their goals are the same, maybe even aligned.

      But Zed’s response to his personal terrorist attack won’t take 20 years.

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Yea, though I walk
    Yea, though I walk,
    Through the valley
    Of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil:
    For I am the baddest
    MoFo in the valley;
    My rod and my staff
    They comfort me.
    Boogalooians 223:4

  • My Way Or --->

    If anyone has followed The Atlantic’s claim that Trump didn’t want to go the Aisne-Marn cemetery in 2018 because it would mess up his hair (snorrttt!) and also called WWI vets (and all military) losers, it is pure fiction. Period. Goldberg was not there, Bolton was. Goldberg is an LSoS. Needs a new hobby: maybe something in fixing sidewalk cracks.

    No idea that The Atlantic had turned into a worthless rag. It used to have some substance.

    • interventor

      The next day, President Trump visited Suresnes Cemetery. It was raining there,


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