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  • Too Tall

    Every parent deserves at least one child just like them.

    • Wood

      You shut your mouth! Too late, my comeuppance is already at hand. My little boy is one hardheaded little hammerhead, and I’ve got 3 daughters, one of whom really butts heads with her mother.

      • Too Tall

        The days can be long, but the years are way too short. My wife and I are blessed with a son and two daughters, now successful adults.

        They learned more from what we did than what we said. Someday, you will experience the joy of one of them saying or doing something, then turning and looking at you and saying (with a mixture of pride and horror): “I’ve become just like my Dad (or Mom)!”

  • Merle

    young girls spreading their wings is not the problem.
    spreading their legs is…….

    • JTC

      Haven’t you ever listened to that old Rod Stewart song?

      Let’s hope young Javier hasn’t, or “tonight’s the night” will have a whole ‘nother meaning for him at the hands of Zed and/or Damon.

    • Blasternaz

      RAH, in I believe, Time Enough for Love, “daughters, in such a hurry to grow tall, so they can lie down and be short” …

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Because I’m older, and you’re younger”, might work.

    Somehow I don’t think, “Because I said so” would work well with strong willed children like Kiko and Mari.

  • JTC

    Yeah those other “things” do present their own complications. But Javie best not try playing chicken with Zed, if he wants to keep his “chicken”…

  • Punta Gorda

    Chicken run blast-o rama.

    (It’s a White Zombie song title)

  • Kafiroon

    Around here, especially at the beaches, but even in town, the young female types wear cut-off shorts… Umm Very short.
    I’m waiting for them just to wear the belt band on them with the rest cut off.
    Any law against ‘just looking’ while in public? If they do not want you to look, why
    Never Mind.

    • JTC

      Can’t necessarily say they want you -or me- to look although maybe some with twisted daddy issues might.

      But they sure as hell put it all out there in the public domain…you would think those buttless bikinis would be illegal for tweens.

    • JimV

      Long ago in a mall far away, I encountered a girl of perhaps 16 with perhaps 3 friends. She was wearing Daisy Dukes with the top button open, and a white, cotton, loose top that was transparent anywhere near a light. In short she was amazing. Without thinking about it I stopped and stared. The young lady walked over, bobbies bobbling as she walked, and said in an accusing tone…

      “You are staring”

      Taken aback, I responded

      “And you, my dear, are advertising…and thank you!”

      Her friends broke up followed by the very well designed teen.

  • interventor

    Best answer from Mom is, I choose a stable, responsible man. Not, a drooling teenager.

  • Pamela

    Time for Auntie Naomi to give lessons on protecting themselves up close and personal. And maybe a trip down to the local crisis center.

    • GWB

      I assume you mean Crisis Pregnancy Center. Get them to volunteer down there a couple of weekends. Anyone else remember the old “Scared Straight” programs?

      • Pamela

        Also include the Sexual Assault Center. Never become prey.

        • Punta Gorda

          Which is why tools such as firearms were invented. To level the playing field.

          It’s much easier for a 115 lb female to convince a 190 lb male that “no” means NO.

          • Pamela

            A well placed kick to the groin and nose works too.
            Been there done that.

    • Punta Gorda

      “Sweet Lucy was a dancer,
      But none of us would chance her,
      Because she was a samurai…”

      Deep Purple “Knocking at your door”

      A valid observation then, just as valid as it is now. A girl has to have self defense skills.

  • Too Tall

    Perhaps the most important talk a father can have with his daughter.

  • Pete231

    I understand that that good ol’ aspirin is handy form of feminine birth control. Just hand them a Bayer and tell them to place it between their knees. Then, while grasping said med with the knees, then tell them not to drop it. Problem solved…

    • Merle

      that is BS, my oldest son is proof of that!!!~

  • Mike-SMO

    I agreed with my late wife. Glad we had boys.

    It wasn’t easy, but easier…..

    • Larry J

      My daughter-in-law is the oldest of three girls. Both times she was pregnant, she said she wanted a boy. “Girls are too much drama!” She has two sons. Not easy, but easier.

  • epador

    Two pouting females. They say these things come in threes…

  • Halley

    Her generation must not let #MeToo and feminazis ruin their sex lives.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    One would THINK Mari and Kiko are more than smart enough to handle the boys.

    But then …the mind of a Teenage Girl is unpredictable as nitroglycerin

    • Tango

      Yes… but of course, that’s assuming they don’t want boys to notice them. And Javier is a handsome boy.

  • Dread

    I’m still not sure what particular game of chicken mom and dad are talking about. The Hooters talk? Maybe the “doing it” isn’t doing “IT”.

    • It’s about dressing!

      • Too Tall

        Nailed it!|

      • Halley

        Green Goddesss, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Creamy Balsamic, French?

        • Chris Muir


          • Pamela

            She’s wearing Dior? At her age. Must have gone outlet shopping.

  • When Kiko and Mari turn 18 this strip might get really wild.

    • John

      Maybe even sooner.
      The age of consent in Texas is 17.

      • GWB

        More important what the age of consent is in Zed’s house….

        • Too Tall


        • Punta Gorda


      • JIMV

        16 in Europe…The USA is the only place in the developed world that treats adults as kiddies

    • JTC

      Bearing in mind the time warp at the DD, that could be a lot sooner than we think…I mean look at what has already happened to those sweet innocent babies in the last year alone!

  • jeff talbut

    Girls don’t do that to “get the boys”, they do it be “prettier/more popular” than the other girls. It’s always a competition for attention with other women from that point on, “Am I prettier than her? Who do you like better…me or her?”…even if there are no men around they do it with clothes, shoes, nails, hair….makeup….surgery. Constantly comparing themselves to other women and every “perfect purchase” is a Trophy, every compliment and/or envious/jealous glance a battle ribbon. A couple of years ago Skye cut and dyed her hair red and tried to pass her self off as Sam for Zeds attentions…but it was never about Zed.

    • JTC

      @jeff, do you have teen girls or just analyze them?

      Thinking it’s the latter as you could not be more wrong in completely misunderstanding and misinterpreting their behavior, as the voo-doo science of psychology almost always does.

      Unless and until the “education” and “social” systems in this country wreak the “changes” they seek and their media claims, girls absolutely do everything they do in pursuit of the attention of the opposite sex, and while all the preening you mention may be aimed at other girls it is only as it pertains to competition for the boys. Just like God intended.

  • Halley

    Speaking of chicken – (“The sun isn’t yellow, it’s chicken!” – Bob Dylan) we could very well be witnessing the death of the GOP in these dark weeks, as almost to a man they morph from elephants to cowardly, feckless mice, bending over in submission to the utterly corrupt MSM, content to hand The Very Republic over to The Mob (sponsored by the CCP), with nary a whimper in protest. They are toast, and the MAGA majority will never forget this.

    • WayneM

      In a way, it’s surprising they’ve lasted as long as they did but the swamp was deep & wide… many repulsive critters… their labels are irrelevant.

    • Good riddance to them they were designed to bleed off our votes so the uniparty could do whatever it wanted, for 121 years now. Think if there was a party that represented America!

    • Pamela

      So who and where are their balls being used to play billiards …

  • Halley

    … or lacrosse (assuming there were any of the little critters left after the DC Dim Sum brunch…)

    • Roland Deshain

      Only 16,000 views. That number needs to be in the millions. Let’s spread it far and wide.

      • CDR 215

        As of 1625 today, it is 625,000+ views.

  • Coeurmaeghan

    In all previous ‘terror’ attacks using explosives, the type used has almost immediately been stated by the ‘authorities’. No such word has been issued as far as I am aware. Sorry to bring Nashville into this discussion of chickens and wings, but I also wonder how this person of interest who was coincidentally killed in the explosion, could amass such an amount of explosives causing such devastation. No word on that either but I’m sure that the fibbies are working on it, right? Right? RIGHT?

    • Kafiroon

      You said it: “the fibbies are working on it”.
      They are busy using marketing polls right now to see how well their lies will fly.

      • Pamela

        Poker, Cribbage or Bridge….

    • epador

      His “girlfriend” reported him building bombs in his RV in 2019.

  • Steve

    All part of the ongoing effort to legalize and normalize pedophilia, and every other form of perversion the Left has resorted to in search of that next thrill. About the only good thing about it is that some of them are smart enough to realize what a trap they’ve built and strolled into …

    • Steve

      Dang it, that was supposed to be in reply to JTC @ 11:02 am 12/29.


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