Day By Day


    • Unca Walt

      I’ve been married 62 years to a hot, crazy redhead. What a helluva ride! 🙂

      • Pamela

        You both must have been married in the cradle…

    • PCChaos


    • WayneM

      Eventually I found the unicorn and she is wonderful…

  • Too Tall

    At this point in his life, Zed fears nothing and no one. After all, his call sign is “Cockroach.”

    Pinning Sam down on the Crazy Hot Scale is like trying to locate an electron in an atom. It’s all probabilities. Sam is consistently a 10 on the Hot axis, but can be anywhere from a 4 to a 10 on on the Crazy axis.

    There is no known cure for a high Crazy number, but symptomatic relief can be provided by chocolate, flowers, jewelry, etc, depending upon the severity of the symptoms.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Offerings of gunz and ammo also provide relief. But again, depending on the severity of the symptoms…..toward you.

    • Pamela

      Oral ministrations help

    • Browncoat57

      Or a pink… Sig? For which I HOPE she wasn’t shopping for .22LRs.

  • JTC

    So, is it heat distortion, eyeball distortion, artiste distortion or is that Caddy beat to shit by these cross-country desert jaunts?

    And is it broke down or is Zed trying to save hisself from that crazy by virtue of a little roadside backseat performance, cause ain’t nobody up front?

  • Buck

    Zed’s alright for now – she took it as a compliment.

  • Ensitue

    They stocked-up on rim fire just in time, the Global Reset began yesterday and by Friday the two way rifle range will be ‘open’ for all who care to partake. DC will be emptied as the rats fly to NZ, Maui and other places with no road access. The alphabet agencies will ‘stand fast’ for perhaps 24 hours at the most (why die for a non-existent pay-check?)

  • Bren

    On the crazy/hot scale, Sam is solidly a unicorn.

  • Chris needs to weigh in, on Sam’s matrix position…

  • Mike-SMO

    “Crazy Hot Scale”. Never show fear. She got the glory.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Crazy/Hot Matrix… Zed LIVES in the “Danger Zone”..

  • steveb919

    It has been my experience after being married 6 times that women can go from 4 to 10 crazy in a heartbeat.

  • Mike-SMO

    Funz Fun but they better be arranging for some vote security or Sam could “Win” and only show 45% of the total. Sorta like President Trump did, unless the totals are being tabulated someplace in South America this time. Austin gots lots of strret people and border-jumpers. Most of the USPS are Union/Party folks who know where the bread is buttered. Sam oughts to be careful……

  • Halley

    It’s time these cuddlebunnies were subjected to the crazy/hot scale:
    Hillary Clinton Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi

    (scale now broken)

    • JimV

      An absolutely great movie sure to offend todays Karens.

    • Roland Deshain

      I love that movie and have watched it a few times over the years. Gloppita Gloppita machine!

  • Psychiatrist to me: How are you doing? Are you feeling better?
    Me to psychiatrist: I was feeling a little crazy, but we’re okay now….

    You can treat crazy, but I don’t think you can fix it.

  • Son Of a Valkyire

    To Unca Walt, AND you’re still alive!!?? Props to you.

    • Damn. And I was proud of my survival for 50 years coming up in December. He and she are used to their shared crazy, hot part might be all done.

      However you question of survival should have been directed to steveb919 on the basis of his comment at 3:17.

      Double Damn.

  • Drew

    Sam may be crazy Hot, but she is an engineer so her Crazy may only ramp up if her Babies or Zed are threatened. Or members of her adopted family.


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