Day By Day


  • Kafiroon

    They did it.
    Who is buying it?

    • Pamela

      Any of their bosom buddies that will profit from the steal.
      That bet everything on the steal. That will scream when they are named.

  • JTC

    They’ve been stealing our words and meanings for how long? It’s our turn.

    “Just Do It.”

    Love the irony.

  • Pamela

    Just Do it? Er for some of them I seriously doubt they even remember the last time they did it.

  • LowKey

    What was the old rallying cry in Chicagoland under the Dailiy’s? “Vote early and vote often”.

    Time for a bit more from the south, Athens Tennessee style.

    • steveb919

      Lowkey ya got it right on the “vote early and vote often”‘

  • steveb919

    Will they never learn. The Dipshits elected Nauseas Peeloser as speaker of the house again today. What a conniving bitch.

    • MasterDiver

      She flew in a possible mega-spreader congress-bitch who had just finished a 14-day quarantine, but had NOT been retested before she flew back to DC. Would Cuomo have sent her to a Camp?

      Zar Belk!

      • John

        No, a New York nursing home.

  • Mike-SMO

    Front sight, rear sight, squeexe, follow through….. Especially follow through.

  • Bill G

    On Nixon and driving the left nuts, consider how they must feel whenever they contemplate Nixon’s decision to not put the country through the wringer with their constant contesting of every possible election.

    • eon

      Nixon was simply being a good Republican. I.e., a good loser.

      A good Democrat, by comparison, never loses, never admits to losing, and takes measures to ensure that they cannot lose. Ever.

      As for their slogan, it’s most likely “We Are The World”, with all that implies.

      clear ether


  • Halley

    Crunch Time. After 2 months of no sleep, the names and rap sheets must drop now. It’s 11.59 and the Kraken is still behind the curtain…

    • WayneM

      I’m starting to think the Kraken isn’t quite as remarkable as was initially represented. Otherwise, why keep it hidden for so long?

      As the old saying goes, the truth is like a lion; set it free and it will defend itself.

  • Bill G

    And of course, the slogan brought to my mind by this episode is the old Ma Bell line – Reach Out And Touch Someone.

  • Halley

    President Trump,
    from your loyal +80,000,000 MAGA Army: Just Do It!

    • JTC

      Yep! And failing that we apply the same to us, the Faithful Patriots who will not let this stand. Steal both their slogan and their credo:

      Just Do It…By Whatever Means Necessary.

  • Majer

    ” Would Cuomo have sent her to a Camp?”

    Nope, all dems and their minions get a pass, only the Conservatives get called out under Il Duce Jr.

  • epador

    I wonder if that (Chris’s note) will be in The Donald’s speech in an hour, but the link by cb on the coffin is a bit scary.

  • markm

    Bill G.
    It’s amazing how many people will go on about Nixon in 1960, but never look up the numbers and do a little simple arithmetic. He didn’t kick up a fuss because he needed to overturn the vote count in more states than Illinois.

    Total 537 electoral college votes. Normally this is 535, but Alaska and Hawaii just became states, with not enough time to complete the census and reapportionment before November. So Congress gave the new states 1 Congressman and EC vote each.

    269 EC votes needed for a majority.

    JFK: 303 electoral votes. Flip Illinois (27), and it’s 276. Kennedy still wins.

    Byrd (Dixiecrat): 15 votes from unpledged southern electors – who would probably have held their nose and voted for even JFK before they’d vote for any Republican.

    Nixon: 219. Flip Illinois and it’s only 246, with 23 more needed to win. That’s New York (not much chance), Texas (no doubt with stolen votes for the Dems, but it’s not at all likely that an honest count would have gone Republican with LBJ in the Democrat Veep slot), or Michigan plus a small state, or maybe 3 or 4 medium size states. Not going to happen – but if Nixon tried challenging the votes in so many states, JFK could have looked into the narrow Nixon victories in California and other states.

    Or, assuming Byrd held his electors until too late for them to change, Illinois plus a midsized state (8 more votes) flipped from JFK would deny everyone an EC majority and sent the matter to Congress. As far as I can tell, the Dems had a majority of the Congressional delegations in far more than half the states, so JFK still wins under the 1-state 1-vote rule, unless he manages to become more obnoxious to Southern Dems than a damned Republican. And in those days, they _really_ hated Republicans.


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