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  • Man, that is a sharp-looking sabra cowgirl right there…

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      So sharp, ya don’t want to get too close, she’ll cut you in half.

  • Halley

    Rumor has it the first episode of the new Netflux series “In Bed With Hunter” will feature Tulsi Gabbard and Amy Barrett….

    • Never really trust Tulsi, but Amy…

      I had such high hopes that she could resist the siren call.

    • Henry

      Aaargh! I read Amy Barrett, and my mind twisted it into Amy Schumer!

  • Pamela

    Fire Ant Hills for the lot of them.

    • Steve Peterson

      That would be cruel! For the fire ants!! Lol

      • Pamela

        Not for the ones tweeked out on Meth. They’ll get a nice meal.

  • Capn Jack

    How come there’s no music when Biden makes an appearance?

    I think, “Hail To The Thief ” Would be appropriate.

    • Henry

      It would just be a waste. The only song he ever recognizes anymore is ā€œIā€™m A Little Teapot.ā€

    • We’re just seeing it in writing but his manifesto was written years ago and the process has been ongoing ever since…and from all appearances and activities as to the New Media, it is a very successful operation already, with the ultimate goal in sight.

  • Bill G

    Is there a Junta, and not just a lone puppeteer? I’m far too out of things to have a clue.

  • James/G

    Actually, ‘Junta’ is incorrect. Looking at the clues, this is closer to committees under the direction of a committee…

    …DNC/PLD doncha know? šŸ™„

  • My Way Or -->

    Oh, come on! Pick the obvious target, fer Pete’s sake! Das Hildebeest is behind it all, because she didn’t get her turn.

    • John

      Close but no cigar.
      What we are saddled with is a Fascist Regime without a head, that is no Il Duce or Fuhrer to do the actual leadership. Xiden gets his brain handed to him piecemeal by committee and so barely counts as a figurehead, and Barry, at least legally, can’t take actual charge.
      Even President #44 has his hangups. His agenda is simply the destruction of the US as a “world power” for the sake of his anti-colonial father.
      In this regard we are damned lucky. So long as no actual leader is able to take charge the damage they can cause is limited.
      But the destruction they are building their power on is real.
      So long as there is no philosophical structure to their opposition there will only be individual upstarts like President #45 to contend with.
      The last time we had this situation the opposition to the Democrat theme of Power For Its Own Sake coalesced around anti-slavery and gave us the Republican Party.
      What will we, The Rational, need to rally around to oppose the Fascists?

      • Indeed it was just a theme for the CW, one created from wholecloth by the First Rino, the intent being to use that anti-slavery pretext to attack a Sovereign Nation, commit genocide against them, force repatriation, and steal all of its assets…

        And setting the stage and providing a blueprint for the “theme” we see playing out now, using false concern for minorities and “the children” to do it all again, and inviting invaders worldwide to come in and help destroy us before destroying them too.

      • interventor

        At the end of the Roman Republic, a triumvirate took command. Composed of Pompey, Crassus and Caesar. Now, it appears to be Lizard Queen Pelosi, Oleaginous Schumer, and Harris the Courtesan. Note to the latter, it didn’t end well for the former.

  • Halley

    Who’s running it?

    I’d much rather know why our invertebrate-among-invertebrates GOPers in congress aren’t even raising the damn question?!?! WTF?

    Meanwhile, President-in-Exile is still keeping mum about 1. why the Swamp wasn’t drained 2. if (as he surely must know) the covid19 bioweapon was released intentionally to help Democrats tank the economy and steal the election 3. why not a single Democrat was held to account during his entire term, despite overwhelming evidence of the most serious wrongdoing.

    I’m sure we’re all ears.

  • “no actual leader is able to take charge the damage they can cause is limited.
    But the destruction they are building their power on is real.
    So long as there is no philosophical structure”

    Dude. Just because we don’t know who/what the godhead is doesn’t mean it does not exist…and its philosophical structure could not be more apparent from the events and processes that have and are taking place all around us, sometimes so surreptitiously as to be undetectable.

    To wit, the appointment of the brand new Marshal of the Supreme Court, quietly buried in the orders of the compromised SCOTUS itself, and who will wield a shocking amount of power, and whose background and “philosophical structure” is extremely questionable, not to mention possible fealty to the godhead itself who actually ordered her appointment. She’s a Major, but she’s not a soldier, and whether or not she is a Patriot remains to be seen, but not looking good by anti-military shit like this report makes clear.

    • Neanderthals don’t just note it, we wrote it. And preach it every day.

      Would not have to change many words in that, to read like a pretty good manifesto for the Constitutional Republic of America.

      Just a matter of scale and commitment. Yes it is coming to that.

  • Punta Gorda

    “President Biden announced Monday U.S. Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Customs officers may no longer refer to people who cross the U.S. border illegally as illegal aliens. The name demeans their role in the cross-border transport of goods. From now on they will be called Methicans.”


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