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  • Too Tall

    Umm, no. In this case, the “experts” are part of the world’s oldest profession. They are just the ones available at the lowest cost with the poorest quality.

    • Browncoat57

      Well it’s not like they can all be vice-president…

      • Raconteur

        But they have the same qualifications. But, most won’t screw just anybody, for any price. Ahhhh, nevermind.

      • pyrodice

        But they all have a vice, anyways.

    • But they are expert at something…

      The mis-, mal-, and non-reporting and outright creation on the one side and total blockade on the other, of all of what the information age told us would be the dawning of unfettered and unfiltered truth.

      The supporting consortium of the Marxist coup are far from just cheerleaders…they are active and dirty members of the team, immune from any rules or penalties.

      Plenty of whores among them of course. Always follow the money.

  • NotYetInACamp

    That punch line brought about huge cheers at their rallies and gatherings. That Punch Line was the go to victory plan that roused the loudest cheers. All the cheerleaders, um, government and political leaders, went to it. Still do in private, or a moment of enthusiasm or excitement.
    Same Party. New descriptions for the words describing the plantations. A Progressive changing of words meanings and the next goal striven for after every Progressive win. They never stop without being stopped.

    • Bill G

      True; they will not stop on their own. Their path is incrementalism, always trying to gain even a little bit more ground of their agenda and never ceding any back.
      The classic motto they follow is “What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours is negotiable.”

  • cb

    An ‘ex-spurt’? Sorta like a little drip…

    • Pamela

      A trip or three to the local VD Clinic, and a really big needle, should take care of that drip.

    • John D. Egbert

      Ex: Once, former

      Spurt: A drop expelled at high velocity

      Expert: A has-been under pressure

      • JTC

        Don’t know how many times my Daddy said that going back to when I was a kid; I always loved its truth and have repeated it very often, but it has never had such context as now. His version that I use:

        “An ex is a has-been and a spurt is just a drip under pressure.“

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      X= Unknown quantity, spurt a drip under pressure So an expert is an unknown quantity of drips under pressure…

  • Mike-SMO

    “Krink”? Asian tools?

    • Browncoat57

      Or when a nut/bolt is a little too snug, but you push through it anyway.

    • Wood

      The sound a ratchet makes on the backswing.

    • DCE

      If she’s reassembling the motor then it’s likely a torque wrench ‘breaking’ at the set torque. Mine makes that sound when it does that.

    • Journeyman gearhead kafiroon left a foreboding comment on that sound and what the next one might be the other day…

      I went ahead and speculated about the next two sounds,

      “SNAP!” and “OH SHIT!”

      Not really just a rookie mistake that you might think Sam is immune to either, happens to us all. Ask me how I know. Maybe don’t ask me about aluminum heads though, I might have a PTSD moment.

    • Browncoat57

      Backswing of a ratchet makes more of a ‘Click’ ‘Click’ ‘Click’, not a ‘Krink’, ‘Krink’, ‘Krink’…

  • Buck

    Maybe the back swing on a ratchet . . .

    • Wood

      Beat me to it by several hours 🙂

  • Pete231

    So, how does Comrade Xiden, who couldn’t draw flies during his election campaign stops, become the most popular president ever voted into office ? Just asking for a friend……

  • steveb919

    I do believe that President Johnson said ” We’ll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 50 years”. I could be wrong . The blacks should have heard that but I guess they were to busy counting the freebies they would get to pay attention.

    Hasn’t changed much has it.

    • Browncoat57

      That or they didn’t hear it. Cronkite was also a liberal. He just didn’t broadcast it. Peter Jennings and, I guess, David Brinkley too. Can’t hear what they don’t tell you about.

    • ExNuke

      It doesn’t take a lot of believing when his words were recorded and preserved in his Presidential Library.

      • Browncoat57

        But my point was “when did they hear it” and would it have made any difference? He said it around 1964 but it wasn’t published till 1995 in a biography I think. If MLK had known about it and commented, how would that have played out is what I’m wondering? Just wool-gathering as it were…

    • Dastardly Dan

      No, he said 200, and I’m afraid he was a prophet.
      But if you look closely at human behavior, you’ll find that as time passes nigger doesn’t necessarily mean black, and black does NOT equal nigger.

    • The 300

      200 years.

      • steveb919

        I stand corrected. Thank You.

  • “Expert” definition- contraction of “ex”, and “spurt”, the former being a former authority, no longer up to date; and the latter being a fluid leak, under pressure….

  • James/G

    Should be ‘Progressives believe in the Dignity and Value of everyone *except* Whites.’

    Colonel Tom Kratman(USA, Ret) actually did a force analysis of the cartel footsoldiers and La Raza(think Mexican KKK)dirtbags occupying the Southwest, and establishing FOBs throughout the US.

    People serious about defending America should make time to study the tattoos of the various Mexican criminals, like MS13 and La Raza…

    It’s called ‘Target Discrimination… 😈

    • Browncoat57

      As opposed to the ‘kill’em all and let God sortem out’? Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not included in the Democrats playbook now, or the near future.

      It’s certainly more noble. And as Oswald Chambers said, “It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to live the noble life of a disciple of Jesus in actual things. It is always necessary to make an effort to be noble.”

      • JTC

        “‘kill’em all and let God sortem out’…in the Democrats playbook…”

        Well shit I thought that was ours?

    • eon

      Considering how many people of non-“LatinX” descent I see with tattoos all over, plus more piercings than a boar hog in a breeding pen, I suspect that in twenty years or so being tattooed like The Illustrated Man will be definable as “protective coloration”, or even “role camouflage”.

      clear ether


    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Ya beat me to it. Thx.

    • AngryWhiteMaleChauvanistNeanderthalRightwingExtremist PaulS

      “ It’s called ‘Target Discrimination…”

      No, “Hearts and minds” are Target Discrimination (perhaps Selection), gang Tattoos are Target Determination.

      • James/G

        You shoot the ones with MS13 tats, not the ones with the ‘Live to Ride, Ride to Live’ tats, or the ones with the Prpud Boys tats. Open Season on Soy-Boy tats… 😈 😆

  • My Way Or -->

    Pride goeth before a Fall.

    Wait for it. Never have I seen so many twits ramping up like people at the Black Friday sales. Just smile and nod, and get out of their way.

    Wait patiently for what time brings, as does the farmer with the fruit. – Mahabaratam

  • A good friend of mine, RIP PJ, was well tattooed while in the Army. When asked about them he callled them his permanent reminders of temporary insanity. Fits…

    About the strip, There are people that believe in mob rule and following the mob even when the mob says “You must believe that 2+2=5 to fit in!”
    And then there are people that believe in the rule of law and want to operate on what is proven facts and conditions without prejudging any situation. IOW, “Live Free or Die”. (Not from New Hampshire, but it’s a good motto)

    • I might just have to get a new tatoo of Biden…temporary insanity and all.

      • Dastardly Dan

        It’s going to be hard to sit down for a few days

    • My Way Or -->

      People were more concerned about polio. My sister picked it up at school, but it went into her tonsils, which made breathing difficult for her, and they had to be removed. She was lucky enough to not get it worse. We had measles and polio shots at school the next year, along with TB tests. People also had more common sense back then.

    • steveb919

      Loved it.

  • So what, a mistrial then? Start all over and provide plenty of time to be sure this little bombshell never gets to go off…aruguable grounds for a repeal of the 11/3 election. They will stop this no matter what it takes. Will we stop them no matter what it takes?

  • Of related note,

    Some Florida Men be CyberNinjas!

    Is the old Fla turning the corner from the liberal trifecta of northern union retirees, annoying-ass uber-lib (heh) New Yawk Jews, and The Mouse?

    Some pretty badass conservative momentum going on here, we’ll see where it goes.

    Maybe an example for signatories to the CRA, all the infrastructure for it.

    The Confederation of The Constitutional Republic of America, the CRA.

    We can probably count on AZ signing up after this thing there plays out.


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