Day By Day


  • interventor

    Just, don’t freeze up the swimming hole. when you enter.

    • JTC

      Use your thermostat Jo, don’t make it cold, just a little nippy.

  • Too Tall

    Does the ol’ swimmin’ hole become an hockey pond when Jo (-3 C temperature) gets in?

    Chris, nice kill shot on Gropey Joe’s campaign. Even Skye gets it.

    • Jefferson A Selvy

      Creepy Uncle Joe’s descent into senility on live television is surpassing freak show and drifting into senior abuse territory. I’ve stopped laughing, now I wonder if he has any loved ones to pull him back and get him the care he needs.

      • Bill G

        I’ve stopped laughing, too. Two people close to me went down into dementia, and I’m appalled at the way this man is being treated because some democrat party power brokers think his name recognition will win the office for them.
        One speculation is that his wife hopes to be the Grey Eminence of his term …

        • MasterDiver

          Well, it worked for Edith Wilson and Eleanor Roosevelt.

          Zar Belk!

        • epilitimus

          My theory is they plan a switcheroo. They wait until their rank and file is screaming for a replacement and then stick in someone else at the last minute, Hillary with Cuomo as the runner up are my guesses.

          They set the precedent with I think it was Governor in New Jersey (90’s or ’00)? Candidate dropped out at the last minute, they stuck in a ringer, went to court and the court said it had to be allowed to prevent voter disenfranchisement.

      • Lyle

        I think its a tactic; make us believe that they’re a bunch of blithering idiots. It’s easy; use real, live, blithering idiots as their front men and women. We end up believing, and being confident and proud in our belief, that the entire, anti-libertarian, authoritarian system is populated by gibbering morons.

        Gibbering morons who for some inexplicable reason rule the world.

        I submit to you that the enemies of liberty are more intelligent, aware, perceptive, knowledgeable, committed, organized and resourceful than we allow ourselves to imagine.

  • WayneM

    If memory serves, Javier sorted out Jo’s ability to control her surface temperature so she won’t end up covered with ice.

    Now there’s a reminder that Skye is, indeed, Sam’s sister. Yowzaa…

    • Fox2!

      Now there’s a reminder that Skye is, indeed, Sam’s sister. Yowzaa…


      • Lyle

        Yeah; they’re both drawn by the same cartoonist.

    • Grunt GI

      I just hope Jo turns back to her more human looking self.
      WOWZA, that will be a six pack to go!

  • Roy Tucker

    Should be “mimetic polyalloy”. That means it can mimic things.

  • Pamela

    Just need to figure out who has more drugs in their system, Gropey Joe or Botox Nan

    • nonncom

      I’m going with the wicked bitch of the west….Joe is naturally dopey….

  • Halley

    Given what we know of Biden’s criminal corruption, including his criminal participation in the criminal Coup and criminal Resistance, calling him shallow is almost a compliment.

    • Pamela

      Hmm. I wonder if the reason he’s having such difficulties is that instead of branches in his family tree, he has leaves…

  • Pete231

    Drum roll and a rim shot…………

  • steveb919

    She could get in my pond anytime!

    • Coeurmaeghan

      Ha, and vice versa.

  • Bill G

    Marvelous scenery here.

  • Mike-SMO

    Agreed. Dementia is a nasty trip. At least Joe will not remember paying the Devil’s Due. There is no return from that journey.

    I think that even the Chinese treat their victims with more kindness.

  • Randy

    Ooohhh SHINEY!

    • Punta Gorda

      “Ride eternal, shiny and chrome!”

  • Poppa_T

    When the mountains turn from silver to blue, it’s ready to drink!

    • GWB


  • Halley

    The Democrats’ fervent desire to enforce a permanent corona-apocalypse-climate-apocalypse-economic-apocalypse-gender-apocalypse-racism-apocalypse-classwarfare-apocalypse very likely does not include permission to have fun.

    • Punta Gorda

      Apocalypse Cow?

  • Browncoat

    People are not going to vote for Biden for president. They’re going to vote for his running mate, for president.


      They’re going to vote against Trump, if the Dem nominee were apot bellied pig (a literal one, not Michael Moore)


    The Clarence Thomas autobiography “Created Equal” is going to be on PBS May 18 at 9PM.
    Anyone who thinks Joe’s mental ability was once great needs to see the scenes in Justice Thomas’ hearing in this show.

    A different look at the Wuhan Flu lockdown, using science and hard numbers instead of models

    • RabidRobert

      TDD thanks for the URL. THAT was interesting.

  • eclark1849

    Just as a quick note, Chris, her weight doesn’t determine whether or not she can swim. It probably depends on how airtight she is. Afterall, submarines and ships weigh a whole lot more than she does and they float. Submarines, in fact, determine how bouyant they are based on how much air they air they have in their ballast tanks. They release air to descend, take in air to rise.

    • eclark1849

      So, unless she gulps in a LOT of pond water, she should still be able to at least float.

      • Steve

        Passive flotation requires that the floating object mass less than the water it displaces. At 275 lbs on a female form about the same size as Naomi, there’s no way she passes that test. OTOH, by swimming hard enough, she could easily displace enough additional water to remain afloat as long as she keeps swimming, assuming that she did not wish simply to morph into a form with sufficient volume.

    • Punta Gorda

      She would only have to displace about 26.5 gallons of water to achieve neutral bounancy…

      • Punta Gorda


        Sorry, I have bouncy on the brain…

        • Pamela

          Does your lap come into play….

      • John

        Meaning if she could physically expand her entire volume by that much and fill it with air, or better still a vacuum, she could easily swim, and it doesn’t need to be all in one bubble.
        It’s something she needs to practice, for emergencies if nothing else.

  • Halley

    Whatever the #Coup’s devious scheme is to defraud America on November 3 by replacing President Trump with a globalist criminal(D), it surely doesn’t include Biden actually winning the Electoral College. They know that’s not possible, so they’re up to something else.

    It is most disconcerting that they’ve gotten away with “How To Kneecap Trump’s Roaring Economy 101” throughout March and April…


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