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  • Too Tall

    A true SuperGroup.

    Who can forget their number one worldwide hit recorded live at Yorktown: ” The World Turned Upside Down.”

  • Shonkin

    Corona and not Shiner Bock? Might as well be drinking Coors.

    • JTC

      Well it’s contagious.

      Oh shut up. You knew it had to be said; CM laid the bait, now it’s over with.

    • interventor

      Better than drinking Vietnamese or French 33.

      • John M.

        What’s wrong with Ba mươi ba?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Marcuse types gone wild must be drowned out by great fantastic music from one of the Greatest Bands ever.
    The fascination of so many of the deluded brainwashed here with what Marcuse and the Franklin Schoolers with Alinsky and Company must be eliminated.

    It may be time for a Battle of the Bands. Or, horrors, Band Camp.

    • Very good point. I assume you meant “Frankfurt,” not “Franklin.”
      Have you read Michael Walsh:The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West? You’d enjoy it.

  • Mike-SMO

    Ah, yes. The Yorktown Concert. Met a cute furrin gal from, maybe, Norlans, who had some import, mezcal, or something. Good to be getting the old gang together again.

    Getting back to the classics seems appropriate, however they seem to always bring their Varangian pals who mess up the back of the van.

  • cz93x62

    France has priors for dealing with empire builders, Nazi and otherwise. They should know such things when they see and hear them. “Biden is a pedo putz, and Harris is a knee-deep Bolshevik” is what that should translate to.

  • eon

    The French may have realized that the last smart thing they did was letting the Brits bundle Napoleon Bonaparte off to St. Helena.

    And that going back to Metternich & Co., “doing the same thing everybody else is doing” has been responsible for most of the grief they’ve gone through since then.

    clear ether


    • Eh Wot?

      Eon > Saw this & thought of you immediately! Excellent Lee Smith “YOU are Here, AMERICA” piece.

  • nonncom

    In the immortal words of Mel Gibson….”Eh…..French” said with the proper amount of disregard….

  • Dread

    Mexican beer and French_______?

  • My Way Or -->

    “A pox! A pox on Both Your Houses!” – really, it was “a Plague” but Mercutio is frequently misquoted.

    If only Pakenham had not been killed at New Orleans… If only the 52nd Regiment had not been turned back twice by storms on its way to the Former Colonies… But they still had Canadia and its environs.

    All those job in the oil fields and on the pipeline – Gone With The Wind of someone scribbling his name on an EO to STOP WORK, and all those voters are now – well, very annoyed… and guess who they voted for.

    A blizzard is forecast in my AO. I will go and stock up on popcorn and cold drinks and bird food. (Gotta take care of my pensioner sparrows, y’see.)

    • WayneM

      Beijing Biden… or more likely the tax slaves… might end up regretting the Executive Order killing the Keystone XL pipeline. The companies who’ve invested billions based on the issues permits aren’t likely to walk away without demanding reparations…

      • My Way Or -->

        If you include the tribes (Ute, etc.) who invested $756 millions in the pipeline in that, they are NOT happy, either. NOT. ONE. BIT.

  • Fronk!

    This is like Hustler Magazine saying: “Sorry! You’re too slutty to be our centerfold…”

    • Too Tall

      Can’t say. Larry Flynt passed away recently.

  • JTC

    This is my daughter’s quaint, clean, and lovely little town, close but a million miles from Tampa/Clearwater, where she teaches 4th grade in their church/school and our grandkids spent their whole childhood; if this shit can happen there…?

    • John

      Although dangerous these hacking attempts do give us a heads up about just how vulnerable we are. “Bullet Proofing” IMHO is sorely neglected, even in systems that should never tolerate the least interference, voting machines for instance.
      The Kremlin had the right idea. If it’s critical, efficiency be damned. Stick with paper and limit the damage to a few bad actors. We can afford the malice or incompetence of a few, but as the old saying goes:
      “To err is human, to really fuck it up you need a computer.”

    • JTC

      Remote control access to critical systems should come to a full. dead. stop. NOW!

  • JTC

    With apologies to Chris, this is another OT but critically important component of the future of the Republic if America, if any…

    This is the new Industrial Revolution that will completely change the debate, the narrative, and the world, negating almost everything the commie oligarchs do…

    I’m putting down my $99 today.

  • JTC

    Back then Frogs could jump, now they just croak.

    Then again, where is our Franklin, and where is their Lafayette?

  • Pamela

    Not sure where any one is these days. I just want these gentlemen on my/our side
    I am sure they speak French and several other languages.

  • interventor

    Bit off subject, has anyone considered that QAnon is a stalking horse?

    • John M.

      Maybe, but for whom?

      • interventor

        FBI, NSA, DoJ, Chinese People’s Liberation Army — Cyber Unit (Beijing suburb offices), for a few.

        • JTC

          Okay, I’ll play…

          Was/is DJT a setup man?

          • interventor

            No, that QAnon was a construct to out his supporters and defame the movement.

          • JTC

            Beelzebub’s advocate…

            “…he thinks he’s a Romeo, playing a part in a picture show…”

            Enabling and justifying every method and every means to take down this Orange Man Bad…and the entirety of American Culture and the American Republic in the process.

            And then retire to the castle and the courses of Palm Beach Fla…


          • JTC

            Now excuse me while I go and wash out my mouth and brain and typing fingers with hot lye soap…

          • Henry

            Except that the people crazy enough to swallow all the mystical QAnon nonsense were never a major subset of Trump’s supporters.

          • JTC

            In a world where *everything’s* a construct and *everything’s* a stalking horse (or a Trojan horse)…

            Life in The Matrix?

  • Stephen

    Wait, so…France is now the U.S., Washington, D.C. is now Vichy, the CCP is now the Nazi party, we’re now the Free French and PIEOTUS Trump is now Charles de Gaulle? Plus la change…

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