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  • Fronk!

    Pretty accurate so far…
    At this rate, We The People will be supplanted in another two generations.
    Three at most…

    • John

      We’ve been able to handle the influx in the past simply by education.
      But our schools have been co-opted by the Loony Left to specifically exclude civics training.
      I go to a discussion group that meets every Friday. It is dominated by old school leftist Democrats, but by their own admission they took civics classes in their youth. They are completely oblivious to the fact that the schools are _not_ teaching our youth to be good citizens.
      I am hoping that the backlash that elected Trump, the Internet enabled return to reason (even if it is swamped in cat videos), and the open insanity that has inflicted the Left will lead to a return to the values of the Scottish Enlightenment that form the foundation of the Republic.
      I realize this may be a pipe dream, but the alternative looks to be a thousand years of darkness.

  • Delilah T.

    Naw, it’s not a melting pot. It’s a garbage dump on steroids. (Sorry, mods, if that’s too strong.) If that first bunch of twits had not turned down job offers and places to stay by Mexico, I would not be quite so snarly.

    • Punta Gorda

      Not a garbage dump. It is more accurately described as a septic tank with a bad drain field.

  • JTC


    In every sense of the word.

    And as close to a one-word explanation the invasion as you will ever find.

  • kadaka

    I’m sure that behind has caused some men to melt, true.

    • interventor

      Its stiffened the resolve of stalwart men, especially, one named Zed.

  • Too Tall

    Cue up “Highway to Hell,” because that’s where the Progtards are determined to drive this country.

    • eon

      They mean to rule the people, rather than serve them.

      And who was it who said he’d rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven?

      clear ether


      • Delilah T.

        That was Loose Fur said that.

        • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

          As quoted by Saul Alinsky

      • GWB

        Exactly right, eon.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Unfortunately his people had not been telling President Trump the stories about our country that are happening. I have been telling Congress critters similar since the 1980’s at least.
    President Trump learns about the number of deaths of those coming here and more to those stories. Texans know what is happening in Texas.
    I watched ‘No Country For Old Men’ over last weekend. Disturbing movie to watch. I do not like sociopaths, nor watching them portrayed in movies.. There were many important ideas related in that movie. Texas has been targetted for a while.
    Times have changed since we had those two longest unprotected borders with other nations in the world. Bad acts have made that impossible now.

    President Trump at an impromptu news conference in San Antonio after discussions with some Texans. Some truth is given out there.
    President Trump is hopefully getting more of this done now.
    He needs to hire many like Chris Kobach appears to be, which is the type of person that we need in charge in that area. Fair and with due process, and with judges making determinations with all due speed. Where there is a hole in the wall with others streaming in, that is where a stop is needed. that as well as at the various sources and causes. I actually can see how President Trump was not as aware of the horror of the situation as we would hope he was. The need is now obvious to President Trump. Use the power that we the people granted to you when we elected you as our president, Mr. President.

    Taking a cheap but valid shot, these deaths are what the democrats devised with all of their actions and collusion (they don’t know what the word means) with the Uniparty and the C of C and globalists and others.

    • PaulS

      Head on collusion collision!

    • Delilah T.

      Thanks for that link, NYIAC.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Your Very Welcome

    • WayneM

      That was a good video. Thanks NYIAC.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Y V W

  • Bill

    And a nice behind, it is.

    • GWB

      Absolutely right.

  • GDuke2

    These clowns should spend time in places where borders don’t count and see how chaotic uncontrolled migration really is.

    Like the colors though. Reminds me of a M*A*S*H episode
    Col Flagg – “you took a yellow red before a white American and that’s pretty pinko in my book”
    Hawkeye _”you’re even boring in technicolor”

  • Palace_Gypsy

    Hasn’t been a melting pot in a long time, politicians are making this country a parfait.

  • JTC

    Death is a deterrent. For those who die of course, but an exponential number of others who learn of those deaths. And you can bet that while our leftists who view the deaths of some of their assymetrical army of invited invaders as collateral damage in their quest to overwhelm our citizens and our services with the many more who do survive the journey, those who have not yet made the trip are learning of those deaths and being deterred from attempting it or being lured by coyotes (paid agents of the leftists? Where do those funds come from, not from those penniless hordes!) who are paid by the head for passage.

    And you know what? They ARE collateral damage. And that serves our purpose too. Absolutely get the word out far and wide to reduce the hordes, but to the degree that many die while knowingly breaking the law not only to come here but in stealing our wealth and our security once they do…fuck them, and fuck wasting our precious funds and manpower on “processing” and “protecting” them. Let them apply through legal means from afar, not once they have illegally entered. And make immigration of any kind much more difficult and much more rare…Trump had it right the other day…hell even Bernie did; we are full…we cannot take in and care for and subsidize the whole damn world, and of course the whole damn world would love to come here, who wouldn’t?

    Let some of them die. And make it much more likely that they will die, by proactively shutting down their caravans and those who organize and lead them, by establishing physical barriers and deadly ones too. And most especially by empowering Americans whose land and safety is being invaded and threathened to take whatever measures, deadly and otherwise, they deem necessary to protect their families and their property without concern for reprisal.

    That is the only way this shit will be stopped. Free way? No way! No freeway coming in and no free way once they are in. Make it known far and wide…

    “That Way Lies Death!”

    • NotYetInACamp

      Well said.

      Confiscate the assets of those depriving so many of life, a human right, by financing and enabling the caravans. Then pay damages suffered to the USA, its citizens damaged or killed, and the people in the nations harmed.
      The EO was signed.

  • Jim Verdolini

    Off Topic…respectfully, what happened to the sexy bits on the site?

    • kadaka

      The Redvolution1776 site was rolled into the Time After Time site, use the “Select Chapter” archive viewer to see the comics under both imprints.

    • NotYetInACamp

      9/11 was Sharia compli9ant no matter who the some people that did it are.
      They are using hijra invasion to conquer also.

  • kadaka

    234 House Democrats, Two Republicans Co-Sponsor Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete On Girls’ Sports Teams

    Now this is how it should be done. Let the transgirls and cisgirls all be on the girls teams, and likewise the transboys and cisboys all together on the boys teams. The transgirls will dominate girls sports like they do, the transboys will get discouraged trying to compete against cisboys. So in the end, the males and former males will dominate boys and girls sports.

    Then since biology and genetics is separate from gender identity, they’ll accept where Progressive ideology leads, there should be no separation and we’ll just have sports, no distinction, everyone competes together, showers together. Everyone shall be treated equally. That should save some money in the athletic departments.

  • Calvin

    I come from a moderate sized town in Missouri of about 79,000 people. Less than every month a new town is being built in this country by people from outside this country. How many towns like this can we handle?
    Another idea is the strategic retreat…give up California and build the wall there. No water or electricity in the state (everything comes from outside), how long before the whole state is Tijuana barrio.


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