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  • Too Tall

    Zed: Earning grey hairs one at a time the hard way. At some point he is going to remember that Afghanistan has a certain rustic tranquility and charm this time of year.

    • Maybe last year. Recent reports out of Kabul make it sound like the Taliban are turning it back into an Islamic Shiite-hole.

      Zar Belk!

      • eon

        Only Alexander the Great had a reasonable solution for Afghanistan.

        He carefully bypassed it on his way to India.

        clear ether


        • epador

          As John already posted, I was excited to see CCP planning on trying to take over Afghanistan. A match both Taliban and CCP deserve. Coming Soon: Fentanyl Coated Body Armor Nikes made in Afghanistan.

      • James/G

        Biden-Harris set *September 11* as the final day for US forces to be there. Coalition forces have been leaving like they’re avoiding the check at a restaurant.

        So, yeah. The country will be a terrorist sanctuary and training facility by October 1st.

        The real question is if they’ll be smart enough not to attack the US.

      • Roland Deshain

        Of course they are. They know we are leaving after 20 years of accomplishing absolutely nothing other than enriching the military industrial complex and a whole bunch of politicians on both sides of the aisle. The aisle that is quickly disappearing as republicans join democrats.

      • JTC

        It was, is, and forever will be an Islamic shithole and tango training ground…and maybe now with the support and funding of the last commie empire.

        We coulda/shoulda rooted out Bin Laden and turned that sand trap to glass from offshore and above without sacrificing hundreds of our men and zillions of our treasure to try and avenge Little George’s daddy. I f’n hate that little bastard for that, and his rino-hood.

        If the ChiComs move in as planned by our own commies and invited by the muzbro, that could backfire and be the best thing for us, more than one empire has been cowed and sent home from that thousands year battleground/graveyard.

  • Kafiroon

    Worse than teenagers.
    They might grow out of it.

    • Pamela

      Something will grow … many many times

  • JTC

    Well they do seem to be pleased with one another.

    One does wonder just wtf all those BLORP’s actually entail…

    And “-giggle-“? Talk about teenagers, has Jo BLORP’ed the twins’ adolescence? Could that bring out the censors?

    • Too Tall

      JTC, Jo is demonstrating that in sufficient quantities, hormones make even androids regress.

  • John M.

    Looks like Zed is going to have to build a “Honeymoon Suite” for those two. I have a feeling they’re going to be doing regular data exchanges.

    • DW

      He wanted twins and this is as close as he could get.

  • Mike-SMO

    It is the trial of fatherhood. Then, again, these two seem to “Blorp” their own clothes (or whatevers). Beats those long, tiring, and expensive shopping trips when the style cartoons come out. Love the Austrian/German lilt to Mo. I hear that there were alot of those in South America.

  • Mike-SMO

    What is the deal with maria Shriver? She is Kennedy blood and must have known how the game is played. But she picked up something from the family. Her “sweetie” is one of Arnie’s old employees. She’ll show him!

    • Milo Mindbender

      The only reason their marriage was Sanctioned was an attempt to breed a bulletproof Kennedy.
      I’m here til Thursday, try the veal and please tip your wait staff.

  • “It’s nod a tuma….” OY, VAY… If they broke the bed, perhaps a couch in reinforced concrete… like Bull on “Night Court”.

  • Pete231

    I can picture that after all that “downloading”, there’s gonna be in 9 months a brand new set of Snap-On socket wrenches and impact drivers for the proud father. Wonder what kind of cravings Jo will acquire during the “gestation” period ? 10w-30 Mobil One by the case ? WD-40 for breakfast tonic ? Or, maybe a nightcap of Marvel Mystery oil before retiring ? This has great minds in wonderment…..

    • Downwind of Seattle

      Hoppes #9?

      • epador

        ThreadWinner Downwind
        And the end of all their barrels are threaded, I assume.


    YOWSA! Getting way beyond AI 😉

  • Halley

    How did you learn to draw women like that? ; )
    – asked by an envious autodidact

  • raynaiken

    Um? What if there are offspring?

    • Henry

      Spring tension!

  • the Chicken of Depression

    Aw man, whys Mo gotta be modeled after Arnie and not Robert Patrick or even better, to be inclusive and all, Kristanna Loken!? After the disappointment that was his Governorship of Clownifornia and going full bore RINO,
    I can’t stand the sight of Arnie.

    • Pamela

      Malcolm Reynolds


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