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  • formwiz

    We’ve been waiting for this.

    • Too Tall

      Need to get that red line much further to the right to see all, the, um, possibilities.

  • Too Tall

    Great storyline, great art.

    But the fact that the concept of voluntary self-identificationdelusion has infected a place as idyllic as the swimmin’ hole is a sad commentary on the current state of this nation.

      • Browncoat57

        Zed’s Caucasian. Sam’s half-Irish, half-Japanese, or some such high end hybrid.
        Like a small-block 350 Chevy in a Datsun 240Z.

        • Pamela

          Engine swaps do take care of parts issues. Though how many out there can tune dual carbs these days? SU, Hitachi, and Solex are fun getting balanced.

          • MadCat

            SUs were pretty easy with the right air-flow measuring rig. One I had (early 60-ish) used dual bubbles, as I recall. Pontiac Tri-Power was something else again.

        • KenB

          Precisely what I was thinkin’. That’d make the girls 3/4, but hell, who am I to argue with CM!?!!! Love the swimmin’ hole!

      • eon

        As recently as the 1970s, race was defined by Democrats on the “one drop of blood” principle. It didn’t matter what you looked like, if they thought you had even “one drop” of “negro” blood in your family tree, you were an “octoroon”. And thus a second-class citizen, no matter what the Civil Rights Act said.

        Up to April 1945, the Nazis operated on the same principle regarding “Jew blood” everywhere they held sway. It took a bit more than op-eds to convince them that they were wrong.

        “Progressives” always decree who is “pure” and who is “impure”. Needless to say, no one is more “pure” than themselves.

        Being “impure” is not a good thing when progressives rule.

        clear ether


  • Damn that is beautiful, love me some tiny titties.

    But, big ‘uns is good too…bring ’em on!

    • JimV

      Been waiting a long time,,,

    • formwiz

      Not yet she hasn’t, Jeffery.

      In fact, a lot of people have reservations about her.

  • John M.

    See? Suzy can hold her own with the ladies of the “Double D!” …just like I said last week.

    Nice “fig leaf” on Kiko, Chris!

  • DogByte6RER

    Kiko … half white?

    I always thought the red-headed Sam was half white … i.e., half-Irish and half Asian.

    That would make the twins 1/4 Asian, unless Zed too has some Godzilla DNA in him.

    It might be fun to have them do a DNA ancestry test … to sort this all out.

    • JTC

      I asked that question at the top.

      Apparently, according to other commenters, it has to do with American muscle under the hood of a ricer, and/or Democrats looking for blood.

      Or maybe it’s the Yogi Berra method of arithmetic?

  • Mike-SMO

    Most of the farm swimmin’ holes that I have encountered were full of cows, hogs, deer and (at risk of repeating myself) the neighbors. What is the charm/magic for this Texas swimmin’ hole? Where can get some?

    • Eh, Wot?

      Perhaps beauty is in the “eyes” of the beholders? It gives me tumesence to imagine ridding my West Coast ‘swimmin’ holes’ of all the crazy, half-addled grifters that are performing their ablutions on local sidewalks. Make no mistake – I do resent being required to cleanup after their displays of animalistic hygeine.

      And now our smarter-than-me, richer-than-the-U.S. Treasury California Governor has promised these derelicts their own apartments/housing units *because “equity”.*

      So perhaps that Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole is a little bit of Heaven for those of us that yearn for decency and respect from our poorly raised neighbors.

    • Paladin

      Don’t forget “Water Moccasins”. I have one take up residence in my creek bed. Been looking to take a shot at him, literally.

      • interventor

        Cotton Mouth, or non-venomous?

    • gafling

      Out in West Texas such small oasis’ are usually man-made watering holes typically referred to as ‘tanks’. They are just shallow (4′ to 12′ deep) holes about 20′ to 30′ in diameter (some larger). Some have concrete and stone lining to help hold the water but many do not. If one is lucky the ‘lush vegetation’ that surrounds a tank consists of scraggly mesquite trees. These provide some shade but also have barbs that are very unpleasant to encounter.

      I and my next door neighbor worked two high school summers cleaning tanks for the ranchers out west of San Angelo in general. Wind storms would blow dirt into the tanks and lessen the amount of water available to the livestock hence the need to dredge out the dirt every few years. Once you ran off the snakes, it was relatively cool labor being in the water a lot. Paid well also.

  • cb

    Will amount of reparation be determined by amount of various genes? Need a whole new government approved testing enterprise. Don’t forget to sort out later voluntary arrivals of color. Should later white arrivals be viewed as extreme? And don’t forget us whites whose ancestors were sold at public auction as ‘indentured’. Perhaps a stipend if an ancestor of whatever color fought for the North? How much genetic white material gets one designated as extreme? OK… excuse me, going back to the swimmin’ hole…

  • JTC

    Fix in’ to have to deal with some more things “of color”…

    Another Arkancide? How much did that dude know about the Clinton Foundation and UN’s activities there?

  • Brent Dotson

    My great great grandfather

    Frank Weber
    9th Minnesota Company G
    Rank: Sergeant

    Held at Andersonville, survived, escaped and made it back to own lines.
    Received pension

    And I should pay reparations? I don’t think so Tim.

    • James/G

      ‘Christ was born amongst the lillies in a land across the sea,

      With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me.

      As he died to make men holy. Let us die to make men free!’

      My ancestors wor th Blue as well. It pisses me off when Confederate Memorials are defaced…

      ‘Freedom is the choice between working and starving.’

      Fredrick Douglas(?)

  • JTC

    So, DJT in an hour-long press conference announces he will be lead litigator in a a Yuge 1st Amendment class action lawsuit targeting Big Tech restraint of speech.

    That’s nice, but too little too late DT.

    And no mention at all of the restraint of 2A rights, without which the first one is irrelevant? Not the big announcement we hoped for, and not the decisive, immediate, even violent action the vestige of the Republic must have to survive.

    • Henry

      Frankly, DJT would not be the proper one to talk about retraing of 2A rights. Not in view of his bump stock fiasco.

  • James/G

    Biden-Harris are calling out the National guard to to stop Elsa…

    Someone told them Elsa will disrupt government operations…

    … Pelosi, AOC, and the rest of the DNC/PLD arehiding under their desks until security can whisk them away…

  • Punta Gorda

    “BMI challenged”

    ROFLOL!!! Ain’t it the truth.

  • merle

    IIRC, mom is only half Japanese. That would make the girls 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 white….


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