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  • Too Tall

    Thank you, Chris.

    Nailed it, just like Kiko shattered her Momโ€™s turkey.

    • GWB

      Ummmm…. I think she shot it once it was on the ground. Because I don’t think it ever flew. (I would find skeet a lot easier if you rolled the discs instead of flinging them in the air.)

      • Randy

        Well it must have flown since Zed is looking upwards in the final panel.

        • Henry

          Ever shot Sporting Clays? They got rabbits!

      • JTC

        Zed might be looking up at God. Good idea.

  • JTC

    One percent in two days?

    At this rate we’ll never get to the mud hole.

    Speaking of “family pull”, it’s time to do it.

  • Jim Verdolini

    Great WMRP in Cincinnati allusion..

    • John M.

      OH! I knew Sam’s line sounded familiar! It took me a second, even after reading your comment. but wasn’t it WKRP?

      • Jim Verdolini

        Yes, my typing is only surpassed by my spelling…

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      That’s “WKRP”. But that’s an easy slip of the thumb if you’re typing on a pad touch screen.
      And good shootin’, Just as glad I’m not on the receiving end of that load of birdshot.

    • James F Gemind

      WKRP actually…:)

      I always liked Les Nessman’s part in that, where he comes in and tells the staff what happened;

      ‘It was almost like… they were organized…’

      • Chris Muir

        I went to University of Cincinnati.

    • Rob Horine

      If Chris is going to steal a line. Steal the best sit-com line ever. RIP Gordon Jump aka The Big Guy.

  • kadaka

    Chris has drawn himself into a quandary, with these two nice young girls he has to avoid drawing “Epstein-esque”. This will put a damper on things.

    “But Mom, what do you and your friends do at the swimming hole that we can’t come along?”

    “Well we take off all our clothes, and enjoy the view, and…”

    Meanwhile the ICE raids are to begin, and New York City is strangely plunged into darkness, allowing people to move around in the Sanctuary City without surveillance, fleeing and hiding. Purely coincidental, you’d have to be the NYC mayor running for President to think you could get away with disaccommodating millions of legal citizens just to piss off some federal agents.

    • eon

      Or the mayor of Chicago, whose diktats to CPD and etc. about “#Resistance at all costs” would have been called insurrection even as recently as the last administration.

      (Can you imagine the reaction if a mayor had said that they were “resisting” anything The One ordered?)

      Let’s not get into what it would have been like a century or so ago.

      As novelist L.P. Hartley once said, the past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.

      clear ether


    • JTC

      Hmm. Don’t agree that the existence of evil in the world should alter the normal behavior of young ones on the cusp between childhood and womanhood. Nor should it affect Chris’ depictions of family life. We do overload here on the evil and there is a lot of it, but it is not the norm and life cannot be lived stifled by the unlikely possibility of being touched by it. These particular girls are certainly in no immediate danger; their handling of those guns shows they have been versed in situational awareness, how to use the tools of defense, and both daddy and mama raptors are vigilant. They are being taught not fear but freedom and confidence, a beautiful thing not to be diminished by the unlikely prospect they will be touched by the evil in the world…but any that cross the line should be punished by and with a method decided by their dad.

      And in the end of course there is no quandary that can be drawn into that cannot be drawn out of. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh, and the moms just need some alone time, no further discussion at this time…that’s a lesson young women have to learn too.

  • John M.

    Is it just the aspect of the panel, or are the girls taller than Sam now?

    • eon

      I don’t know, but Keiko is taller than the length of a 28-inch-barreled trap gun, which is about four feet long overall. So she’s around five feet herself.

      They grow up so fast.

      clear ether


    • JTC

      Well the first girl ain’t a foot taller than her mama or a foot and a half taller than her twin, she’s in the foreground. So yeah, aspect.

      Tough to draw three dimensions in two, but CM does it well.

  • MommaMackie

    Sam’s turkeys MUST fly, if there’s still a past Thanksgiving bird still wedged in the rafters of the barn! Good shooting, baby girl!

  • JTC

    DT upped the response on ice raids…”go back to the shitholes you came from and fix their problems before you come to the greatest place on the planet to “fix” ours.”

    I might have paraphrased slightly, but it was a beautiful thing.

    • JTC

      Addressing that of course to elected insurgents and traitors in congress.

    • Exactly so!

  • Spin Drift

    For gosh sakes Chris, you said that Zed was a “Parker” man and his progeny is shooting autoloaders (spit). Now if the break action in the back is a Grade 6 SBT, then all is forgiven.

    Butt, body, beak, bang!

    • kadaka

      Autoloader? Panel 2 clearly shows the magazine tube as she racks the slide. Besides, maybe there’s practice with a Stryker-12 coming up. Those future drone swarms will be tough to defeat with a break-open double.

  • JTC

    It does look a bit off but I can’t be sure that’s not a single bbl trap. Then again I can’t explain the end cap in panel one or the bottom tube in panel two so…

    • They gots tonsaguns! And, Sam/Skye were raised in Japan (where families hot tub nude) Naomi/Jan in Europe, Latin America (topless), Jo in a lab,(lotsa glass) so they’re all used to it. But I am guessing the daughters will not be allowed as they are raised here.

      • JTC

        Yes because in those cultures they are just nude but here we are hoping the wimminz gets NEKKID and maybe misbehave, not the time and place for the girls, yet.

  • Pamela

    Is that an 8 gauge or a 12 gauge she’s shooting and is she shooting slugs?

    • JTC

      You can tell it’s a twelve gauge; makes the eleven gauge look like a cap pistol.

      • kadaka

        Dafuq? The 11 gauge as with this ultra-rare Parker double is larger than 12, between 10 and 12.

        10 and even 8 gauge were being used more to get better results with mandated steel shot. Offhand I think the loads got better since I don’t hear much about them anymore, but I don’t read much on weaponry.

        • JTC

          One of the funniest quotes in the history of teevee, especially since it was written by someone who would not be expected to grok such obscurity let alone the humor of it…


          • kadaka

            And yet despite not recalling that at all, I do not feel the least bit deprived.

          • JTC

            Certainly both an obscure bit and arcane subject matter, which was the hilarious and ironic genius of it. This NYC Jew who would probably tremble at the thought of holding a gun, was writing words into the mouths of actors as leftist as he is, almost as throwaway humor that would be gotten by a subsection of viewers, and he did that a lot. So awesome.

            So you were obviously deprived, but not any more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • kadaka

            And the comment that could’ve come from Seinfeld’s character himself sails over the wall in the 9th as JTC celebrates his win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cz93x62

    I’m thinking “Benelli M4 variant” as far as the shotgun goes.

  • James F Gemind

    How old are the girls now? It seems to me they should be around sixteen, but without going into the archives, I can’t be sure…

    • James F Gemind

      Okay. Closest I can come to their age is about 11 years old, and it looks like the girls are as tall as Sam, which means they’ll likely be as tall as Zed by the time they reach sixteen.

      I will note that Kiko as a baby, Singing ‘Obama is a ding-dong’ had the cutest eyes…

      Yes I went through the archives, you guys are welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chris Muir

        Ages actually fluctuate, they age differently than us. I was younger than Zed when I started in 2002. I’m gonna say now that Zed is 50,
        Sam is 47, Skye 43, Damon 43, Jan 41, Kiko and Mari are…13.Because…I can do this!

        • JTC

          Would that we could script concepts like time and dimension here in the fourth one. ..65 next month. :I

        • Merle

          That’s a good enough reason…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kafiroon

    Girl has got to be good. Initial acceleration of Sam’s ballistic turkeys should be awesome.
    Do they launch like a cannon shot or are they liquid fueled launched and continued acceleration?
    Cannon shot would be fast launch.

  • kadaka

    Mayor de Blasio is violating any oath he ever gave to uphold the US Constitution. Cops have been sternly ordered to not give ANY assistance to ICE, agents could be bleeding out on the ground and they’d be lucky to get 911 to send an ambulance when it’s safe. Cops have been ordered to immediately report in any signs of an ICE raid, NYC Immigrant Affairs makes sure the illegals are kept safe, “Where you were born does not matterโ€”when you’re here, you’re a New Yorker.” De Blasio is happily tweeting ICE was 0 for 3 yesterday on “confirmed” activity, nothing so far today.

    Does he realize giving out enough info to avoid raids is supplying enough to set up ambushes of law enforcement? An armed Antifa nut did just attack the Tacoma ICE detention facility, more is expected.

    PS: Con Ed canโ€™t explain what caused the Manhattan blackout
    Complete mystery!

  • Stephanie Osborn


    I’m dyin’ over here, Chris!

  • JTC

    So just because DT told some harsh truth to the Gang of Four on Twatter, I mean Twitter, today they supposedly got RacistInChief “trending”.

    But, giving them the benefit of the doubt and acknowledging that English is not their native language, I think they just misspelled Realist.

  • Pamela

    So when is Auntie Naomi going to teach the girls knife fighting and throwing?

    • JTC

      Blade lessons come after some solid instruction in krav maga. Break a mofo’s neck and you ain’t gotta cut him…but the two are not mutually exclusive methods, so why not employ both?

      • Pamela

        Ah yes both is good. So are Anatomy lessons ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • John M.

    Just noticed something – in the first panel, Kiko is holding her shotgun in a “High Port” position for a left-handed shooter, but in the second panel, she’s in a right-handed firing stance… that transition must be kinda awkward, and Heaven knows WHAT she may have unintentionally covered while doing it…

    • JTC

      Good eye, a mirror image slipped past the host I think.

      But, she’s out front so probably just swept their desert range.

      Still, sharp pick.

  • David Grimes

    Les Nesman, we miss you.


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