Day By Day


  • JTC

    Dayummm (as in Day by Dayummm).

    Civvies or skivvies, that can fall out in front of me anytime.

    Did I mention I’m an Ass Man? 🙂

    • PaulS

      Funny, I’ve never ‘mentioned’ it, but I have been ‘told’ I am.

      • JTC

        A reference to a linked ASSMAN Seinfeld skit from a decade or three ago…hilarious. And true for me. 😉

  • NotYetInACamp

    We live to serve.

    • John M.

      Just remember – “To Serve Man” can have several connotations, a la Twilight Zone. “Fried Green Tomatoes” anyone?

  • B Woodman

    With the “uniform” that Sam designed, it’s difficult to envision anything staying IN. (yum).

  • B Woodman

    Just because you can cook the haute cuisine, doesn’t mean that’s what the management and new menu wants. And it takes time to learn how to do any new (to you) cooking food and method. So don’t feel neglected, or pushed aside. For now, go with the flow Look, listen, learn. Your turn will come again. Be an asset. Not an ass (wait. . . . .)

  • KenH

    You gonna use a chef as a waitress??
    Yeah, this wont end in disaster

    • eon

      Of course, out on the floor she’s handy in case they need a bouncer. Say, if a bunch of PETA/Vegan twits rush the door to do their blood-throwing “Meat Is Murder!” thing.

      Or if some “refugees” come in to demonstrate against the haraam menu. (Does Mossad have a distinctive battle-cry they’d recognize, just before they get pounded into couscous?)



      • Malatrope


      • KenH

        What’s Hebrew for “dodge this”…

  • Greg B

    This talk of brisket make me hungry.
    And there isn’t any place in this god forsaken state that does good brisket.
    With the crispy burnt up end bits.

  • WayneM

    So many skills, so many thrills… and it appears the mysterious Travis might become a regular. I wonder what he brings to the table besides culinary skills?

    • Excellent question.

  • Big Jim

    Well I can hardly wait to see where this goes….and I love brisket!

  • Bill M

    Mmmmm, brisket.

  • Wait, what? Naomi was doing it all already, wasn’t she? Primarily kitchen, yes, but I’m a bit confused at the moment. Staying tuned, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel tomorrow…

    • Greg B

      And honestly, Zed seems somewhat dismissive of Naomi’s culinary skills.
      Or is that just me?

  • Pete231

    Gird your loins, men, and your pork butts, too……

  • Grape

    Are those golden cheeks male or female?

    “My black cod?” That generates an image I’d rather not eat.

    • JTC

      What??? You are one rotten grape! :/

    • John M.

      “Blackened, Naomi, BLACKENED!!! …and isn’t it usually Redfish?

      • S Hooks

        Actually, there is a cod species called black cod. It’s also sometimes referred to as sablefish.

  • Bill G

    Fallout? Known in Hollyweird as ‘costume malfunctions’.

  • Pamela

    Travis might make good Burnt Ends, but a meal includes sides and a really fine dessert(s).
    The civvies and their lack of falling out is wise considering some in the area that think nothing of trespassing into personal space. Well concealed gives more cover to carry implements.

      • KenH

        When photographing scantily clad women, one I know christened that look as “underboob” or “sideboob” 🙂

    • Arkay

      Miss Pamela, if the burnt ends are good enough, that IS the meal…

      • Pamela

        Ends are not a meal in my book.
        A meal has at least tequila, plus a sweet

        • billf

          Pamela,would you settle for bourbon and pie? Are you free for dinner on Sat nite?

  • Gus Bailey

    Oh goodie.

  • This new guy and little or nothing known about his background is just a bit confuzzling. Something is not right. The six principles here have the contacts and capacity to know for sure just who they are dealing with, but they are not looking? Hmmph!

  • RooftopVoter


    I see some serious tension between the mysterious visitor and the Ex-Mossad agent………..

    This could be interesting.

  • Spin Drift

    What is it with story arcs from left field? I thought for sure that the DCFS was going to show up at the Ice Cream parlor to take the kids after Sam threatened to spank her brood. Now that would have been good. We would probably get to see the pink ‘Vette again.

    As already stated I thought Naomi was already cooking?

    Spin Drift
    Eláte kai párte ta paidiá
    War Damn Eagle

    • Chris Muir

      I’ll do the writing,Spin.That ok?

      • NotYetInACamp

        That’s funny. I got a laugh. Thanks.

      • Spin Drift

        Yes Sir, No problem Sir, Won’t happen again Sir! No really, if I blew a story arc, I’m sorry.


        • Chris Muir


    • Old Codger

      They are out in far west Texas. You know; “Miles and miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles and miles”? They were probably a good distance from the county seat where the nearest DCFS office might be. There is a good chance that thee isn’t a DCFS office in that county. Also, outside of the big leftist areas – Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin – most people would not blink at such a threat from a mom. Most of Texas is serious “spare the rod and spoil the child” country.

    • eclark1849

      I don’t think the DCFS has either the manpower or armory to get to THOSE kids.

  • 'TreHammer

    …from my point of view…:-D…the DBD graphics envelope just got pushed a little further…

  • Kafiroon

    Naomi. Cooking or not she is Smokin!

  • capn

    Oh man, I adore yoga pants on slim fit women!
    Wait! was that out loud? I guess I’ve blown my nice guy cover?

    Do Not tell me where Naomi has her EDC stashed when wearing those yoga pants. It’s got to be in a loose top we can’t see in this view.

    • Pamela


      Be thankful Naomi does not require port and starboard running lights whilst wearing her yoga pants. She at least understands the laws of physics, and does not try to compress more mass into a smaller space.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Yes. Naomi wears them well.

  • Delilah T.

    OH, if only the PETA-vegan people would show up! If only, just so that someone could let them know they’ll all end up with calcium-depletion-related bone loss by the time they’re 60. Crumble away to dust!

    When will stuff like food, pets, and weather no longer be deemed religious choices? When? I only ask, because I had a battle with the ants this morning (Hey, it’s MY house! Piss off!) and I won.

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