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  • KenH

    I am sorry
    But I just cant laugh

    • No shit, right?

  • JTC

    “Texas ain’t New York Honey.”

    Or Californicate.

    Lots of places ain’t. Yet. But if it’s Hillz, we soon might as well all be. So it’s time to plan to break that “control”, by breaking the ties that bind. And the capitol of the New Republic would absolutely be Big T. It won’t be easy, and will likely be quite ugly, God forbid, even bloody. But it may be the only way.

    • Agreed, but what must be done must be done. I don’t want it, but I will if I must. The truly baffling thing is that they seem too stupid, or too narcissistic, to believe it’s possible. Uhm, check the numbers dear. The FBI statistics.

  • Bill G

    OK, what’s up in the Sweet Shop?

  • NotYetInACamp

    There’s a whole lot of control going on.
    We need to lose a whole lot of control.
    The Forcing is strong on us now.

    Help us O B Don …..

  • noncom

    Texas will become overpopulated if they decide to do what they are allowed…just do us all a solid and make the capitol somewhere outside of Austin….

  • eon

    They will “tolerate” you living-and dying-exactly as they demand.

    You may notice, they want to impose a $1000/per tax on buying a gun. This will disarm the majority of the law-biding citizenry, but not even be noticed by them, their paid gunsels, or criminals. Who will continue to rob, rape, and kill at random, because that’s their “culture”, which we are supposed to “respect”.

    They want to prosecute any group that disagrees with them on “climate change”. Not just that it exists, but what to do about it. I want to know why they’re simultaneously anti-fossil fuel, anti-nuclear, and anti-hydropower, if “carbon-neutral” is their goal. My SWAG is that their real goal is a Stone Age world.

    And they don’t really want to erase “gender differences”. They just want their constituencies- like NAMBLA- to be able to troll for victims legally. As part of their obsession with erasing a culture they hate- ours- from history.

    And when they get everything they want, and we are all enslaved, or dead, they will still not be satisfied with their Utopia. Because ultimately, none of them can tolerate the idea that anybody else exists. Even each other.

    In the end, they will annihilate themselves. While screaming that they have the One True Way To Enlightenment.

    Not that it will matter to anybody else at that point.

    clear ether


    • Delilah T.

      eon, dear, “they” who wanted that persecution are now being investigated themselves. Google AG Lynch and Shukla and read up on it.

      I have seldom seen anything as nasty as the politics and corruption erupting out of the arguments about climate change (among other things). Galilelo is laughing up his sleeve right now.

      • Ed Woods

        Unfortunately, most of the investigating is being done by them.

        • Delilah T.

          No, it isn’t. It’s being done by a Republican.

          • JTC

            Like the man sais, “them”. Not a nickel’s worth of difference these days…to wit: can you imagine the apoplexy by the dims AND the gopes at this discussion thread re The New Republic?

          • Delilah T.

            Yes. Watching them collapse into piles of blubbering, sobbing slime would be a treat, wouldn’t it? You’re right – there’s not much difference, but the Repub leading that investigation in October is Lamar Smith (R-TX), and ‘they’ are looking at how much cash went into Shukla’s pockets.
            Lo-o-ots of cash… lo-o-ots of it.

  • Iconoclast

    Miserably hot weather not withstanding, take it to the bank I will be on my way to TX within a week of secession. Or die fighting to get there.

    Live Free or Die!

    • JTC

      “Live Free or Die!”

      Yep, maybe the New Hamsters who still live by that credo will bring it with them to the New Republic centered in Big T.

      An interesting side benefit of the NR is that “we” will virtually control the southern border, leaving only the Baja for invaders to squeeze in…but by the time we are Sovereign, it might be outvaders trying to squeeze through from LALA land back south. There are actually quite a few Patriots still stranded in Cali (I deal with some of them on gunnie issues; they are sick at what has happened to their home), so it might even be that they could at some point join the Republic.

      Wouldn’t that be something, ultimately we could emcompass a Ring of Fire from VA wrapping all the way around to OR.

    • Texas is already majority non-White, and will not be seceding from the Judeo-globalist ZOG. We – excluding you neoConz/cucks, who are part of the problem – will either take it all back, via exterminative mass violence, or lose all, by the same means

      • JTC

        Please elaborate on the “we” you speak of; numbers, locations, ideologies. etc. I mean beyond the obvious one nutball on a keyboard.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Texas won its independence by means of the free minded people there doing so. It was a mix of Texans, Mexicans, Tejanos, Texicans, Tennesseans, Americans, and others who were disgusted with the Mexican corruption, totalitarianism and oppression.

          By law, all invaders may or shall be expelled from invaded land. Texas can choose who will stay. Texas can choose its citizens. unlike the UN demands, all who are there are not citizens and do not have a vote. that is how Kosovo was lost to invaders. The same with other nations. Lebanon was majority Christian 100 years ago. Now they will be lucky if they stay alive for a few years longer.

          Funny about those nutballs, they often have other agendas.

  • If you look at a map, there is a solid swath of Red from the Gulf coast through Montana and the Dakotas up through Alberta, Sask, Manitoba and the NWTs’.If you don’t believe our Canadian Cousins too, just read Small Dead Animals. Do you know what this will mean? There will be a little part of the USA on the North and North East coast and North West coast, a bit of frogland in the upper middle, and some Mexico on the lower Pacific. There is no military installation or production facility that is not duplicated in this new middle area. As far a finances are concerned, a stock market can be quickly moved. How much gold is mined in NY and DC. Notice I wrote mined, not stolen. Then, we can let the bastards freeze in the dark using all the energy produced by their snowflakes.

    • NotYetInACamp

      A map of congressional district results 2014

      Eliminate some of the urban areas and they have no power.

      De Tocqueville was right. The US will have problems when its cities become as corrupt as European cities were back then (and now). We are in that problem time.

    • Ed Woods

      Washington state has only 4-5 counties out of 39 that are solidly left. Oregon is in about the same condition with 35 counties. Those areas could find themselves suddenly isolated.

  • eclark1849

    You know, I know a lot of guys would probably be okay with it, but I’m not one of them. I don’t want to see a woman spreading her legs wide in shorts or a short skirt either. Oddly enough, I’m okay with it if she’s wearing long pants.

    • steveb919

      Well I like to see women any way they want to present themselves.

  • “Whup your butts!” That’s why I, like many readers, love Sam so.
    Of course in this day and age, she might get accused of child abuse.
    Sadly, if a few more kids got the same butt whuppin us grouchy old farts did as kids the world would be a much better place.

    • Delilah T.

      Ah! If someone had just spanked the shit out of that jackass in the White House, we might not be in the pickle we’re in right now, right?

      Anything is possible.

  • rickn8or

    In the end, they will annihilate themselves. While screaming that they have the One True Way To Enlightenment.

    That makes me smile.

    • JTC

      Me too rick, until I re-read eon’s previous paragraph:

      “…when they get everything they want, and we are all enslaved, or dead.”

      I’ll be doing my part to save them the trouble of annihilating themselves, by doing it for them before they enslave or kill me.

  • WayneM

    A thought just occurred to me (evidence I am not left-wing) as I was reading through today’s comic.

    Here in Canada, the loudest and therefore most sacred of the enviro-wackos is a geneticist who specialized in fruit flies (I wish I was kidding) named David Suzuki. For years, the left-leaning state broadcaster CBC employed Suzuki who hosted a show called “The Nature of Things” and he has a charitable organization called the David Suzuki Foundation.

    He has the left-wing trifecta; 1) he is educated even if his doctorate is not related whatsoever to environmental sciences, 2) he is ethnic (Japanese immigrant) and 3) he is a victim (his family was interned during WWII). If Suzuki was female, I’m confident the climate change cult would force him to run for office.

    ANYWAY, back to my thought, in the past few years, Suzuki kept openly claiming the previous Prime Minister of Canada was planning legislation to persecute environmentalists for undermining the economic wellbeing of Canada. He even went so far as to create a uniquely bizarre bit of theatre where Suzuki pretended to be on trial for sedition.

    I never understood the point of such theatrics… but I just realized is that it was psychological projection. Crazy people often project and accuse others around them of the kind of bizarre behaviour they’re thinking of trying to see what the reaction would be.

    The plan by the left is to create these micro-offences and condition the proletariate to report such so they can create the police state they’ve always desired out of “offences” like man-spreading, fart-rape and whatever wacky nonsense they imagine.

    Folks, we need to turn the bus around… start denormalizing the behaviour of the left by calling them out on it at every opportunity…

  • Pamela

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Delilah T.

    Someone please tell me when science returned to the arena of politics? I thought that was settled when Galileo was put under permanent house arrest.

    Did I miss something? I’m beginning to feel sort of van Winkle-ish. Maybe the Amish were right – stick to the old ways ’cause, honey, the world you knew is coming to an end.

    That’s enough dismal for me today.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Persecution for fact finding is all what science in the progressive world and spheres of influence is all about. Any and all sciences as dubious as they may be.
      Ben Stein did a great documentary years ago about how professors were being culled out of the universities across the world who did not believe certain progressive dogma.

      The lib is right and wrong. Her sister needs to lose some control over the kids. (She is reacting to the loud sluurrppss. She also needs to lose almost all of the control the progressive governments are imposing on us in the international, national, state, and local levels. So while the progressively indoctrinated one is right about letting the kids have some rein, she is unknowing right about the big picture, though she never meant lose the control the big picture is imposing. there is a little bit of good in all of us. We just have to also see the big picture.

    • Delilah T.

      Galileo was mostly right, but the Pope and his cronies didn’t want to hear it. They (again with ‘THEY’) had to apologize 350 years later, after Galileo died in his house.

      How many times must this Mobius strip be traced, anyway?

      The worst control freaks are the liberal idjits. Worse than Darth Vader.

      • NotYetInACamp

        We (collective we) are, unfortunately, just so much more efficient and all encompassing at what people will force their control over. All in the name of good, they will say. That particular road keeps cropping up.

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