Day By Day


  • Kafiroon

    Fox; explain something to the chickens for me.


  • JTC

    Can you say “anatomically correct”? Whoa Jo!

    As for discipline, call Dad.

    Oh, you mean SELF-discipline. Jan’s done pretty well I think, and working on dissecting the liberal lies. Good role model for the girls. And leave the FaceTime on.

    • Punta Gorda

      Can’t be said enough.

      “Ride eternal, Shiny and Chrome!” 😀

    • GWB

      Yes, VERY nice view of Jo!
      (Too bad we couldn’t Suzy in there, too.)

    • MasterDiver

      Hey, my Facetime is UP HERE!

      Zar Belk!

    • JTC

      Well those things are certainly all true of Jan even though that’s NOT Jan in the ‘toon (helluva resemblance since you can’t see her other slits (eyes).

      But with Naomi you get a whole different set of disciplines like how to kill a BH six ways with your bare hands while drop dead gorgeous.

      And that last part is key. Leave the FunTime I mean FaceTime running for the full effect of the demonstration.

      Besides, the girls are 13 and have no doubt made hundreds of trips and dips in that skinny dipping pond with their skinny dipping fam.

  • Too Tall

    Sam’s timing is impeccable as always.

    Although, one notes she didn’t have Zed call Skye, Naomi, and Jan.

  • WayneM

    With her particular background, Naomi can likely explain the need for discipline in ways uniquely suited to raising fine safety conscious & self-aware young ladies…

    Not sure I agree with shutting off FaceTime though… other than to prevent the inevitable breaches of privacy by Lord Zuckerberg and his leftist minions.

  • John M

    Jo’s attention to detail with her persona is amazing! What about internal details like heartbeat, pulmonary sounds and… um…

  • Pete231

    Oh, that chromoly dolly, yeouzahh!

    • Jack92

      Pete231 > Ee Yeouzahh!! came to my mind also!!!

  • ExNuke

    I don’t think it is “FACE” time Sam is trying to avoid. And probably counter-productive. Has anyone ever known a teen that at some point didn’t automatically rebel against anything they were told was not a good idea?

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      The harder you draw on the reins, the more they will buck and rear.

    • PaulS

      Teen?!? Does it ever stop? 😉

  • Mike-SMO

    Well! I finally understand R2D2…..

    • GWB

      Beep. Beep. Whirrrrrrrr. BLEEEEEEPPP!

  • Jack92

    *Above* ….. Makes me love Mondays!!

  • Dread

    So in theory, Jo is… could… would… DAYUMN!

  • Bill G

    Oh, my stars and garters! Whaddyuknow, I’ve got even more perversions than I realized.

  • Bill Willett

    Long may you run,
    Long may you run,
    With your chrome heart shining in the Sun,
    Long may you run…..

  • Kafiroon

    I’ve seen what we call ‘Chrome Domes’ and Chrome bumpers, even a pair of Chrome vise grips. Butt Chrome…

  • DogByte6RER

    NO … NO … NO … do not turn off Facetime!

    Facetime promotes “social distancing.”

    We’re trying to save lives here … heh.

  • PaulS

    Summertime ice cave! Oops

  • RodAlan

    Naomi’s was the first bare breast to appear in this strip, years ago now, and I remember the shock and delight of it.

  • Pamela

    Well, Give the Darwin Award to the Curious Male that has a go at Jo.
    Imagine her doing Kegels with a variable temperature and squeeze.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    I say turn the FaceTime “off”. Or get dressed before Face Timing.
    One, less distracting to whatever Naomi will be teaching.
    Two, Don’t want to appear the hypocrite, saying, “no you (the twins) shouldn’t”, while yes, you (Naomi) are. And, “because I say so” doesn’t work well for young defiant intelligent teens.

    • JTC

      Couldn’t agree less this time TDRSAHBW…

      What is hypocritical is pretending the ladies are not at the pond relaxing nude together as they have for the twins whole lives.

      As to topless girls, what I’m sure was so natural and free for them romping naked with the fam is different when they reach that stage of development and a second dimension of nakedness that’s for Mom to teach and decide. Understandable for mixed company but when it’s all ladies either at the pond or down at Granny’s I cannot see the issue.

      When the twins hit 18 though, it’s for them to decide. And not just in Argentina.

    • interventor

      However, taking away their high tech toys and allowances, works!

  • epilitimus

    As hard as it is to get my eyes to focus above mid panel I’m fairly certain that’s Skye in panel 2. Naomi has blonde hair. Only brunette at the swimming hole is Skye.

    • Merle

      you seem to forget – Naomi had dark hair back when they were remodeling the bar…

    • Oldarmourer

      or, in honour of St George’s Day, since saying
      “I’m proud to be English” on the National holiday
      is considered to be hate speech on facebook now
      so no more saying “Proud to be American” on the 4th

    • Oh. Shit. YES!!!!!!!! This was what I listened to then, and it still rings my heart!!!!!!!

    • Too Tall

      A song about a bicycle?

      Although Stacia is “interesting,” is a Skye sort of way.

  • Pamela

    Er, maybe Jo can head Joe’s way and let’s see what happens

    • JTC

      I think Joe’s got somebody else’s arm up his ass right now…seriously look at that ugly mug and tell me that’s not him!

      One of Dunham’s best leading up to the ’16 election…”ends up being between two old white guys”…HA!

      Come to think of it, not much has changed.

      • Jeff Dunham absolutely ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Poppa_T

    la niña bonita!


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