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  • DogByte6RER

    Yeah but beware … Biden is going to hire some 80000+ additional IRS agents.

    The IRS will claw back that $50K in a New York minute!

    What Big Government gives … Big Government takes away …

  • I think I still have some old gun industry freelancer press credentials somewhere…would that work to get my fifty g’s?

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Where/How do I sign up to become a DeMSM presstitute?
    (kidding! my soul, reputation, and self esteem is worth more then that)

  • Henry

    How else is the Democrat propaganda arm going to get paid?

    • John

      The propaganda arm is owned by the Military Industrial Complex.
      It gets paid by Government Contracts doled out by the Progressive Fascist government to its campaign contributors. Its not obvious how this comes about until you study the musical chair corporate board system. The same people who get the contracts are directing the “news”.
      And I define Fascism the same way Mussolini did, as a merger of Corporation and State. It _is_ a socialist movement that disregards any notions of Individual Rights. Their so-called Rights are merely privileges bestowed by the State and withdrawn just as easily.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    DeMSM, pronounced “Dem-ess-em”.

  • Bill G

    The Democrat Media Complex is all about pressing The Narrative. Facts are incidental, as is consistency of The Narrative. Which is how we’ve arrived at Segregation to Fight Racism.

    • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

      Shouldn’t that be ‘facts are coincidental’, when it comes to the narrative?

      I’m actually a little amazed at how they will continue with the narrative after being proven absolutely false.
      “Never give up the con!” Must be their motto.

      • The Nth Doctor

        “Only Goodfacts which support the Ministry-approved Narrative exist. These doubleplusungood realfacts do not support the Ministry’s Narrative; therefore, they do not exist.”

  • Mike-SMO

    Looks like a person has to be a member of a Democratic/Leftist.Progressibe “group” to get your cut of the take. “Individual” need not apply.

    Rittenhouse was a individual who defended himself and “his” town. He is not a “groupie”. The Waukesha “mass murderer” is one of the Leftist groups, so it qualifies. The Left/Democrats have a simple view of the world consisting of groups/categories. President Trump, fo whatever his failings, knew that “groups” were artificial concepts and that “groups” were made of individuals with many different skills and opinions. He was cut off by the managerial elite who have a skill set worthy of a Leftist/Democrat/Progressive. Sure money now is better that th risk of building/investing/creating. The GOPe was a perfect match for the category Leftists. They think alike. They fear the individual who might or might not support the defined “group”. The individual is scarey to the “White Board” academic, and the Leftist. They are all cool with groups like the proletariat. The “dim” ghetto dweller is the best that they can come up with so any irrational action like the Waukesha murders are fine with them. Not so fine with the “normies”.

    Maybe the “normies” will realize that the blood on the street is what they have been voting for. Lots of cash to the Democratic Media propagandists makes a lot of sense. Maybe, if the propagandists are doing their job, the “normies” will not notice all the blood.

    • cb

      “blood on the street is what they have been voting for” – Indeed: Waukesha D.A. Designed Bail Reforms And Said They Were ‘Guaranteed’ To Kill Innocent People

      • NotYetInACamp

        Remember the enemy argument that if (Put idea proposed, bail, clean air, shut down coal, experimental medical treatment, untested vaccines, jabs, lockdowns, put us in the matrix tubs, free (sic) money, etc.) it will save just one life, then we must do it. Impose control on the people, they say.
        There he even admitted that it would kill more people.

  • eon

    To paraphrase Mr. Punch

    It is useless to attempt to twist

    Or bribe the Mainstream Journalist

    But considering what that worthy’ll do

    Unbribed, there’s no occasion to.

    clear ether


  • brodder

    Anything on the Massachusetts government ordering delays of ” optional” surgeries? Who’s gonna judge what is optional? Seems dems gonna make death panels they said Republicans were guilty of with Obama care.

  • Halley

    To simultaneously shut down the vote count in 5 States on election night – that’s a massively well-planned, co-ordinated operation, which means there are people out there right now, both D and R, who know exactly who was behind it and who gave the orders to commence the Big Steal at 10pm. Which in turn means: whatever methods The Coup is using to keep potential whistleblowers (dozens, hundreds?) silenced must be very, very terrifying indeed…

    I keep coming back to the critical, central role Fake News MUST have had in the heist, which entails marching orders given far in advance of Nov.3. They were ready and waiting. Skye News has her work cut out for her ; )

    • JTC

      “…a massively well-planned, co-ordinated operation.”

      Yes indeed. Any who believe and disseminate that the whole operation is random, clueless, and inept are ironically defining their own response to the real real control behind the operation…and it certainly ain’t xiden and co.

      Dead on too (as it were) about the efficacy of their threat machine that has silenced those you mention and goes further -much further- to freeze the hearts and minds of all who would threaten the narrative, our “conservative” politicians, operatives, and scotus included.

      You can’t stop the threat if you deny that it exists.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I have gotten the argument from highly intelligent leftists that all of these things happening are not conspiracies, but the natural flow of people and their development. That we are nothing and have no effect on the world. That antifa does not exist. One did say that the Rittenhouse verdict was a correct decision by a jury.
        Some I do not know if they are serious or just believe in always following their part in the battle. I act as though they are part of the planned 2020 Democrat coup.
        The 10PM coordinated actions across the states is, to me and thinking people, beyond any reasonable likelihood of a random act. I concluded and understand that I must be living under an actual illegitimate government. I keep my action within legal and constitutional methods. Given the current people in government I hope they see as a nothing not worthy of their time to illegally or unconstitutionally or immorally crush. I have noted so many over the years that have suffered from tyrannical action. Truth is only a hope to defend oneself from them in many situations.
        It must be noted that the infiltration of groups attempting to exchange in the free exchange of ideas and legal actions has expanded from people just trying to be left alone to parents attending school board meetings and opposing the teaching of perversion to pliable minds and those who object to the Franklin school’s Marcuse, Horkheimer, and Adorno’s Marxist theories and sexual methods, have been requested by those in the government to be watched and treated as domestic terrorists.
        Time does march on, but not always for the best. That is why individual people must act alone or in groups as Americans stating truth.

  • Dread

    Looks like Jan has a firm position. No flip flopping seen here. And right up front with everything too!

    • Duckhunter

      Ah, yes. Yes indeed. Lawyers are an endangered species. We need more of them before they become extinct. Ah, yes…

      Buck Joe Fiden

  • Halley

    Saw this on a T-shirt: “Trust God and Chill”
    No better advice imaginable today.

    ps. just finished a stunning (and stunningly spiritual) novel about the first Puritan settlers in New England and, among much else, their relationship with the Indians. “The Winthrop Woman” (Anya Seton). 11 out of 10 stars.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all DBD co-conspirators : )

    • NotYetInACamp

      I know descendants of the early, not first, Plymouth settler voyagers, One descendant is the first female to graduate college in her lineage,

      Happy Thanksgiving, co-conspirators. It’s fun, but serious.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Speaking of propaganda, the most seen movie in the world is now the telling of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir from the point of view of the Maoist Chinese.
    Complete with truths, half-truths and lies.
    Made to appeal to the Chinese patriot and inspire other Chinese to become one.
    It is a bloody battle no matter how it is told.
    Is Uncle Joe Xiden showing it on Thanksgiving Weekend at billionaire David Rubenstein’s private compound on the posh island The home where one of the last

    The 13-acre compound owned by billionaire Carlyle group co-founder David Rubenstein on Nantucket Harbor is worth about $20 million. The location of 13,000-square-foot home is historic as it’s called Abram’s Point off the Polpis Road – named after one of the last surviving Native American Wampanoag race, Abram Quary.

    The large Biden grifter family will get their Thanksgiving dinner from chef Bill Puder at his Faregrounds Restaurant. Enjoy your Stouffer Turkey and stuffing frozen dinner, regular Americans, if that is where Biden policies have placed you.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Piss off, nutters, is my new response to Salvation Army. I have worked with them in the past and helped them in doing the right thing. they have been overrun by the nutters. The Salvation Army has been purged it appears and the cloaks dropped to reveal evil.

    • eon

      I’m sorry, but no nickels in their kettles from me this year.

      When an ostensibly Christian organization behaves in such an un-Christian manner, I class them along with Oral Roberts and the Bakkers.

      As in, goodbye.

      clear ether


      • cb

        Agree. They act as if we invented slavery instead of ending it.

      • Kafiroon

        I am even going to be so Whyte Peepo Kristan Raaysist, that I’m going to tell the “Bell ringers” I will not give after all these many years because I’m positive they will not want my Raaysist money.


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