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  • merle

    Well, at least that one isn’t in orbit….

    • JTC

      Well the girls got the metallurgical bit down, now for power…Ready for Red’s touch!

      If NASA had known about this they could have saved a bunch of dollars they threw at Musk to intercept hat comet.

      • Probably cooked up a tungsten alloy; gonna need diamond bits. I suggest a core bit to take samples and check for whatever exotic propellant might be turking, I mean lurking, inside.

    • cb

      “Well, at least that one isn’t in orbit” — Yet. The day is young. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

    • James McEnanly

      Or enough route to deflect an asteroid.

  • DogByte6RER

    Turducken Steel …

  • Kafiroon

    Okay! A new armor formula that may even smell good.

    • NotYetInACamp

      That is if Turducken Steel is light (if the recipe is similar to some past efforts).
      If it is heavy and its mass has been transformed to a mass greater than depleted uranium, we may have found a replacement for the projectiles used in such weapons as those on the A-10 Warthog. A new age in weaponry may have arrived. A bit of further research in its metallurgical characteristics are needed. How to manufacture to specification is one final actor. The chance of no more people exposed to the uranium let loose in the environment by such projectiles striking objects is a worthy effort should effectiveness be maintained. My sister was exposed to such an environment after the Iraq War(s). So personal self-interest is involved.
      That is reason t be proud and hungry. Is Chinese delivery available? Food, for goodness’ sake. It’s not about the Chinese Party propaganda movie released in September that I mentioned yesterday, that is now the most watched movie of this year and maybe of all time. Those US forces who were at Chosin and historians have a different view on much of the movie. They all get that it was frozen and bloody. Many died.

    • John

      A great advantage over our perpetually underfed enemies when they carelessly charge at something they think they can eat. Typically, if there is something US forces have more than food it’s ammunition.
      My advice to an adversary would be “Don’t present an American with a target rich environment.”

  • Henry

    New lesson for the twins.
    The gray cylinder is liquid nitrogen.
    The red one is the acetylene.

  • William Henry

    breasts of steel… sounds like a low budget porn flick from the 1970s.

    • Paladin

      Weren’t all porn flicks from the 70’s “low budget”?

  • Kafiroon

    After the years, Zed should know to preorder Chinese take-out.

  • Don D.

    Damn! No turkey launch this year! ☹

  • Bren

    Shouldn’t somebody be out in the barn teaching new girl all about Q?

  • Too Tall

    The twins got some really good genes from Sam.

    • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

      They’re getting close to getting more of her wardrobe too. 😉

  • Steveb919

    May one and all of the DBD group and their family’s have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • brodder

    JDAM? I think not. WKRPdam incoming. Be thankful.

  • Good to see some things never change…. happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

    May all y’all’s Turkey’s be tender…

  • eon

    If nothing else, they’ve developed a non-ferrous substitute for iron alloys.

    Happy Thanksgiving, CM and all.



  • Wood

    I prefer to pardon the turkeys, my heart lies with the ham and yams.

  • Halley


    Today from PDT: “A very interesting time in our Country, but do not worry, we will be great again—and we will all do it together. America will never fail, and we will never allow it to go in the wrong direction. Too many generations of greatness are counting on us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing that a wonderful future lies ahead!”


    Either PDT has gone the way of Dementia Joe, or this is a coded message a la Q.

    • John

      It would be the greatest of ironies if, by the time of the 2022 election SanFranNan has made herself President, the new House of Representatives elects the Golden One as Speaker who then proceeds to remove her and take her place.

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      That first line sounds like a reference to the ancient chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”

      • John D. Egbert

        Especially the second half of it: “. . . , and attract the attention of powerful and important persons.”

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    More and more, I’m seeing that the apple(s) didn’t fall far from the Sam tree. And they haven’t even gone to engineering school yet.

    • John M.

      Sounds to me like they’re more into chemistry and metallurgy than engineering…

  • DogByte6RER

    Wishing all a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day today …

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    To CM, the founder of this feast, and to all the rest of the extended DBD “family”, may you all have a happy, tender and tasty Thanksgiving Day surrounded by YOUR family!


  • Kafiroon

    Happy Pig Out Day on whatever you choose to stuff yourself with.
    I helped give out so many turkeys last weekend to the “disadvantaged” that I do Not care to eat one. Was going for Chinese takeout, but my daughter has obtained Salmon. HooRah! So I am thankful for this country and can still celebrate with choices.

    • Grilled Salmon, shrimp anf grits! Delicious!

      Zar Belk!

    • John D. Egbert

      Rib roast, asparagus spears, tots – tater and sweet , cranberry sauce (jellied).

      • John D. Egbert

        Super recipe for the roast . . .

  • WayneM

    Food coma in 3… 2… 1…

  • Roland Deshain

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all at DBD!

  • Oldarmourer

    Had ours last month but in the interest of fostering convivial International relations, enduring a second turkey dinner is but a small sacrifice to ask.
    That, and the stores up here seem to think Thanksgiving is today with all the ‘Black Friday for a whole week starting on Thursday” sales….

  • God has blessed me in many ways, most importantly with a happy healthy family…

    But I will add some things to my giving of thanks to include this simple toon which is so much more to me. Thanks to Chris and his oh so real created characters, and to the incredibly varied, interesting, and intelligent cast of commenters for the humor and enjoyment and education it all gives me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

    • Halley

      I second that. Cheers! Salut! Kanpai! Prost! Skål!

  • Arkay

    Nephew is smoking the turkey. Sister is making the gravy, cornbread cilantro dressing, cranberry chutney and chocolate pie. I made pumpkin mousse and broccoli, cashew, red onion, apple and pear salad with yogurt honey dressing. Sister-in-law and I chopped up vegetables to roast in about an hour, just before everyone else shows up.

    As ever, we shall overeat on mucho deliciousness. But the wind is blowing right smart, so we won’t be dining out on the deck this year. Still gonna be a lovely Thanksgiving.

    May you all have the same.

  • Pamela

    A Very Blessed Thanksgiving to one and all. Thank you Chris for not having a Sam turkey go into low orbit. I think Travis needs to teach the Girls the Fine Art of Que.
    Hopefully he has a smoker there at the DD with Zed’s dinner.

    • Chris Muir

      Think High. 😉

      • John D. Egbert

        Tomorrow should be interesting, one hopes . . .

  • Duckhunter

    Thanks’ all of you in the DBD ethosphere, for the well wishes! Back at ‘cha! It has been a heck of a year for me, so I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Keep up the wonderful job CM and know you are supported and prayed for.
    Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Hey, let’s be thankful for all the Mom’s that tried their best every Thanksgiving, only to have the Turkey mercilessly reviewed, and all the past missteps brought up.

    The wifey and I tried deep frying a turkey, and it came out PERFECT. (I can read, and most importantly, FOLLOW directions; engineers are genetically incapable of that. After all, they’d have to accept that someone knows something more than they do.) After the turkey was gobbled to rave reviews, my Mom announce with a smile that she will never cook a turkey again.

  • Capn Jack

    Ha Ha Ha Ha…That’s the way my mother would cook any wild game I brought home.
    “You know that meat’s got bugs in it”.

  • Oldarmourer

    We used to call the ceramic/metal inserts for body armour ‘chicken plates’, looks like Sam’s gone and invented a Threat Level 38 turkey plate 😉

  • Buck

    We had dinner with a couple who came here from Netherlands long enough ago to raise their children in AZ, a teacher from Wyoming, and a couple who operate a vineyard a few miles south of Willcox on the old hiway 666. Everyone had stories to stretch and embellish. Hope your team won the game.

    They’re citizens now. There’s ‘Trump Won” signs in his fields.

    Home for punkin pie.

    Hoping for the best for everyone – – – Buck n Jeanne .


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