Day By Day


  • Kevin M

    Panel 3 makes me think of a different “job.”

    • PaulS

      With Skye, it could come to blows.

    • Caution — she’s got teeth in every orifice.

  • spin drift

    Would that be Job, Wisdom of?

    Hold Fast!

    Molon Labe!

    Spin Drift

  • JTC

    Them nips on Red have me thinking of working a job myownself.

    But, Saturday night will be here in 24 so I better save my boys in case I get lucky for reals with m’ Sweetie. Don’t laugh, I’m old, energy conservation takes on a whole new meaning at 60 when you refuse to go blue pill.

  • B Woodman

    “Gee, great, you think different than I”
    That’s a”No, duh!” Cpt Obvious!!

  • KenH


    You never worked a day in your life

  • Bill G

    Engineer’s jokes can get very practical.

  • B Woodman

    I’d rather hear Sam’s jokes than Skye’s pontificating.
    Sam’s jokes would be more intelligent, even if they are corny.
    Besides, I’m a pun-ish kinda guy myself.
    Read Spyder Robinson’s “Callihan’s Crosstime Saloon” stories sometime.

  • eon

    As John Ringo would say, Sam’s an ant, Skye’s a grasshopper.

    Of course, “red ants” are something everybody in Texas knows you don’t mess with.



    • I dunno, there’s a little trick you do with a crucible of molten aluminum and a fire ant hill that’s pretty cool. Search YouTube.

      • B Woodman

        I’ve seen that. Awesome “artwork”, AND as an added bonus, helps get rid of a backyard pest.

  • capn

    From a comment yesterday I paraphrase: Why don’t we send the beast to Japan and be rid of her forever?

    Who then would be the anti-voice that all have come to despise and revile? Chris would have to invent yet another charactor to take her place.
    While I am Not a fan of her or her opinions I do think she is much nicer to view than … oh … say someone like the Socialist in Chief or any of the meglomaniacs who support his progressive themes either actively or through inaction.

    So the choice is clear a “villian” who is a near copy of Sam, physically, or an actual Villian to observe and despise?

    Skye is at least, Physically, nicer to my admittedly male eyes, even if her ideology stinks of socialism and Marxism.

    sigh Choices are often difficult aren’t they?


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