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  • KenH

    Send the BEAST to Japan, and be RID of her
    Preferrably forever

    • So, then who would be the fall girl, the one on whom the joke is.

    • Dastardly Dan

      She’s not going to leave, she has a sheriff on the line.

      • Dastardly Dan

        I think a change in attitude and thought might be in her future.

        Can we call that ‘rehab’ on the part of the sheriff?

  • WayneM

    I thought the official day to remember the Alamo was Texas Independence Day in honour of the swift victory of General Sam Houston over the numerically superior Mexican forces of April 21, 1836…

  • Malatrope

    I love the way the tractor’s looking at Sam!

    • Kevin M

      Thank God you said it first. I thought I was having an acid flashback!

    • Dastardly Dan

      That tractor is hoping for a ride

      • Grunt GI

        Well done. Mowing a little strip no doubt.

        • B Woodman

          D’OH! (facepalm)

  • I don’t know which one it is, but one of the ads in the rotation spot just above your DBD topics totally grabs page focus. It won’t let me scroll off it until it runs through it’s cycle, which is at least a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t hang up and keep repeating. I have to reload the page to pull up a different, not-so-nasty ad before I can read the strip.
    I’m using Internet Explorer. I know you don’t pick the ads, but this one is really irritating. Yours isn’t the only place I’ve seen it. The ad service really needs to shut it down.

    • eon

      They won’t, and CM can’t do anything about it. Adware today is biased toward being an absolute controller of your browser. The “ideal” ad, according to modern ware developers, is one that seizes control of your page and forces you to click on it and buy something before it will let go.

      Sadly, entirely too many ad buyers would do it.

      IE and Google Chrome are especially vulnerable to this sort of exploit, I suspect mainly due to a simple lack of working security systems. The only real answer is to use a browser with features that can prevent such adware from ever launching when you visit the page it’s on.

      I use Mozilla Firefox with NoScript and Ad Block Plus installed, and I recently added MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit Free, which also blocks at least some clickjacking attempts. As a result, I simply never see ads like he one you describe.

      Yes, I know it cuts site view revenues, but until the adware users and purveyors adhere to some sort of code of conduct other than “Give Us All Your Money NOW!!”, it’s the only strategy that works.

      And site owners like CM are caught in the middle through no fault of their own. Because it seems that the ISPs don’t care that it’s done that way.



    • gafling

      I suggest you switch to FireFox, a much superior browser. After installing FF, include an add-in called ‘Ghostery’. It allows you to control what type of program can run on a web page. For instance I block all analytics and advertising programs but I allow most ‘widgets’.

      Works great!

      • GWB

        Or, you can open the page source, find the ad source, and block them in your firewall or anti-virus.

        I haven’t had to do that here, thank goodness.

        • WayneM

          Too bad we can’t deal with lobbyists, extremists and others similarly… find the source of money and block them…

    • DCE

      I use an add-on with FF called NoScript which blocks scripts from running unless you allow them, either temporarily or permanently. NoScript will keep that annoying ‘capture’ ad from running. Be aware it will also keep certain functions from running, like LiveFyre and Discus, meaning commenting on some sites won’t be possible until you allow the scripts that enable them to run. It will take a while for you to figure out which scripts do what, but once you’ve enabled the ones you need you’ll find most of the annoyances will disappear. It also helps some webpages load faster because the scripts that bog them down aren’t running.

    • Malatrope

      The first and most effective thing anybody can do to block these things doesn’t depend on the browser: replace your HOSTS file. Search for “MVPS hosts file” and follow their instructions as to how and where to put it.

      From that second on, you will find most of your ads will magically go away and your computer will be 10x faster.

    • steveb919

      AdRemover for Google Chrome works for me. It blocked two from this site as soon as I clicked on the site. So far it has blocked over 41000 ads

  • Bill G

    Sadly, too many voters don’t remember what’s happened through a single two-year Congressional term.
    And remembering depends on the individual having been taught in the first place.
    This government does not want an educated populace or an informed electorate.

  • Gideon Reed

    Actually Sam’s answer is not all that bad.
    Brisket and Sausage with a couple of dry ribs seems like a fine response.
    Anyone know if the Salt Lick in Dripping Springs came out of the flood

  • bill3542

    damn Chris… that garden tractor looks like a old Sears from the 1970s

    • Malatrope

      It’s a bit beefier than the lawn mower they made, but other than the steering arm coming out of the near side it’s identical to the one I have in my yard.

  • Gus Bailey

    Chris, after ten minutes of careful study, I noticed that there is a Cub Cadet in the last frame. Nice, and keep up with the Easter Eggs.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Where to live and … Oops. Did not Ronald, himself warn us of government demanding to determine all such things. He also presented it as an absurdity that governments do try to do. Nice old video.

    It does boil down to family, though trillions have been spent to destroy that notion here.

    That tractor has the eye on someone. E tu tractor? Or is she just good looking? Or both?

  • Pamela

    Wonder if there is a furrow attachment…

    Where’s Wade going to sleep….

  • capn

    “brisket” is not a bad answer Sam.

    Here are a couple others to throw into the retort locker for future use.

    “Remember Goliad” The Col. Fannin Massacre
    “Come and take it” Gonzales, Texas

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