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  • JTC

    And Marco gets big NYT notice for his Luxury Speedboat (really just a nice but very standard fishing boat) while Billz and Hillz amass a fortune that would be the envy of many small governments . Care to guess where the speculation on ill-gotten gains is focused?

    Jan, focused on the issue: But you’re enabling them…
    Damon, focused on the view: No, but I’m fixin’ to be a’nibbling them!

  • B Woodman

    “Is that button stuck?”

    I don’t think so. Depends on the woman, but I don’t think Jan is that sort to not react when her buttons are pushed. And also depending on which button Damon pushes. There are SO many on a woman.
    “How shall I love thee. Let me count the ways.”

  • Doc Epador

    Damon’s smile is much improved and appreciated.

  • Bill G

    The NYT is fatally ill. The cure is simple; go back to reporting instead of being a DNC outlet.
    But that operation isn’t going to happen.
    Damon’s got one planned, though.

  • Pamela

    Button. Button. Who’s got the button?

    NYT doesn’t need a Doctor. They need a 55 gallon drum of Thorazine.

    • eon

      I was thinking more like Ex-Lax.



  • B Woodman

    So THAT’S where the Fishwrap of Record got the Dr Carson “Republitards are waacist” interview (yesterday’s strip). It will be interesting to see the retraction they print (most likely not) when (if) they realize they’ve been spoofed. And the lawsuit to follow from the Republitards (that is, if they can grow enough of a spine)

  • Paladin

    The worst part is how many Americans want to be lied to. It’s become their Articles of Faith, NYT. Talk to a true believer and they will quote chapter and verse. Buck filling in for Rush the other day had a caller saying how Rubio is bought by a millionaire, but the Hilldabeast, Russian Oligarch, and the Keystone Pipeline thing was unproven. That’s what he like corrupt officials tat know how to hide their tracks.

  • I know he’s dead, but we should remind the Times of Ted Kennedy’s driving record, at Chappaquiddick……..

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