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  • formwiz

    As things turned out, the good guys won and the bad guys lost, and the Left seems to be coming apart at the seams.

    Not a bad day.

    PS I do feel rather badly for Mrs Dolezal in the same way I feel for Bruce.

    She’s a nice-looking woman, but Leftism has rotted her mind.

    • B Woodman

      RE Ms Dolezal: She is just the next step in the perversion of Western Christian civilization by the LibProgTards. Currently it’s trans-sexualism (gay “marriage”, 50+ different genders). Now we are seeing the first steps of trans-racism (Ms Dolezal). Next will be trans-specism (lions and tigers and bears, ob my).

      • eon

        For your own peace of mind, I strongly suggest that you do not Google “furry”.



        • matt

          or “otherkin”

  • B Woodman

    Damon and Jan, how about I ditch my party and come join yours. Sounds more fun, and we might even get more done for the good of the ountry. Whooppee!! Now pass me a short drink and a long cigar. Let the festivities begin.

  • Hmmm…this is posted as NSFW on FB but I don’t see any T or A, much less innuendo. What’s up with that.

    • eon

      Subject, I suspect. Some bosses don’t want TAA/TPA discussed because their bosses are 100% in favor of both. Especially at Government Motors, anywhere in Silicon Valley, etc.



    • Bad Cyborg

      Macker wrote: “this is posted as NSFW on FB but I don’t see any T or A”

      Really? Guess you missed Jan’s cute left nipple peeking out at us in the 3rd panel.

      • nonncom

        He also missed the pantiless experience…..

  • Bill G


  • NotYetInACamp

    Alliances and much shows.
    In the TPA votes. Not in today’s visual presentation. The verbal, well, so many stories.

    I did call the congressperson I know on the foreign affairs committee. (I admit, they were on the floor, but I gave my opinion to the person making ciphers about what people say, and told some other stuff establishing long term knowing and credibility to the pleasant cipher writer .)
    I hope people let people they know, or who are their representatives, know what you all think of legislation with as much effect as this.
    Fight at every point is the plan I see.
    Boehner pulls it out again Tuesday for reconsideration.
    This is a big one, though one of many big ones.
    They will not relent and shall continue their progressive assault.
    God save us from those who believe that they are correct.

  • Pamela

    Where is Ripley when you need a common sense approach to a grave infestation….

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Admit it to yourselves, my trans-black brothas and sistahs, that deep inside, you too are black. Come out! Come out as the true trans-black you are. Apparently it pays well. 😉

  • JTC

    Spawned in the hills of middle Tennessee, I can probably pretty honestly check the white, black, brown, red, or who-the-fuck-knows box on forms and applications…

    I usually go with the last one, but when I think it might be beneficial I check the flavor they favor.

    I think it’s made/saved me some money over the years.

  • I am a senior American Ashkenazi. But I identify as a middle-aged American owner of a forest-green Ferrari (I wish).

  • BeetleJuice

    I “self-identify” as a mid-60-ish conservative with no political party even remotely interested in trying to attempt to pretend to represent my interests.

    Oh, wait — !!!


    • True dat, BJ. OK, I’ll settle for a forest-green Mustang (I got one in ’67 and owned it for 13 years until the driver-side floorboard rusted right through).

  • Pamela

    When a rational person thinks about it, this is an extreme case of identity theft. Did she think the only way she could be anyone on this planet was to be something she truly was not? Wait. The present occupant of 1600 did the exact same thing.

  • JTC

    “The present occupant of 1600 did the exact same thing.”

    How about the ’92-’00 occupant? He was after all, “the first black president”.

    Maybe more so than his babymama, the next pretender to the throne, is “female”.

    BTW, that clip showcases what the 0 brought to the presidential race (heh); his only true talent was that glib, humorous, charismatic presence that is now gone, lost to harsh reality and his own ephemeralism.

    • Pamela

      O reminds me of a really badly done sound track from a double dubbed foreign movie. Repeat-shuffle-back it up-do it again with the ever present scratches on one channel.

      • JTC

        Note I said his talent “was”…can’t go back brotha, only forward, into the darkness (as it were), into oblivion.

        Would that we could anticipate that with light and gladness, but what comes next could have us following him there, as night falls on the Republic.

          • JTC

            Nah, 0 is more dead duck than lame duck to Pelosi, even more irrelevant to her and the Dims than he is to us. The evil continues apace and she’s looking to a new a-lie-ance.

            Where is Hillzabeast on this?

      • matt

        One thing I never I never understood was how people bought into O’s BS … you only had to listen to him for 10 minutes to realize he never really says anything at all

    • To be sure, the Clintons are playas in the cesspool of politics. No holds barred. That’s why I plan to vote against whatever Dipshit the Dims nominate, regardless of whoever the other guys nominate. As an individual voter I feel that is the best that I can do.

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