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  • Grunt GI

    Hmmm, jokes about temperature probes would probably be inappropriate, huh?

  • CAPT Mike

    Hi Chris,
    Payment site does not appear to like me.
    Please provide an address to send a check.

    Best Regards,
    Capt Mike

  • B Woodman

    Wowsers! indeed. I’ll play sick patient if she’s the nurse, ANY day of the week, and twice on Sunday.
    As the military running cadance goes, “whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks.”
    Oh, wait. . . . . . .

  • B Woodman

    She could bring a corpse back to life by just walking into the room.

  • B Woodman

    Wait. . . . what! !?? Skype. . . Dr Carson.. . CALLED in??
    And of course, the NY Tombs, proves the farce of their previous statement.

    Someone help me here. I’m on my ancient tablet.
    What’s that statement about “first time as tragedy, second time as comedy, third time as farce.” Or to that effect. Anyway, the New York Tombs is past their fifth time. What do you call that?

    • Chris Muir

      That was Marx, I think.

      • John M

        Karl, or Groucho?

    • interventor

      Karl Marx concerning NapoleonIII.

  • John M

    I’m having enough trouble wading through the Game of Thrones books, forget about the TV. After reading and trying to follow yesterday’s comments, I was getting a headache. The eye-candy tonight took away the migraine I was developing. Thanks Chris!

  • pete231

    Calling Dr. Howard !… Dr. Fine !…Dr. Howard !……………

    • GWB

      And she must be Dr Fine!

  • epador

    Damn and I closed my office for a week too.

  • Swansonic

    The white zone is for perpatrators of bias and abuse. There can be no forgiveness in / of the white zone….

    The ER zone is for repeated tweaking and twerking. There are no limits in the ER zone…..

  • BlaxPac

    Perfect description of the Fish wrap of Record.

    Would it really surprise anyone that the NYT operates like this in *real* life?…

    Chris, you GOT to make the Interview with Damon and the Old Grey (Dead) Whale fitting for ridicule by faithful readers and newbies alike.

    They deserve nothing better.

    • Bill G

      Thanks, BlaxPac, it wasn’t until your comment that I understood what was going on here.
      Hopefully it’s just the morning’s excess of blood in the caffeine stream.

      • U neo-conz spend way too much time worrying about what the NYT says about this and that. So why do you do it? ‘Cause it’s a template that makes you FEEL conservative. Then, full of virtue, you can go out and start another Israel/petrodollar war

        • Gyro

          OR, maybe it’s the fact that whatever the NYT decides is a story becomes the template used by ABCCBSNBCCNN and the stupid, the gullible, the weak minded, in short, liberals of all stripes think they’re getting the news. It’s how the narrative is sustained.

  • Bill G

    Many years back a Mad magazine artist showed several couples discussing newspapers, and coming to the conclusion that nothing beat the Sunday New York Times.
    The final image showed they were discussing bulk for paper training a puppy, with a puppy squatting.
    Ayup, the NYT is not useless.

  • Master Diver


    • B Woodman

      Master Diver,
      Damn, you beat me to it. I dredged that up from the deep dank recesses of my cesspool memories last night.
      Thank you, Whacko, Jacko, and Dot. Oh, and Steven Spielberg.

  • Dang it, people! Donate to DBD already! I already did early on with a Grant for the Sam/Zed Level. If you guys and gals had all ponied up by now those dang donated amount level bars would’ve been gone, and we’d be privy to Jan’s privies. 😉

    • B Woodman

      Hey! I did my part, as much (if not more) than my wallet can bear at the moment. Lighten up. All things will come in time.

  • Panel #1: “How the Sausage gets Made.”
    Panel #2: “How the Sausage gets Hidden.”

  • WayneM

    I’m a big fan of Sam but Jan is a solid second… Whatta pair!! (pun intended)

  • Chris Muir

    Not sure, but ‘Vorlon’ seems to exhibit some trollish behaviors. We’ll see.

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