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  • NotYetInACamp


  • JLG

    What a world. Can’t even take the kids to the meat market anymore.

  • JTC

    No, YOU’RE in marketing at the DDQ Skye, it’s the only reason you can stay.

    Now get that dress off, uniform on, and get ready to serve some MEAT. And remember that like other children, airhead servers should be SEEN and not HEARD, so STFU.

    • I was about to go into get that dress off and leave it that way. That is her value.

      • JTC

        From what of seen of the sample uni’s, it’s pretty close to “leaving it that way”, which was my point of course. Still, while this place will be famous for serving up DD’s with the Q, some decorum is required so patrons can focus on the ribs, butts, and briskets too…oh wait a minute.

    • Scantily-clad waitresses and patrons using steak knives: what could go wrong?

  • canuck49

    Being still a kid herself Skye cut right to the chase and got Jan off an awkward hook.
    The kids don’t need to see their mothers bouncing boobies. They will figure out what mom and aunty do to bring in the bacon soon enough.
    And they will do it the right way by sneaking peeks and peering around corners.

  • Brodder

    Sky’s uni should include an 8″ strip of duct tape across her mouth.
    Knowing her though, she’d market it as something special.
    So maybe a dog shock collar instead?
    Maitre D (sp?), cook, head waitress all get a control unit.
    Set borders around anywhere she might sneak off with a customer to enhance her income.
    Double check her for “ALternative menu”/ “Business cards”
    Give her a talk- “You do any of these, we’ll run a check for past crimes and outstanding warrants and get that ‘cute’ sheriff to run you in and start extraditing you so you pay for your crimes. Have any really really late library books? “

    • B Woodman

      “Have any really really late library books? “

      You’re assuming that Skye even reads, is interested in reading, or knows how to read.

  • Bill G

    ‘Tis meat that it be so.

    • Grape

      ‘Tis meat and right so to do.

  • Pamela

    Let’s see how fast the Grownups start daydreaming of being fed the old fashioned way.

  • Skye: It’s for grownups, you two.
    Kids: Then why do you get to be there?

    One pixel to go, well done everyone. Another year of thoughtful entertainment on tap.

    Bring on the nekkidness. 🙂

  • The One is traveling to Texas, will he drop in at the Double D?
    Probably won’t take a convertible through town, bad things have happened before. But it did get a bunch of worthless gun control laws on the books, quite a conundrum for the Odiots in power and their ultimate goals.

    • B Woodman

      Teh Won may travel to the DD, but I doubt they’ll let him in. Priorities and principles.

      And keep Skye locked up and out of sight while O’Bumbles is there.

    • JTC

      Meanwhile, zero’s PR peeps aka NYT, does a piece on the Donald that is way more boost than bust:

      Are they really so tone deaf as to not understand that everything they say about how he’s vetting his veep is what got him the nom?

      They tried to get in a little plug toward the end for zippy and they try to fathom what they cannot: “The brightest prospects who went up against Mr. Trump in the primaries…an array of diverse personalities and talents that would help Republicans recover from back-to-back electoral thrashings by President Obama…. were soundly defeated. Nearly all of the rest appear to have been sidelined heading into the general election.”

      They really don’t get that those “diverse personalities and talents” are what got the ‘pubs thrashed -and the electoral process trashed- to begin with. And that it’s not DT that defeated and sidelined them, but US.

      I actually like Pence pretty well for his stances and record and there’s a place for him as well as for Christie and Dr. Carson, but as I’ve said before this election cycle is shaping up to be all out war, and the war will no doubt continue and expand after the election regardless of outcome. So what is needed is a couple of unabashed warriors, and I am torn as a strong argument can be made for both of these tickets…

      Trump/Gingrich ’16 for the political war
      Trump/Flynn ’16 for the civil war (yeah he’s a dim but so are the gopes)

      Can you have two veeps?

      • MasterDiver

        >Can you have two veeps?<

        No, but you can have a VP to ride herd on the Senate, and a kick-ass National Security Adviser to ride herd on State and DoD.

        Zar Belk!

        • billf

          I agree with this,a tough politician for VP,but a place for Flynn also.
          Trump needs to not back down from what got him this far.We want our country back!!

      • B Woodman

        No, No, NO!! NOT Christie. He is the ultimate two-timing, not-2A friendly, GOPe RINO. NO!

        • JTC

          Oh he’s a toad alright. But have you seen how he kowtows to the Donald?

          That’s why I said there’s “a place” for him…this is going to be a streetfight; Christie is perfect for a certain slimy role, and DT is just the man to cast him in it. He’s been using guys like him for decades.

      • eon

        No Gingrich. No way, no how.

        Three words; Contract. With. America.

        Putting Newt the Nert on the ticket would virtually guarantee Hillary being the next President. He would be a club for her to beat Dt over the head with.

        I therefore expect a demand from the GOP leadership that Gingrich be DT’s running mate, to ensure a Hillary win.

        clear ether


  • Spin Drift

    Was just in DC last two days, hive of scum and villainy doesn’t begin to cover it. The meat bag in the seat in front of me on the plane was talking about his Whitehouse (auto-correct changed this to whorehouse) event and what good optics were available. I got you some optics right here, douche-bag, how about a Leopold VX-3 in 3 X 10 with 50mm objective.

    Hide the womens and chillun there’s hard men’s work to be done

    • Pamela

      *looks at Spin over glasses*

      Not much on hiding Spin, need someone to watch your six?

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