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  • WayneM

    Bernie didn’t look particularly enthusiastic about endorsing the Hildebeast. Almost as enthusiastic as certain regulars are to see Skye again… almost…

    Any thoughts about Gary Johnson & William Weld?

    • formwiz

      Supposedly, a vote for Johnson takes away from Cacklepants.

      And Bernie probably wasn’t. He knew he got cheated, but ditzy Debbie probably told him they’d assume his debts.

      In the meantime, the Hildebeast is pulled to the Left and a lot of Bernies still aren’t happy. One reason they went with him was he wasn’t married to a rapist. They don’t want another dynasty any more than most Rs wanted Jeb!.

      • JLG

        Perhaps mayors of the pine trees are preferable to queens of dynasties.
        Stranger choices have happened.

        But the pine trees reportedly won eighty percent of their demands. The lesson here is that pine trees are a force to reckon with. I wouldn’t imagine many were prepared to battle them.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Gary Johnson is a LINO. So i heard from some Libertarians. He was Republican Governor of a Democrat leaning state and governed from that Democrat accommodating position.
      Johnson’s VP is a Yale Skull and Bones man, just like the two Bush presidents.
      I believe that that globalist Skull and Bones connection speaks volumes of that similarly former Republican Governor from a Democrat state.
      The Libertarians have been co-opted by the Globalist cabal, so to speak.
      The Libertarians are not a viable option this time.
      Many of Johnson’s main platform is not Libertarian. The Libertarians have been driven from their own party.

  • formwiz

    So, when we hit 100%, the girls skinny dip 100%?

    • Chris Muir


      • NotYetInACamp

        One ponders if you may be placing such a final crescendo on a Sunday large page. Just pure speculation on my part. 🙂 No response necessary. You are the artist. It is your art and stage. Let it unfold as it will.

      • Grunt GI

        What a great idea…the swimming hole. 🙂

        All 4 DBD babes skinny dipping…that will be some epic artwork!

        • JIMV

          yeah, skip the conventions and go right to the pond….

  • JTC

    1.) Skye should forget some bern and work on sun burn by stripping down with the other girls at the pond…which just might jump that bar the last bit pretty quick.

    2.) Sorry for the carryover, but eon’s understandable disdain of a Trump/Gingrich ticket requires followup on my part.

    Newt has always turned my stomach. But again, streetfight. Not only do I disagree that DT/NG would hand it to the beast, but feel pretty sure it’s the only way to beat her down. And more importantly, who knows those dirty halls of Congress better? The gopes may hate him, but that’s a feature not a flaw when it’s time to play dirty politics after the election.

    This is a time and an election like no other; it’s going to be necessary to dance with some demi-devils in order to destroy the she-devil who would absolutely destroy us and what’s left of the Republic if we don’t.

    Unholy alliances are required to kill the enemy. Sorting out the alliance comes after. War has ever been so.

    • formwiz

      Won’t be Newt. Eminence grise maybe, but that’s it.

    • TJ

      If wishes were fishes.. I would want Newt as Secretary of Energy and Herman Cain as Secretary of Commerce – with the objective of consolidating those departments (with the ten people I would save from the Education department) into an Americanized version of Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

      Still out of the names I’ve seen with Trump for VP, I’d rather have Newt than Christie.

      If the RINOS give the nomination to Kasich at the convention – stick a fork in the GOP, it’s done.

      Johnson and Weld are even more Libertarians in Name Only than Trump is a Republican.

      One man’s opinion…

      • eon

        Probably fairly accurate, though. Although I see the GOP leadership wanting to hand it to Cruz, who is less of a milquetoast than Kasich and doesn’t have the “handicap” (in this election cycle) of being “insufficiently ethnic” in their minds.

        They want to lose to Hillary, but they don’t want to be obvious about it. After all, they still need the GOP rank and file, even though they loathe them. Or at least, they need them for now.

        Mostly, I think they’re counting on a disrupted convention in Cleveland next week, courtesy of [a] BLM, and [b] a Democrat city administration which will almost certainly order CPD to stand down and let BLM do as they please, to cause sufficient chaos on the floor that they can pull a McGovern ’72.

        Unless they get really “lucky” and BLM succeeds in maiming or doing in DT. Which is probably what they pray to Hillary for every night, right about now.

        clear ether


    • JLG

      Unholy alliances are indeed a base ingredient of great drama. But do Americans want drama? Many of us believe we do, but then many of us also think we want four Lamborghinis before we get them and realize how boring life can be on the top.
      Perhaps, then, we have had enough great drama, unless something productive can come of it. Time, as always, will tell.

      • eon

        Most people who have encountered even one Lambo quickly realize what a pain in the ass they are from a maintenance standpoint. They make a Bf-109E-4 look like a WW2 Jeep by comparison.

        One of our major political problems is way too many “high-maintenance” leaders, movements, “interest groups”, etc.

        clear ether


  • B Woodman

    “Hey! No boys!”

    Damn! What I wouldn’t give to be there.

  • richard mcenroe

    Already laid down $25. Can I lay down another 25 for 50 and upgrade?

    • Probably. I started at $50, threw in another $50, and would do more if it were in any way feasible. Go for it.

    • Oh yeah, Chris bumps you right up into the level of your total.

    • Chris Muir


  • I’ve lived in NM for 22 yeas and some change. I liked Johnson. A lot. But the only thing I see with Johnson is Perot. Trump/Gingrich? I rather like that mix. Remember what Newt did when the Rs took congress in 94? That’s what made Slick Willie look good. And Perot is why we ended up with Slick just like Johnson would be the reason why we would end up with Hitlery. It can be a bitch being my age.

    • Olddog

      He gave federal workers paid time off without using vacation, screwed all contractors, and damaged business around national parks and lost the house to the dems.

  • Bill G

    If I recall correctly, it was the Contract With America that made Newt’s name and made him look good.
    Then it made him look bad when he didn’t deliver.
    What didn’t get coverage was that a bunch of the newbies who signed on with him got co-opted by the RINOsaurs once they got inside the Beltway.

    • eon

      Appearances are everything in politics. And the public has had two decades of “Newt = Contract ON America” from the MSM, academia, and Follywood.

      It’s called a “damaged brand”, and it would take more than the gang from Mad Men to salvage it in time for November. That’s my EotS, anyway, take it for what it’s worth.



      • Spin Drift

        eon, I agree that with you on Gingrich. The Monty Python sketch where John Cleese says he was turned into a newt by the witch always pops into my head when I hear his name. Though Mr Cleese insists that he “got better,” I don’t pretend that we would.

        The Donald needs a solid conservative as VP with youth, name recognition and impeccable background. I think Trey Gowdy would fit the bill. It would be an inspired choice.

        Molon Labe
        War Damn Eagle

      • JTC

        Perception = reality? No doubt that’s a prime trait of prog-ism and how an unknown charismatic went from zero to emporer in 60 seconds. It’s true for a lot of R’s too, which explains a lot about the crop of gopes we have now.

        But is it true for the core? Is the conservative brand irrevocably damaged? The CWM was a pretty wonderful concept; much of what it contained is just as true and desireable 20+ years later. Simplistic? Maybe, but aren’t our hopes and desires really kind of simple…let us live free to make our own way without having what we produce stolen at the point of a gov gun? Manipulative? Yes it was fairly last minute and patronizing, but it was appealing to the target market and very successful as “conservative” majorities swept into office.

        But what happened after? Exactly what has happened now with a majority Senate; the potential was enormous but was sold out to a charismatic do-nothing criminal whose only claim to fame was a silver-tongued ability to not only keep the sheep happy with promises of unlimited largesse, and to somehow mesmerize the erstwhile opposition into doing his bidding, but to give goosebumps to the lib media who were only too happy to spread his critical and destructive one-liners…like Contract *on* America. But what if that crop of neo-cons had stood their ground and beat that clown down? It could be that the provisions of the Contract with America would be the law of the land and we wouldn’t be finishing up with another destructive socialist reign and contemplating yet another even more destructive version of that one mentor to them both, Slick Willie. Man are we ever stupid.

        We pissed away the gains of the Reagan Revolution. We pissed away the potential of the Conservative Wave in the 90’s. We have twice allowed the liberal machine to hand us liberal R’s pretending at conservatism to ensure the success of zero, at least at the ballot box. We don’t have much left to piss away. Even the dim platforms of ’08 and ’12 gave a nod to 2A, the draft of the beast platform of ’16 makes no mention of it and we know its plan and policies will be totally anti-2A and totally pro-immigrant. If the torch is passed to her, I don’t know that we will have another chance, as we are overwhelmed with fresh “constituents” and criminalized for maintaining our rights to self-defense and self-determination.

        Solid conservatism would be great, both in the second chair and in the big one. But that’s not an option this cycle. Maybe next or the next after that, if we survive this one. I think most of us are kind of holding our noses as we promote a verbose and fearless big talker to be the turnaround specialist CEO and artist of the deal to stop the bleeding long enough to get to the next round, maybe even a next round where we have a new Contract with America with the support of conservatives both real and in name only without the effective, destructive force of a White House occupied by a puppet of elites and a progressive empire to promote it.

        Yeah, I like Gowdy. I liked Cruz until frustration messed him up. I like a couple of generals who I know are as solidly conservative as it gets. But this is politics. And this is a historically pivotal election. A loss means way more than losing this cycle, it almost certainly means the loss of any chance my generation has of turning at least some semblance of a Republic over to my childrens’ and grandchildrens’ generation. It is war, both virtual and no doubt very soon, regardless of election outcome, literal. We need warriors.

        Trump/Gingrich ’16

        • JTC

          Shit, another book, sorry. But that’s me, my damn fingers won’t quit sometimes when my pea brain keeps eggin’ ’em on. If it’s TL;DR for some, so be it. That attention span thing is emblematic and problematic of our situation right now too.

          • eon

            Some things don’t have a “Cliff’s Notes” version, especially in politics.




    • JLG

      Not delivering has been Washington’s default setting for many years. As with certain electronics, many Americans aren’t sure how to get it off the default setting.

  • Pamela

    So much for seeing Zed with a Barrett 50 cal artfully displayed.

    • Grunt GI

      You mean like “So, is that a .50 cal, or are you just glad to see me?”

    • Chris Muir

      ye shall have it.

      • Grunt GI

        See, that’s why we all read this every day!
        Chris is an equal opportunity artist…big guns and big boobehs, KEEPING America Great!

      • Pamela

        Chris-Bless you. After the day I’ve had, you just made it 100% better.
        I’m going to take a cool shower now.

        • Chris Muir

          He’ll probably be up friday.

          • Pamela

            Up is good.
            I promise to keep my hands to myself.

          • JTC

            Ba dam boom tisshhhh….

            You will learn Mr. Muir as I have, to be mindful of your phrasing around The Pamela.

            Or maybe you were…? In which case, ewww!!

    • Grape

      Once pig poop, always pig poop.

    • JTC

      Should be required reading. Most important part is where he dares her to refute. Shouldn’t Morris be on DT’s speechwriter payroll? He could deliver some great rebukes to everything that bitch says.

      • Pamela

        Might even have those how many hours of drunken rambling confessions…

    • David M

      I posted it on my Facebook and got no comments… I thought it was an amazing article… Thanks for sharing…

  • Gunner

    The best we can hope for is DT picking a good conservative VP and winning..while the 2016 voters close out the RINOs in Congress.
    The worst we can hope for is the Hildabeast winning, and going after conservativs (and their guns), which WILL..WILL cause the Second American Revolution and the untimely deaths of most governmental Liberals and a fair number of civilian ones..and removal by one method or another of most RINOS from Congress. Frankly…Im on the fence trying to decide which one would be the best…decisions decisions….there is a lot to be said bout mass graves filled with Leftists, BLMers, Klanners street thugs and a goodly number of the above mentioned peoples followers…hummmmm…..

  • Old Codger

    I suspect that if The Donald does not emerge the GOP nominee next week, we’re gonna see some serious upset evidenced by the Trumpers. As in full on rioting. Of course BLM is already “on record” as intending to disrupt the GOP convention next week. BLM-ers and Trump-ers. Sounds like blood in the streets.

    Assuming that – somehow – Trump DOES walk (OK, fly) away from Cleveland next week, then I figure the Wednesday after the election is gonna see the start of some VERY serious “societal unrest” (L.A. after the Rodney King verdict?) regardless of WHO is declared the winner. If Hildabeast wins I expect Trumpers to freaking explode. If by some wholly (to me at least) unforeseeable turn of events Trump wins, then the left is gonna make all the riots in 67/68 look like kindergarten picnics. Either way Dear Leader gets an excuse to declare Martial Law and set aside the results of the election “for the duration of the emergency”.

    If, in the scenario above, you start hearing media talking heads and some govt officials reminding/advising us that “the constitution is not a suicide pact”, the fecal material is mere centimeters from the wind machine.

    And for the record I hope I am very, VERY wrong.

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