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  • interventor

    How does a president order his own arrest?

    • noncom

      obama started fanning the flames way back during the Gates incident….imagine if you were trying to get into your home and a cop wanted to see your ID to make sure you were who you said you were….1.- Thank him for watching out for your home….2- Accuse the cops of being racist pigs backed up by the president of the United States….perhaps if he were to sit down and STFU from the beginning….the problem with obama is he doesn’t really care to do anything for blacks in this country, but by maintaining a supportive stance in order to stir up the situation to where it is today he maintains his “brother from another mother” creds with the dark community….worst president in history, and a black eye for America….

    • bill

      “…hold anyone involved…” Is the quote incomplete? He’s going to hug them? Hold them in a head lock? Accountable? Makes no sense.

  • Pamela

    The lefties would need a conscience in order to understand the affectations of being better than everyone else effects the lives of everyone else.
    They do not care one whit regarding the disastrous consequences of the beliefs and values they espouse.

    • Ozymandias

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • JTC

      That would be “affects the lives”, Miz P., but that does not affect the effect of the sentiment, which is spot on.

      • Unca Walt

        Now thass an affectation. 🙂

        • JTC

          Thass what she said… 😉

    • JLG

      Thing about having a conscience is, it’s amplified when it comes with the ability to recognize projection when you see it.
      Especially when it’s everywhere.

    • Bill G

      No, all that’s important is that they be able to claim to be Trying To Help’ and they give themselves a pass.
      No matter how disastrous the results.
      And if it grows their be-luvved Gummint in doing it, that’s reason enough for them right there.

      • Pamela

        There are some types of help, or making it better and perfect, we can do without.

        • JTC

          Help, perfection, meh.

          Humor OTOH, going straight to the ironic gist?

          That is something without which we cannot do.

          (iow, a joke not a lesson, sorry if it offended)

      • JLG

        There are inconsistent declarations regarding whether the efforts spoken of amount to failed attempts at help, or of backdoor, conniving totalitarian designs.
        These two things are mutually exclusive. Minds need to be made up.

  • KenH

    He could hang himself, but he’d be too busy shooting selfies to get it right

    • Chris Muir


  • WayneM

    Imagine the outrage when I suggested to a couple of leftie friends that 0bama’s constant race-baiting contributed to situations like this… After the usual sputtered denials, I asked if race relations were better since The Great Uniter was elected… and re-elected… and, in the resultant silence, I wondered if the Nobel folks could retroactively remove a Peace Prize like the Olympics officials remove gold medals.

  • JTC

    We know the cause, we can see the effect,

    To affect and infect, all we respect.

  • epilitimus

    “President Obama vowed to hold anyone involved…”

    I get what Jan thinks that means but as literally written I think it is more accurate. My question is will the secret service let them cry on his shoulder while he holds them?

    • Subtle, but exactly.

      • eon

        And then they do a presser with The One, claiming the Evil Gun (TM) made them do it. Plus Evil White People (TM), of course.

        After which The One announces Federal investigations of…the gun manufacturer and the Dallas Police Department. Probably the NRA and DT, too, for good measure.

        The “one” thing The One is good at is the classic Fanatic Delusional Double-Down (FxD\3). Otherwise known as “Doing the same thing , except bigger, and expecting it to Really, Really Work This Time”.

        When it doesn’t, he defaults to Enlightened Elite Tantrum Mode (EETM); “It didn’t work because you didn’t work hard enough, or fund it enough, or believe hard enough, or you never-to-be-sufficiently damned reactionaries sabotaged me! YOU DON’T DESERVE ME! WAAAAHHHH!”

        Well, I agree we don’t deserve him. Of course, the French didn’t “deserve” a “king” like Louis XVI, either. Any more than they “deserved” the Directory, the Terror, or Napoleon’ Bonaparte.

        The One is pretty much all of the above in one demented package. With sprinkles on top.

        clear ether


  • Several I could comment on, but the basis would be simply “No, they do not understand. They don’t want to”.


    In their underdeveloped minds, they truly believe that if they think it, then it is true. There is a complete disconnect with reality.
    It is truly a mental disorder, and they should be institutionalized, for their own protection (and ours).

    • eon

      See “fantasy-prone personality” and “status inconsistency syndrome”. They believe that as in a fantasy novel or role-playing game “Wishing Makes It So”, and that they are entitled to be Great and Powerful.

      When it doesn’t work out that way, they lash out. Because if they didn’t win, the “game” must be rigged, or else the “opponent” cheated.

      Also, they have no concept of actual fact. They’re like the state lotto guy who demands that you play because the odds of winning are so fantastically great.

      When you point out that odds of one in eight hundred million are not only not “great”, they exceed the total population of the United States, Canada, and every Latin American country between the Rio Grande and the Panama Canal put together, they tend to get hostile. You’ve just introduced a Fact, and they can’t cope with those.

      When they are in a position of power and influence, the results can get very ugly, indeed.

      clear ether


  • Bill G

    Cause And Desired Effect are all that count in liberal policies.
    Real-world problems resulting from them are the fault of conservatives who ______. (Fill in the blank from the applicable narrative, or just add ‘Bush’ or ‘Koch Brothers’.)

  • Pamela

    Ponder this cause and effect. Where would we be if Barry’s mama had given him up for adoption like she originally planned?

    • Brasspounder

      Imagine the happier state of the nation had Barry been captured in a reservoir tip back in late 1960.

      • The 300

        He’s just a symptom. He couldn’t have done any of what he wanted to if he didn’t have an entire support organization named the Democrat Party to support him. And a Republican Party that’s so afraid of being called names they sit on their hands rather than face the criticism which will be thrown in the face by the left regardless. If Barry wasn’t the lucky sperm, someone else who is “clean and articulate” would’ve been found to hold up the empty suit.

  • millard fillmore

    In Obama’s case,if he were to ‘hold’ anyone involved in the Dallas shootings,it would mean he’d be hugging them.

    • B Woodman

      My thought too. “hold” = hugging, handshake, “beer summit”, Red Shed invitation, Tyrannical Executive Order, (etc, etc).

  • NotYetInACamp

    How is his Fundamental Transformation of America coming along?
    I am sure he has several alternate endings that he is working up, or trying to enact all at once.

    The acts of an enemy can, by right and law, all be undone. Pardon your inconvenience.

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