Day By Day


  • TomZ

    I would think that to some in congress aol would be new and wondrous technology.

  • GrantCMcCormick

    The current (as of 2015) owner of AOL is Verizon. I don’t know (and don’t care) if that includes the Huffington Post.

  • Kafiroon

    Hah! Just wait until they have to contact Verizon service. Remember that cartoon of the skeleton slumped on the keyboard? Replace that with a phone.
    I thought it was the NSA that was supposed to be monitoring the World.

    Not us.

  • An entire auditorium full of ding dongs.

    • Pamela

      But the BAD witches, er make that bitches, are not dead or in cuffs for sheer nastiness.

  • Pete231

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. ” The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they don’t work, therefore, we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive. ” -Dr. Thomas Sowell-

    • John

      One of the Wise Men of our time.
      He even managed to cure himself of Marxism as a young man.

  • WayneM

    Wait… the swamp is full of ding dongs? That sounds awful… lol

  • JackDeth 72

    Considering that when most of the senile “Geritol For Lunch Bunch” Democrats and Establishment Republicans were young whipper snappers. Snazzy High Tech Communications was two tin cans and a string…

    The swamp can’t look more pitiful or foolish.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Kongress full of Ding Dongs? I thought it was full of Yahoos (Jonathan Swift, “Gulliver’s Travels”)

  • Bill G

    Some of the congresscritters might be listening to AOL; far too few of them listen to America.

  • GWB

    The problem with our politicians is NOT that they are geriatrics without skills in the hip communication methods. If that were the case, we could get them to simply leave well enough alone.
    No, the problem is that they are aristocrats, constantly drawing more power and perks unto their class, and trying continuously to control everyone else and turn them into good little serfs.

    The hipsters – the ones most knowledgeable on all that cool tech? – are the ones most likely to cede them that power and control over their lives. And over ours.

    OT: Go see Darkest Hour.

  • Interventor

    The silent typewriters staff use to record congressional statements are massive — giant wooden boxes with shoulder straps. Look like steam punk, or Victorian devices.

    • Old Codger

      From where I sit, Europe is basically FUBAR; a write-off. I do not see any – PRACTICAL – way to stop it from going full-on Mudslime.

      Re: The title of the article in JTC’s link: I suspect that the first the LSM will say anything about a threat to all the cultural artifacts in Italy – AND THE REST OF EUROPE – will be after the destruction has already started!

      • cb

        Europe? Eurabia —- fixed for ya

    • Delilah T.

      Bretibart fails to take into account the fact that the mafia have been aiding the police in controlling unwanted visitors to Sicily and will be doing the same for the Vatican and museums, IF that’s what it takes. While those guys are frequently as obnoxious as they can be, they are Italian to the core, and very territorial about their homeland. It started back in the 10th century with my most distant (and very prolific) ancestor and his brother. If you wanted to sail your ship between the toe of Italy and Sicily, you had to pay them a tax. After a family dispute, they controlled Sicily and took the last Arab stronghold at Noto.
      If you think the Mafia would let the slime take over Italy, you are very uninformed.

  • CaptDMO

    AOL? “Nobody goes there anymore, It’s too crowded.”
    “….to be Muslim free.”?
    Surely that just means to be Islam/Sharia/murder/slavery/extortion/macroagression free.?

  • Richard

    Hi Chris!
    I just left this on the Hot Air website about how all the male actors are going to wear Black Shirts to awards shows.

    Why don’t these idiots wear tidi-whites on the outside Like Captain Underpants for the shame of enabliling all of those sexual harrassers in the first place.

    Just a thought for a fun panel.

  • Delilah T.

    There are some people in both houses of Congress who actually do good work and try to make things work for the rest of us.

    The self-centered creatures we see constantly appearing on camera (Oh, Maxiiiiine!) give the good ones a bad name.

    It’s a damn shame, too. They all get painted with the same brush.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Languages and each area could become a new state / nation.

    Now if Northern Italy, the economic engine of Italy breaks away, then they could join Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and Croatia in joining the Central European Defense group. Then get Romania, Poland and all of the Visegrad 4 group in. Add Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. The add Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

    Then there is an army to clear the asymmetric hijrah invasion army from the Scandinavian nations as well as the Balkan states that are part of the group. Of course Italy needs them.
    I had been recommending something like this for many years without even realizing that it almost happened after WW1 and would have prevented the Second World War. They wanted Ukraine and Belarus also.
    The Intermarium, between the seas, would make a formidable defensive group to insure individual nation’s freedoms. It was also was kicked around in the 1800’s.
    So many good ideas have been thought of befre. Yet they still are good ideas all over again.
    Heck. We could build them villages in their home countries to take care of ten times as many as those here for the cost of a years support. maybe less. Winner for all. or, like a cideo I just watched, an Afghan 23 year old in sweden for 10 years said he had anger. It was on a bus talking to oldder Swedes he called racist. the 23 yr old Afghan said that he would kill 10 Europeans before he was forced to return to Afghanistan. There will be much blood. I believe that we are past that post.

    Just don’t send the ideas out on America Online.