Day By Day


  • JackDeth 72

    “Badda Boom…. Badda Bing!”

  • Its about time. The twins should also have some siblings as well. I do not quite understand why you prefer such small families.

    • Old Codger

      Easier to write about, maybe?

      But small (or nonexistent) family is is more of a left thing. IMS, 9 of the 10 congressional districts with the fewest children are represented by Dems.

      • Henry

        I think that depends hugely on what ethnicity makes up that leftist district.

  • Deplorable B Woodman


  • ses1066

    Interesting, she asks ‘when’, he replies ‘how’! Marriage can be a Haiku!

  • Lon Mead

    Life is more fun on the curves…

  • WayneM

    Fifteen in a thirty, he’s not in a hurry
    He knows every curve like the back of his hand…

  • GWB

    So do we, Damon, so do we!
    (Several folks here pointed out the possibility a week or two ago.)

  • Delilah T.

    There’s an odd thing going on the the libertards. They don’t want children to come into existence, so they provide every possible path to keep them from existing.

    Does anyone see the failure of this philosophy besides me?

    I wish every sensible person a very happy and prosperous new year.

    • John

      I attribute the Regressive’s reluctance to procreation to self loathing.

    • Henry

      It certainly didn’t work out well for the Shakers.

    • Pamela

      I think the reason is they do not want the responsibility for a Life.
      God forbid they screw up a child they birth and raise.

      • Ron

        Don’t you mean – they birth and their PARENTS raise? They are far too busy for such trivialities.

  • JTC

    Zero or negative birth rate of the “privileged” class is a major component of the large and dark (heh) plan to abdicate procreation and control of our nation to imported breeders who happily and busily assume both.

    • JTC

      That link as well as this one are straight from BBC which is either more astute more than our own MSM, or else the latter is afraid to even mention let alone admit it.

      The answer is yes…but it’s not so much that DT is winning as that we are, and access to truth (another tie-in, that’s what net neutrality is really all about) is the reason why.

      • JTC

        To be clear, it’s the elimination of the deceptively named net netruality -which was really all about control- that protects our access to truth, what BBC would call another win for DT, but really is a huge win for us.

        • azscram

          I have no more confidence in placing control of the net in the hands of Comcast, ATT, Cox, Time-Warner, etc. than I do in the hands of the FCC.

          • JTC

            The free market is an imperfect process but beats the fuck out of gov regulation every single time. Might help to take a look at the list of leftist entities that are aligned in protest.

    • Delilah T.

      He should know, shouldn’t he? He’s the most harmful of them all.

  • pdwalker

    Ha! I can top that. My wife’s last two pregnancies, I knew before she did. I also know every curve.