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  • WayneM

    Blue steel… Cat couldn’t scratch it…

  • rickn8or

    I guess he’s happy to see her.

  • JackDeth 72

    There is much to be said about either a six shot .38 Snub or five shot, shrouded hammer Air Weight Belly Guns.

    In either chrome or Stainless Steel.

    For Auto fans. There’s always the .22 or .32 caliber Beretta Jet Fire.

    • Ozymandius

      I’ve always been really fond of my Kimber 1911 in .45 acp

    • eon

      The new S&W Bodyguard .380 is nice, too.

      One warning; do not try to fire it in the standard Weaver two-hand grip, unless you like having the slide file two nice, bloody furrows in the knuckle of your off-hand thumb. The older “cup-holder” two hand grip, as used on snub revolvers, with the off hand under the shooting hand, is the way to use this one.

      clear ether


      • PaulS

        Uhmmm, off hand thumbs don’t belong in the path of any slide, though it is not uncommon to see it happening.
        Contrary to instinct, I’ve found several pocket pistols, smallest being the DB9, to feel much better with a less than vice like grip and single handed.

      • Sounds like the voice of experience. I was given one of the itty bitty Berettas in .25 ACP. A cute little pistol, I can palm it so it can’t be seen. If I don’t grip it carefully, it bites on the web of my strong hand. A little file work to take the sharp points off the back of the slide helps a little.

        Hint: the Weaver stance & grip is never with your offhand thumb wrapped around the back. Keep that thumb alongside the rest of that hand. The “cup holder” grip is worthless. As soon as you fire the pistol, it comes apart. I teach to make a “salute” with the left hand (assuming a righty shooter) and wrap that around the fingers of the right hand. Half the grip comes from the right hand, half from the left. I’m always amazed at the ways people find to avoid following those simple instructions. After a few shots, they usually get it.

      • JTC

        Great pocket gun and/or BUG…DAO makes it pretty much a belly gun, which I’m okay with for its intended use (I really dislike the tiny Glockerized entries in this class like the newer Ruger LCP II); the integral CT laser helps with the aim point and makes one-handing it easier…it is definitely not a good two-handed gun.

        The Trump Slump Dump in the firearms industry right now has them available with the laser at 249 with a 50 rebate, plus no tax and free ship to your FFL from Buds.

        Smif’s Sport II AR is a great deal right now too…499 also with no tax and free ship, I recommended and sold a bunch of them over the years as an entry AR, but after watching the following vid I have an even higher opinion of them and dumped a couple of clunky cheap black rifles from my shtf stash (Ruger 556 and a Bushmaster) and used those funds to buy two new Sports…that’s also when I saw and took advantage of the BG 380 deal.

  • JTC

    Both carrying 9’s, one for shootin’ and the other for bangin’

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    You have a rocket in your pocket?

    “This is my weapon, this is my gun,
    One is for shooting, the other’s for fun”

  • Pete231

    Best Christmas ever ! Bro gave me a Remington 1911 R1 .45ACP. Nothing fancy, but well put together and fills the hand nicely. Off to the Tanner Gun Show this weekend to hunt for some mil-spec GI ball ammo. BTW, Kimber’s are nice, but a tad prtcey and finickey. Reminds me of a Rolex – complex and demands constant attention and maintenance. No offense intended. It’s just that YMMV…………

    • JackDeth 72

      Can’t beat a 1911.

      Still have my Colt Commander, Slightly smaller. Lighter. Great Ergonomics and does the job/

      I found 1,000 rounds of exceptionally good .45 Ball ammo out of Mexico police through Ammoland on-line. Delivered right to my door and everything.

      Not a bad primer or Stovepipe in the lot.

  • Unca Walt

    Pete’s comment about the Rolex is so spot on.

    I was given a Rolex by the company I worked for. Fargin thing HAD to be cleaned every fargin year… or it would actually stop.

    Cleaning at bargain price: $180

    That comes out to a half-a-buck a day for cleaning fees. After about $800 in cleaning costs, I sold it.

    I now use a watch that is always accurate to the second, tells me the day of the week IN BIG LETTERS, the date, and a whole jillion other things. Never have to wind it, never have to change batteries (solar powered), water resistant.

    Casio. Thirty times cheaper, NO maintenance whatsoever.

    • PaulS

      Tough to beat a G-Shock for practical usefulness, but that other watch sounds like a lemon.
      Maybe JTC could weigh in on Rolex maintenance at reasonable prices, been running strong for 14+ years, but know it’s coming, and it ain’t gonna be a bargain near as I can tell, hearing estimates in the 1k range. 🙁

      • JTC

        Any Rolex that quits in a year has a problem that can’t be fixed with a cleaning, esp. by a bargain “watchmaker”. OTOH 14 years before service is exceptional. Proper service job (don’t go to an “authorized dealer” or you might pay that wacked out grand for it) is in the 400-600 range by a certified Rolex tech including typical wear parts replacement like a screw-tube for the crown, etc., full internal disassembly, inspection, cleaning, lube, timing, pressure test, exterior clean/polish, dial cleaning, with any broken or damaged parts extra.

        Rolex invented the wristwatch and was in its day the standard for accuracy, they also were instrumental in developing the the quartz movement and made a battery watch in the 70’s and 80’s, abandoning it when they realized Rolex buyers weren’t into electronic accuracy as much as the mechanical complication, workmanship, history, and of course status that spending car money on a watch imbues. Even then the real watch afficionados (nuts) who spend house money on watches like Patek Phillipe etc. look down their noses at Rollies.

        A good rule of thumb is that a Seiko (or Casio) is a Kia is a Ruger, a Rolex is a Bimmer is a Sig, and a Patek is a Lambo is a Korth. The implications and inferences of all of the above are subjective of course.

        IMO, if you want a pistol that shoots trouble free get a Glock or one of its clones that are all about the same functionally, if you want a watch that keeps perfect time get any of the little wrist computers that go from a buck to a couple hundred and are all about the same inside, if you want a car that goes 200K and gets 40mpg get one of the SOKO models; no soul but lots of Seoul. 🙂

        But there’s a lot of buyers that want more than cheap functionality from their possessions and are willing to pay a premium and deal with the maintenance and other issues that carry with them to get what they want. Different strokes, that is the nature of freedom of choice and capitalism, thank God.

  • Kimber Micro .380. For when I can’t carry a gun.

    • PaulS

      A friend got the Micro 9 as his first pistol — yeah I know— but it is really a nice piece of engineering and a good shooter. Of course he could have got hizzelf a pair of Glocks for the money, but hey, he’s happy. 🙂

    • John D. Egbert

      Been thinking more and more seriously about Browning’s Black Label 1911/380. Shrink a 1911 by 15% and chamber for .380 ACP (9 mm Kurz, if you prefer Euro-designations). All the plusses of the 1911 in an easy-to-carry size. And, it’s the first Browning-designed sidearm to produced by Browning.

  • Z-man51

    I carry a Browning Hi-Power Mk-III with an Argintine “Detective” short slide/barrel kit. Over 10k rounds with nary a hiccup. It also has the hammer modification that allows the cocked hammer to be pushed down and safety applied. All you have to do is swipe the safety off and pull the trigger. Sweet!
    At 25 yards, it will put a full magazine in the C-13ring Wben I do my job. Best ~$500 I ever spent. 🙂

    • Z-man51

      X-ring, not C-13ring. Where did that come from?

  • MAJ Arkay

    Best Christmas ever here, too, Pete231. But it was not for a small pistol. Nope, Spousal Unit gave me my dream gun: Browning Citori 20 gauge over under.

    I do love that guy…

  • Dienekes

    The point is—have one, be willing to use it. All else is details.

  • eldo

    Hey Jan, like Mae West said to Cary Grant, “A hard man is good to find.”

  • Halley

    Happiest of new years to the brilliant minds and bodies here at the fearlessly-gated DBD community, It was a privilege joining you this year. Let’s roll.

  • Pamela

    *chuckling* I like mine better

    Ever fired a 45 auto
    Reminds me of a well endowed man
    Both having weight and a broad grip
    Fitting nice in a pair of hands
    Have to squeeze real gentle-like
    Bringing an explosion of power and heat
    Right on target every time
    Makes me wet handling both
    45 Autos and Sex
    Now throw in some chocolate………..

    • Swansonic

      After that, I think I need to reinforce my bunk…

      Thanks Miss P, and an incipient Happy New Year to al…

  • Swansonic

    All…. Well, Al too…